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General Software Discussion / Re: TOP 11 Tools for Sending BIG Files
« on: December 27, 2006, 10:50 PM »
I'm very happy with Pando.

General Software Discussion / Re: MX Skype Recorder
« on: December 27, 2006, 10:45 PM »
Another skype plugin: I tried PrettyMay free version for a few days, liked it so much that I paid for the Pro version ($25). In addition to recording Skype conversations, PM can automatically download/convert Skype Voicemails to MP3, let you check your Skype voicemail from a pre-authorized remote telephone (when you phone your SkypeIn number from, say, your mobile, it answers and reads you your voicemail), and more. He still seems to be working a few kinks out, but already it's a nice useful piece of work.

I'm beginning to think that directory browsing should be handled slightly differently.

I like this idea! Is there a downside?

You actually dont need to use the * with folders or files, it will find patterns that have just the first few letters already.  the only time to use * is when you want like *.mp3 file patterns.  otherwise just do ABC and FARR interprets that as *ABC*.

Understood! (That's what has made FARR so user-friendly all along.) But now with the universe of FARR-accessible folders and files so much larger, it becomes useful at times to do explicit narrowing of the search, with the most common two examples being your example (*.xxx) and mine (XXX*). So why not have wildcard searches include both files and folders? Folders ending in *.xxx are extremely rare, so this capability would not interfere with your example.

Find And Run Robot / Re: "Custom File Explorer" option...
« on: December 26, 2006, 03:35 PM »
Thanks, lanux. For Total Commander, the command line for right panel could be similar to Salamader's, or could be:
.... /R="$$1"

Re: Custom File Explorer
Thanks, lanux, very nice! (Would be just perfect if I could configure command line switches and the placeholder variable, so that I could make the folder open in total commander's right panel).
Eventually this should be in the help file for those of us that actually do occasionally RTFM :)

Just installed FARR 2 alpha 07. Great work, mouser! I'll enjoy using it in upcoming days, but a few initial reactions:

1. Directory searching is great. Very handy to use Right arrow (easier than Alt+Right) to browse into a folder. The Left arrow doesn't work as well because you have to go down into the search results to use it, and if there are no search results then you can't do that, so it's easier just to get in the habit of using Alt+Left.

2. Why does the wildcard * only find files, not folders? As a result, it seems that there's no way to show folders which must begin with ABC. (One tries to enter ABC* but only files appear.)

3. Now with the extra capabilities of directory searching, I will want to open folders from FARR more often. But I use Windows Explorer as seldom as possible (why would I, when Total Commander exists?) How about a user confuguration option to specify the preferred file manager command (of course including command line switches, so use a placeholder like %d to indicate the place in the command line where the desired dir name should be inserted.)

4. IMHO the all-grey edit/input line is confusing, a violation of the windows norm that input fields are white (or sometimes another color, but in any case different than the basic grey color of buttons and status lines and menu bars etc. Personally, I can adapt to any color, but I do think that it's likely to be confusing to new users, to be expected to type into a field that doesn't LOOK like an input field.

5. I don't much care about the program icon, since I keep it hidden most of the time, since I call FARR by its hotkey.

6. At some point in the future, perhaps FARR will be able to browse into archive (eg ZIP) files. By default, probably better not to search them (because of performance), but explicit browsing down could be very powerful.


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Desktop Teleporter
« on: December 23, 2006, 02:27 PM »
Skrommel, thanks for all your great work.

I think you urgently need to post a warning (at least) on MoveOut's home page until several potentially dangerous issues are resolved.

1. MoveOut should NOT be enabled by default. Someone who downloads it should be able to see what the rules are before it starts automatically moving files off the desktop! That's a little too helpful IMHO.

2. But even more serious: it does not check that the destination folder exists, and if the folder does not exist, it renames the target file to the destination folder name. Not all users would figure out what had happened. They would see a new un-typed file named "Desktop" on their desktop and delete it, then later realize that they were missing a file from the desktop (and not be able to find it in the Recycle Bin).

Using AHK (will update it now)

Find And Run Robot / Re: v1.13.01 test
« on: October 10, 2006, 11:40 PM »
Mouser, my subjective impression is that 1.13 is slightly slower than 1.11, and that I lose more initial keystrokes with it than with 1.11. But this really is a subjective impression, quite possibly misleading; my workflow and system load are quite variable, and because I generally use FARR without thinking about it (a tribute to what an elegant and useful program it is), I don't remember anything about it when I don't miss any keystrokes, and generally even when it missed a keystroke,  don't remember how quickly I was typing. (But that said, I don't think I missed any keystrokes in my days with 1.11, and I've definitely missed a few with 1.13).

Find And Run Robot / Re: v1.11.01 report
« on: October 03, 2006, 08:28 AM »
Mouser, I never tried 1.10 but 1.11 is wonderfully responsive. With the prev version (1.09?) I had grown accustomed to waiting for a moment after hitting the hotkey, so I wouldn't lose any keystrokes, but now I can type as fast as I want... just lovely! I'm so spoiled by having FARR available for launching programs... still don't tend to use it for launching documents, but I'm sure that will come.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Keepass Password Safe mini-review
« on: July 03, 2006, 11:48 PM »
thanks for the reply, josh. Interesting idea keeping 2 independent sources for stored passwords. Belt and suspenders...

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Keepass Password Safe mini-review
« on: July 03, 2006, 09:37 PM »
Josh, is a comparison of KPS and Roboform still in the offing? I've been very happy with Roboform but would be curious to know how KPS compares.


I appreciate that this  topic is being clarified. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend to it until mid-June.

One small bug. Log Task1 with description1, then switch to Task2 with an empty description. Now to Task3 : the popup shows description1 for both Task2 and Task3 instead of an empty description.

Yes, skrommel, the EXE works perfectly. Thanks so much, it's beautiful! Several comments:

1. As I mentioned before, accelerator keys in the menu are more useful for me than hotkeys for each individual task. For now, I'm including ampersands in all the task names, which works fine but uglifies the CSV file. Interestingly, it took several rounds of Exit/Restart before the underscores were actually shown in the menu, maybe because I was editing the INI file directly rather than using the nice new configuration dialog (which I had not yet noticed).

2. The new pop-up dialogs are great. It would still be useful to have some way to see the running time whenever desired. Several possible ways to implement this:
 a) always show the reminder dialog in the background when popping up the  menu (my favorite, especially in combination with 3 and 4 below);
 b) show the running time directly in the menu.
 c) show the reminder text (which by default includes running time) in the About dialog.
 d) support a menu command to show the reminder dialog.

3. It seems that there's no way to dismiss the reminder dialog without the mouse. For a keyboard-centered user (and aren't most AHK users a little keyboard-centric?) this is annoying. Yet it is good that this dialog does not steal the focus... that would be *really* annoying!

If you implemented my suggestion (3a) then an easy solution would be that the reminder dialog always automatically closes when the menu closes, so the way to dismiss the reminder dialog would be to press the menu hotkey, then press Escape.

Another solution would be always to close the the reminder dialog before showing the menu.

4. Maybe support a tag <description> as well as <task> and <duration>? (Useful in reminder dialog.)

5. In configuration dialog, include the hint: Win=# along with the hints for Alt, Ctrl, Shift

Thanks again, this is really fine!

A more sophisticated use of accelerator keys in the tasklog popup menu would be to permit the user to include ampersands in the tasknames listed in the INI file, and then to remove these ampersands when the task name was inserted into the log file or into dialog boxes.

Many thanks, Skrommel. I just tried this quickly, and perhaps I'm making a big mistake, but perhaps a little more debugging or idiot (me)-proofing of the new code may be required. When I first started the new version, with my existing INI and CSV files still in the folder, I got the error message "ERROR is not a valid key name" at line 368.

Then I quit AHK completely, removed the INI and CSV files, reloaded the new TaskLog, and this time I got the error message "Can't load icon" at line 53. The INI file now contains 17 lines, up through headers=... Now I have to kill the task with task manager because the Exit command on the popup menu gives the same error message.

I would like to help debug this more but can't today.

A comment on your suggestion about associating CSV files: I don't want to associate CSV with my editor system-wide, but I would like to be able to open this file either in my editor or in Excel depending on my reason for opening it. But that's no problem, I've already added an "Edit log" command to the TaskLog popup menu and can do so again in subsequent versions if you don't think it belongs in the main program.

FWIW, a comment about hot keys. Since the new version is not yet able to run on my system, I don't know how you've implemented hot keys in response to urlwolf's suggestion. Personally, I would not use different system-wide hotkeys for different tasks - too cluttered for me. Rather, what I did in my personal hack of the previous version of TaskLog was to add a single hotkey for the TaskLog popup menu, and then add support for keyboard accelerators in this menu by adding an ampersand character to the beginning of each task name (in the menu only, of course). I did this by including an ampersand in these lines of Tasklog.ahk (previous version):
and by removing the same ampersand when needed by changing this line:
to this line:

Thanks again!

And another idea :) - on pop-up menu, after the checked item (the one currently active) append the elapsed time so far.

patiently anticipating.... :)

Another suggestion: Reformat the date/time strings in the log to ISO format:
  yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
Then they will be more human-readable, also when the CSV file is opened in MS Excel, it will be recognized as a date and time rather than as a number.

Here is an improvement to my previous suggestion for a "Comment" pop-up dialog when switching tasks. This dialog could also display the duration of the task just completed, and it could have a button to Edit TaskLog.csv in a user-specifiable text editor (not to open it in Excel... too slow), or even, I suppose, in an edit control.

BTW, I have added an Edit Log command to the TaskLog popup menu and find it very useful. I quickly can correct errors (especiallly re-assign an interval to a different task), and also I'm adding comments to this file in the editor even though that's not supported yet.

-- modified post to add the following:

This leads to another suggestion: a command to reassign the currently active time interval to a different task. I don't know how many times I switch to a tast and immediately something else comes up. I think it will just take a moment so I don't change tasks, but then it ends up taking longer, so then I need to edit the task log. If this were supported with an explicit command it could be very useful.

I hope that all these suggestions are still considered snacks, not a full meal! :)

Hmmm, tried without success ignoring Menu,MenuItem,MenuBar. So what's the magic word for a menu control?

A suggestion for Task Logger -- what about a comment field (after duration for backwards compatibility) and an option, when switching tasks, to pop up a tiny edit box into which a comment could be entered or revised for the task just completed and the task about to be started?


Beautiful concept. I'm a diehard keyboard user, so was very excited. But after a few minutes of using it, I've unloaded it for now. But I'm looking forward to trying it again real soon...

Any way to ignore menus and menu items, since they already have perfectly good accelerator keys? When we start getting up to 20 numbered controls in a window, the time spent to identify them (and the fact that all the nice short 1-digit numbers are used up by the menus) makes it less useful.

Any way to ignore specific applications/windows altogether (especially those for which Ctrl+# is already a meaningful shortcut key).

And it would be helpful to have a single-key hotkey to disable/enable it. The time required to mouse over to the tray to do this repeatedly, removes the keyboard-centric feeling and much of the time saved.


Looks lovely! Is there a reason why there is no "Reload Settings" command in the menu, as for example in the also lovely DoOover script? Now, there is a command to edit the settings to add a new task, but AFAIKT it is necessary to exit and restart in order to actually reference that new task. Is this deliberate?


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