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Clipboard Help+Spell / Cannot delete single clips
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:08 PM »
I just noticed that I cannot delete any single clips from Clipboard Help+Spell.

I right-click a clip and select "Delete selected clip". The focus then moves to another clip, but the clip I right-clicked is still there.

Selecting a clip and pressing the Delete key has exactly the same effect – or lack of effect.

It doesn't matter what clip I choose – none can be deleted.

Deleting *all* clips in a group works. But deleting a single clip – or a selection of clips – doesn't.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Conflict with LibreOffice/OpenOffice
« on: May 08, 2013, 09:32 AM »
For a long time (many months, perhaps years, my brain really needs a memory upgrade), I have experienced a conflict between LibreOffice and Clipboard Help+Spell.

When copying something in LibreOffice, sometimes Libreoffice locks up and becomes unresponsive. Every time this happens, I notice that Clipboard Help+Spell is also unresponsive, and my only option is to kill its process :rip:. And the very second I kill the Clipboard Help+Spell process, LibreOffice becomes responsive again.

This has happened countless times to me.

I can not reproduce it as it only happens sometimes. But my guess is that some kind of deadlock occurs, where both programs are waiting for eachother to release an open handle or something. So I guess it would be possible to look at the source code of Clipboard Help+Spell and see if it is made in a way that could provoke a deadlock with another program accessing the clipboard. And maybe then a timeout could be introduced in the waiting in Clipboard Help+Spell so the deadlock would only last a few seconds (or less) at max and then give up and possibly give a tray balloon tip about its unability to get clipboard contents or so. I think it is much better to avoid the deadlock and miss the copied text than to lock up both programs waiting to get a copy of the clipboard.

I am 99% sure the same happened in the past when I used OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice. But I have never experienced that deadlock with any other programs. Only in the combination LibreOffice/OpenOffice and Clipboard Help+Spell. So I am quite sure there is some kind of bug in LibreOffice in the way it handles the clipboard. On the other hand, I would prefer if Clipboard Help+Spell didn't lock up just because of that. It would be nice if it could gracefully be a little more accepting towards LibreOffice's possibly rude behaviour. :)

Just now it occurred to me that I could probably circumvent the problem and avoid the deadlocks by putting LibreOffice (soffice.bin and/or soffice.exe) on the ignore list in Clipboard Help+Spell. But it would be nice if the two applications could peacefully coexist and Clipboard Help+Spell would also work with LibreOffice. :)

Find And Run Robot / Wish: UTF-8 and URL encoding
« on: September 01, 2011, 12:11 PM »
You can use $$u1 and $$uc in place of $$1 and $$c to have FARR perform urlencoding on the arguments, making them suitable for web searches. (Direct quote from the help file ;)).

As a Dane using special non-ascii letters very often, this is very cool and I use it a lot! :Thmbsup:

But now I wanted to create an alias to search my Gmail. This takes a URL of the form
where my+search+terms+in+utf-8 is in URL encoded UTF-8 format. And it is the UTF-8 that is the problem.

If I just use ordinary $$u1 like this in my alias:$$u1
and use the alias to search for "særlige ønsker", I get
but then Gmail gets stuck loading and I get an almost blank screen. The functioning URL is
which brings the correct search result.

So I miss being able to tell FARR to URL encode the UTF-8 encoded equivalent of the search string.

Would it be possible to add something like $$uu1, $$uu2, ..., $$uuc to perform URL encoding of the UTF-8 encoded string?

When I change between different screenshots to the left, I get a standard Windows beep ("C:\Windows\Media\Windows Ding.wav") every time. Even if I click on the image that is currently shown, I get the beep. This is rather annoying, as the beep is normally used for getting the user's attention, but there is no reason for it when I just click on an image...

Could this be fixed? :)


When I rename a screenshot by changing the name in the "Name" box below the image, all Danish characters (æ, ø, å, Æ, Ø, Å) are changed into underscores ("_"). It seems completely unnecessary, as file names can contain these characters without problems.

Could this be fixed?

I am trying to attach an image with an example, but I cannot get a preview of it. But maybe it works when I post it?


Screenshot - 2011-02-10 , 19_57_01.png

Each time I install an update to FARR (which is quite often these days due to a lot of updates :)), I have to manually start FARR again from the Start menu.

Could it be possible to add a "Start Find And Run Robot when I press Finish" option, checked by default, to the last page of the installer?

I mean, anyway, nobody would ever want to use a computer without FARR running on it, right? ;)

Find And Run Robot / URL encoding in aliases?
« on: February 20, 2009, 05:31 PM »
I use my shortcut "g text" all the time to search for text in Google:

Regexp: ^g (.*)
Result: Google: $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\google.ico

Well, now I wanted to search for "C# idioms", inspired by another thread here on DonationCoder. But no, that did not work: I got a search for C only, without any idioms - check Apparently the q argument of the Google search is delimited by the # character.

Would there be any possibility to be able to URL encode the search string? Like a $$$1 instead of $$1 or something like that, or maybe a little more clever like $${urlencode($$1)} to allow for other functions in the future?


Google: $$1 |$$$1 /ICON=icons\google.ico


Google: $$1 |$${urlencode($$1)} /ICON=icons\google.ico

Clipboard Help+Spell / Texts in Quick Paste menu is not escaped for &
« on: October 25, 2008, 12:24 PM »
I just noticed that the texts in the Quick Paste menu is not escaped for the ampersand (&). The problem is that this affects the keyboard shortcuts.

See this:

Screenshot - 2008-10-25 , 19_08_24.png

Note that item B is not underscored but that the "s" in "undefinedsUrl" is underscored. Actually, it should be "undefined&s", but the "&s" is given unescaped to Windows, which then interprets it as a shortcut.

I noticed it because I often press Ctrl+½ (my shortcut to Quick Paste) and then S1 to paste my e-mail address, but this time it doesn't work, because the S matches the item B.

The solution is simple: Escape all "&" characters before passing any "unknown" texts on to the Windows interface.


Find And Run Robot / Ctrl+A to select entire string in input field
« on: January 07, 2008, 08:10 PM »
Well, hope there is room for simple suggestions too for my favorite program that I use a couple of hundred times a day or more... :) Gosh, do I enjoy using that program! :-*

I would love if pressing Ctrl+A in the input field would select the entire text typed there, as in almost every other input field in Windows.

I often find my self pressing Ctrl+A and then Delete to clear the input field - but that doesn't work in Farr 2.0.145.  :(
Other times I try to press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C to copy the contents of the input field - but nope, no luck there either...  :(

It would be so nice to be able to use Ctrl+A in Farr!  :Thmbsup:


I have just downloaded FARR v2.00.126 and it looks very cool! :Thmbsup:

One thing really bothers me though :(: The Windows standard keys Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right for moving one word left or right has been overridden! :( Now Ctrl+Left deletes the word to the left of the cursor! For me it's almost like overriding the Left and Right arrow keys to delete the characters to the left or right of the cursor... Couldn't you use a keyboard combination that is not a Windows standard, like Alt+Shift+Left/Right or something like that? Or could there at least be an option to turn this behaviour off? Otherwise I will find it very hard to shift from v1 to v2 of FARR - and I have really been looking so much forward to version 2!! I use Ctrl+Left/Right all the time to navigate in whatever I write, more than I use Left/Right without modifier keys (!), so it's central for me not to have to be aware not to press Cltr+Left in FARR (especially because it deletes my text!!!).

Please????  :)

Find And Run Robot / Link to FRR forum from the FRR application
« on: January 17, 2006, 04:17 AM »
When I find a bug, have a suggestion or otherwise want to comment on FRR, I need to quickly find the forum. This is not easy to find from the application. First you have to open the Options window. Then find Help | About. Then click the link. Then search for the link to the forum down left and click it.

It would be great if the FRR window itself had a Help menu with direct links to "Program website" and "Forum website" or something like that. Then it would be easy to report back, and more bugs or suggestions would be reported (from me, that is, and probably also from others).

Find And Run Robot / Option not have FRR always on top
« on: January 17, 2006, 04:11 AM »
Often I need FRR not to be on top of the other windows - i.e. keep it open while I do something else. But I cannot find any way to get rid of that window - it just "blocks" my screen. I cannot even minimize the window. And closing it takes away my search.

Couldn't the "always on top" be turned off? Please? I cannot see any reason that it should always be on top. I don't want my windows to decide what I should have on top. :)

I love Clipboard Help+Spell  :-*


every time Clipboard Help+Spell starts, it gives me three separate balloon tips in the system tray: "Starting up database", "Optimizing database", and "Ready and activated".

These are completely useless to me, but they very much draws my attention. This is really annoying to me. When they come, I think there is an important message, but there isn't. Furthermore, they make my task bar appear, which also adds to drawing my attention (my taskbar is auto-minimized at the right of the screen and is about 8 cm wide). I have to read the messages every time, because I cannot know whether it really is an important message from Windows or so. There is even a sound which adds to the attention-drawing.

Could there at least be an option to turn those unimportant messages completely off?

Best regards,
Jesper Hertel

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