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Living Room / Re: Internet Faxing
« on: January 23, 2008, 07:23 PM »
And here's an even cheaper one that I just stumbled across:
"Prestige" plan, $4.95/month:
    *  100 Receive Pages
    * 50 Send Pages
    * Faxes Sent To Your Email
    * Fax Inbox - Unlimited Storage
    * US Local Fax Number

Living Room / Re: Internet Faxing
« on: December 29, 2007, 06:48 PM »
Just looked up (thanks mikiem)
Prices start at $6/month plus 10 cents/page.
More affordable than most.

On-topic but off-question:

A few seconds in a microwave works wonders on a CD-R. Need to watch really closely though and hit stop as soon as the lightning starts to flicker on the CD's surface.

See more info and disclaimer at:

"Disclaimer: I'm not recommending you put a CD into a microwave. CDs may contain metals that will cause your microwave to arc, destroying the microwave emitter (see cautions about metal objects in the manual for your microwave). Don't try this at home. Better yet, don't try this at all."

Living Room / Re: Internet Faxing
« on: December 26, 2007, 08:15 PM »
I use a $2.95/month plan from It is a prepaid plan which I "recharge" in $20 increments every 6-7 months. It provides a unique phone number on which I receive incoming faxes (downloadable by email or web), and an outgoing fax service, with outgoing documents uploadable by email or web. The $2.95 monthly rate is the minimum, providing only a limited amount of usage, which is more than I need.

This low-cost plan is no longer listed on their website but when they removed it and raised my monthly rate to $7 I complained and they restored it, so it's possible that their customer service department would offer it in response to a direct inquiry.

They did say "limited time" offer so for all I know they will raise my rate again without notice and I'll need to repeat the exercise or quit, but for now it's quite satisfactory.

General Software Discussion / Re: What's your preferred File Manager
« on: October 17, 2007, 02:15 PM »
I've been using Total Commander for (and its predecessor Windows Commander) for about 5 years; took me less than a day to be won over to its clean, powerful interface, which just keeps getting better every year.

There's one desirable feature which it's still missing, though, and I'm wondering which of the the other FMs support it -- namely, virtual folders, i.e. the ability to create a persistent folder "containing" arbitrary files which actually are located anywhere, and to operate on them just as if one had opened each one's home folders (view, edit, rename, copy, change properties...)

I've been playing with Evernote for a few months; very good as a place to store misc clippings and notes, though not great for to-do lists (at least not for me, at least not yet.) The beta is working very nicely (I also installed it to replace the pro release version).

I too really appreciate the ability to open notes in separate windows, and merging notes is nice too. Under Windows 2000 there are some small interface glitches, but nothing that would compromise data integrity, and I assume these will be fixed soon.

Get and try the latest updater version and see if that fixes the updating.
Yes indeed.

Find And Run Robot / Updater out of synch?
« on: October 03, 2007, 05:02 PM »

I'm still running FARR 2.00.133 (July). Until then, seems like the updater was keeping me updated quite nicely. Time flies and I just today realized that I have not seen any update for quite a while.

When I run the updater (1.17.01), it says, both about itself and about FARR:
Version on the web: n/a
Version date: blank
Progress bar: empty
Status: got version

My update  handling option is set to Download into Temp and run directly.

Anything you'd like me to check before downloading manually?

BTW, the Updater Network Log is not very helpful because it includes no dates or times, which is a sine qua non for a log.


FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: New FARR Plugin: FCalc
« on: October 03, 2007, 04:28 PM »
Converter functions would be nice dec->bin dec->hex etc.

I second the emotion!

Find And Run Robot / Hold down final key to launch first found item
« on: August 02, 2007, 05:27 AM »
FWIW, I just read that Mac Launchbar offers the following feature: as an alternative to pressing the Enter key, just keep holding down the final key that you've typed. Sounds intriguing where one has learned a short key sequence which brings a frequently used command to the head of the list.

Find And Run Robot / Add-remove program shortcut fails
« on: July 18, 2007, 06:46 AM »
mouser, a multi-layered problem using FARR to run "add-remove program" (ARP).

1. FARR's ARP link doesn't work for me, either from FARR or directly from explorer. When it's invoked, nothing happens.

2. FARR's other CPL links seem to work fine, which is puzzling to me since (browsing their guts) they all seem to point to C:\WINDOWS\.... which does not exist on my system (my system is in D:\WINNT\). I guess Windows is smart enough to translate C:\WINDOWS to the actual system dir.

3. I have my own shortcut to ARP (it refers to D:\WINNT\...) which works fine from explorer but does not work from FARR (FARR finds it ok but when it is invoked, nothing happens, just as with FARR's own shortcut.) I reported this 3 months ago. At the time, you informed me that FARR now provides a full set of control panel links. From my response at the time, it appears that I was then able to run ARP using the FARR shortcut, but I don't actually remember this, and I'm not sure I really believe it given the above.

I'm running Win2K SP4.

Edit: Further investigation... this does not seem to be a FARR-specific issue. I wrote a batch file which invokes my own ARP link. If I call the batch file from within a command-line window, ARP starts, but if I invoke it from explorer, it does not. So there's something very screwy on my system about within what context ARP will start or not. I will not be able to spend much time investigating this further, unfortunately.

P.S. Could somebody else who runs Win2K on drive D: please try starting ARP using FARR's CP shortcut?

I wasn't one who preferred the old refresh method, but I *was* silently concerned with a slight new feel of unresponsiveness which I did not analyze earlier. With the newest version, I think I can pin it down as follows (seems that this is what nitrix is saying too):

Yes, the result display is better. But the feel of unresponsiveness is not because of the result display but because of the display of the keys as I type them (just that one line). The user should never have any doubt whether her keystrokes have been received... or worse, be in any doubt about what keystrokes she has already typed. When a keystroke is received, top priority should be to update this line.

Mind you, this is really borderline, really close to perfect, just not quite.

130... much cleaner display, lovely.

1. It would be friendly if DCU were to offer to close a running app before (or during) installation of an update.

2. Just now I ran DCU and if found updates for itself and for FARR. It downloaded them both, then installed itself and restarted itself. But then it didn't realize that it had already downloaded the FARR update, so it did it again. No big deal, but better if it recognized the file and didn't repeat the download.


Problem solved. No, I do not have Core1.alias. I apparently copied the alias from this forum 17 months ago, in particular the regex from this post: https://www.donation...78.msg16259#msg16259
My fault for heedless emulation.

I would imagine that existing aliases don't get overwritten, right? I've been using FARR for several years now. If this was an early version of this alias, then presumably the corrected version would never have replaced the early version?

Sorry, I should have done this test first.
It's the "DC forums" alias, whose regex was:
^dc[ ]*(.*)
(Why ever?)

Presumably an obsolete alias or at least an obsolete regex for this alias. I've changed it to simple:
^dc (.*)

DcUpdater / Re: DCU download issues?
« on: July 11, 2007, 06:44 PM »
Thanks, mouser. That's it, of course. Perhaps the text on the "DL & install" button should reflect the actual operation to be performed.

When I type "Upd", FARR correctly locates
D:\Program Files\DcUpdater\DcUppdater.exe
and several other items in the same folder.

But when I type "DCU", it finds none of these. It only finds URLs

presumably this is finding (only) the dc search alias; I'm still not at all up to speed on aliases, but isn't this an incorrect parsing?


DcUpdater / DCU download issues?
« on: July 11, 2007, 04:39 PM »

DCU is a great concept, and already seems very handy. But...

I just ran DCU, and (perhaps for the first time) it told me that itself and FARR needed updating. I clicked "DL & install all updates". Pretty soon a Firefox ( download dialog appeared, but I had to wait about a minute before FF responded to my click on the dialog's "Save" button. This happened for both the DCU and the FARR downloads. Don't know if this is a DC or a FF issue, but it has not happened before with FF dl's.

I eventually ended up with two copies of the DCU download, and one copy of the FARR download, in my DL directory. Even if I clicked the Save button again while waiting, WTF?

Also, what is the point of calling the button "DL & install all updates" if it does not automatically go into the installation step? Seems like I had to manually run the two downloaded update files. Or am I missing something.

Win2K SP4.

To clarify: actually there is a (not useful) web page set for these 2 plugins but the GO button doesn't even go to it on my system (Win 2K SP4, Firefox

Just upgraded to build 118, first for almost 2 months -- nice work as ever, mouser!!

In the plugin manager dialog, the button to GO to plugin webpage does not do anything for either farrfox or fcalc plugins. (FARR 118, Firefox But even if this button did work, it wouldn't accomplish much because the listed web page does not seem to contain any usage info for these plugins. For example it would be good to proclaim the FCalc's ability to assign values to variables for use in subsequent calculations.

Yes, "always launch shortcuts directly" is already checked. (And while you didn't ask this, unchecking it doesn't help either!)

That's great, mouser. I remember that was on the wish list but didn't notice that you'd implemented it already. Suffices to type "cp ad".

Makes my bug report less urgent, but still seems like a bug, no?

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