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Just installed 64-bit Windows 7 Beta in dual-boot configuration ( with Windows XP Pro SP 3 ) and it looks really good.

Installation ( new ) was fast; startups and shutdowns are quick ( seem that way at least ); GUI is pretty, intelligent and snappy ( especially when optimized ).

Any issues with Screenshot Captor ( SC ) running on 64-bit Vista ( or 64-bit Windows 7 )?

Thanks again for SC.

Later ... Charles

PS Noticed that the  insert weblink feature on this forum does not work with Explorer 8 on Windows 7? Spell-check pop-up does work ... Internet Explorer 8 issues I am sure.

Screenshot Captor / Resize and/or Move the Capture Region
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:05 PM »
Is it possible to resize  and/or move the selected capture region ( dynamically defined or fixed region ) in SC prior to the capture being made?

Thanks ... Charles

Why is it necessary to disable overlays {Options > Performance > Video accleration : Advanced > DVD Video [ ]Use Overlays } in Windows Media Player 11 (Windows XP SP2) before SSC is able to create a snapshot of the video?

A brief tutorial here or a link to such a tutorial on how overlays relate to SSC and other capture program work would be great.

Thanks ... Charles


Hi ... Is it possible to create a hotkey that silently captures monitor 1 and another hotkey that silently captures monitor 2 no matter which window/monitor is active or has the computer's focus using Screenshot Captor?

Let me describe my problem. I have a dual-head monitor setup running 2 applications that monitor a patient's vital signs (EKG on monitor 1 & various vital signs on monitor 2). I would like to auto-capture an entire window/monitor (monitor 2) every time that window changes. The window consists of multiple, character-based text fields that update at the same time, every 2 to 5 minutes and I would like to (silently or covertly or without having to make the window/monitor active) automatically capture the entire window/monitor without user intervention each time the fields are updated in this window.

This "auto-capture on window change" feature coupled to the wonderful functions already in Screenshot Captor would be my ideal solution.

Any suggestions or workarounds?

Any way to quickly capture the same window/monitor with a single Keystroke or hotkey, no matter what window/monitor is active or has the computer's focus?

I realize it is easy enough to make the desired window/monitor active and then use Alt-PrtScr/PrtScr to capture the desired window/monitor using Screenshot Captor as is but I really need to create a window capture system that is user proof and automatic remembers to capture the desired window/monitor when it changes.

I suppose I could create a hotkey for the capture of the Multi-monitor workspace and that would make it as simple as possible for my users to create a capture that contains the desired information ... they don't have to change focus or make the desired window active ... they just have to remember to press one hotkey sequence.

Thanks ... Charles

Screenshot Captor / McAfee Antispyware flags "keyhook.dll"
« on: February 16, 2006, 01:12 PM »
McAfee Antispyware flags "C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\KeyHook.dll" - another false positive?

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