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Hello folks, long time no see.

tl;dr: some virus infected many (I hope not all...yet) HTML files inside my hard drive. It embedded nasty vbscript at the end of each file (after </html> tag). My antivirus detected but cannot repair them. What next?

Longer story:

After years of not using Windows, I got my hand on a Windows machine. Silly me didn't install antivirus at the first chance, so circa day 2 I got it infected with viruses from an infected flash drive. I installed Avast and ran a scan. Most .exe and .dll files were repaired but many HTML files are left unfixed (see tl;dr above). Here's a screenshot of the vbscript inside a file:


The <SCRIPT..> parts are the same in each infected HTML files, but the "gibberish" HTML comment after the closing </SCRIPT> differs from file to file. I don't know if this comment part does any harm, though.

So, any suggestions on how to clean them? If there's no ready-made solution maybe somebody can write me a script that reads all HTML files inside a directory and remove any vbscripts inside it? Pretty please? ;)

Thanks beforehand for any help.

Living Room / Facebook seems to be erased from existence?
« on: December 10, 2012, 05:15 PM »
Anyone here can open

I tried to open just now and Firefox says "Firefox can't find the server at" I entered into and it says "Huh? doesn't look like a site on the interwho."

It's like facebook vanished just like that, and I haven't found any news related to it. How can it happen to such a big name?

Living Room / Film vs. Movie?
« on: August 10, 2011, 11:11 AM »
So the New York International Latino Film Festival posters ( apparently encourage us to watch films, not movies. English is not my primary language, so I don't know the difference between films and movies. In my language, what I thought they define as "movies" and "films" have the same translation: "film". I duckduckgo-ed for the difference but have not found anything useful to separate what I know as "film" into the two categories "movies" and "films". Would some native English speaker (or perhaps movie/film enthusiasts) here clear things out for me? I'm confused as hell.  :-\

Edit: Here's a blog post showing all of the posters.

Finished Programs / DONE: Date/Time and Battery Status Bar
« on: November 25, 2010, 10:31 PM »
First things first, English is not my native language so I apologize if I'm not very clear.

When using a notebook, I usually don't hide the taskbar for three main reasons: quick launch, clock, and battery notification. I like my app launcher (in this case Quick Launch) to be always visible, so that to launch a program I only need two actions: locate the program's icon and click the icon. Setting to auto hide means more actions: show the launcher, locate the icon, and then click the icon. I also need the clock to be always visible as a quick reminder for lunch break or other small things that just don't worth having a dedicated reminder program for them. The battery notification is to remind me when I need to plug/unplug the adaptor.

But I also have a netbook, and with netbooks, screen estate is very limited, so I choose to auto hide the taskbar. I'm OK with trading quick launch for screen height, but I still need the clock and battery notification to be always visible. So, what I'd like to have is a small bar that stays on top of the screen, about 12 pixels or so in height, just to show the current date, time, and battery status. The bar should also resize the screen work area so that it doesn't cover the titlebar of a maximized window. I attached a simple mock up to show what I mean.


Additionally, it is also nice if the battery status info changes color, let's say red when in critical battery level and green when the battery is fully charged. I also prefer 24-hour format.

Similar programs are StatBar and Rainlendar I believe, but they are too complex for what I need.

- Satrio -

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