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J-Mac, please make this test. Disable the Desktop Toolbar and reboot. Is the problem happening now? (with Linkman running, but the Toolbar disabled).

I made these quick tests on my WinXP SP2 development system:

1. Started Linkman with the Toolbar running from the start. Disabled the Toolbar. The whole Desktop is available.

2. Started Linkman with the Toolbar disabled on start. Enabled the Toolbar, disabled the Toolbar. The whole Desktop is available.

KenR, would you please confirm this behavior.

Due to many user requests Linkman Donationcoder discount has been extended.

May 3rd - May 8th: 30%
May 9th - May 31st: 20%

BTW, Outertech Guy, which one are you on your "About Us" page?   ;)  ;D

I'm the cool one!

Version 7.30 is available from today on (scroll up!).

Autoupdate is on the todo list, as a million other things.

Making the "drop thing" optionally transparent is the latest addition to the todo list.

Internet Explorer icons are retained from version 7.0, Firefox icons are retained from version 7.30.

Please keep in mind that both icons format are not compatible with each other, this means:

If you import Firefox bookmarks into Linkman, modify them and export as Firefox bookmarks, the icon info is retained.
If you load IE favorites into Linkman, modify them and save as IE Favorites, the icon info is retained.

If you import Firefox bookmarks or load IE favorites into Linkman, modify them and export/save in a format that differs from the import/load format, icon information will be lost.

A new Linkman has been released.

Version 7.30 offers several user-requested features, in particular:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 support
  • Installer option to install Linkman on a removable drive (e.g. USB stick)
  • Firefox import/export preserves RSS feed and Icon information
  • URL Validation can retrieve custom metatags
  • Resizable URL Edit area in the main window
  • File locations of Export Templates, Daily and Fast Links can be changed in the GUI
  • "Move to" dialog (Main menu, Shortcut menu, URL properties dialog)
  • Several smaller improvements and bug fixes

Go to Linkman product page or download right away.

I still have one question about the product, will it auto sync my IE/firefox bookmarks? Meaning, if I add/delete a favorite/bookmark, will linkman auto detect that a new bookmark was added/deleted and adjust accordingly.

You can synchronize only on program start or manually. Linkman can load 2 databases, so you can add startup actions to load several files after each other and copy new links to your main database.

The whole point of Linkman is to use the same lmd database with all browsers.

What I had switched to doing after realizing that selecting a folder each time wouldn't be as simple is to have it all go to a dated folder daily, and then try to sort it all out when I have time.  Someone else here - maybe Ken? - mentioned that here so I thought I would give that a try.

A lot of users work in this way. This is the fastest way to catalog new links. On the left side of Linkman's main window you have the new URLs, on the right side a folder query. You can drag & drop the URLs from the left side, to the folders on the right side.

The default destination for added URLs can be specified in Tools | Settings | Receive URLs.

@Ken or Outertech Support:

The method for adding URL's using the deskbar is fairly simple, except for one aspect, and I have not yet found a quick remedy:  Clicking the globe w/Link icon auto adds the URL to my bookmarks, but it goes to whichever folder is highlighted in the Linkman window, which is, of course, not visible when adding URLs.  If I wanted to add the bookmark to a specific folder in my bookmarks (actually my Linkman bookmarks), how do I accomplish this without opening the main Linkman interface?

There fastest way to do it:

Switch the Toolbar from All to Folders. Select the folder you want the url to be added to. Now either right click the folder and click on Add URL from browser, or click the globe button.

There are numerous ways to add new URLs to Linkman (see the tuturial section) and even more are on the way for 7.30 and 7.40.

Also some sort of a folder tree will be added. We have several hundred users that have surpassed the 1 million links mark, so the method of implementation has to be really thought thru, speed is essential.

OK - I imported my Firefox bookmarks again and the ones saved last night in Linkman are there.  Whew!!  :)

If you import any Mozilla Bookmarks into Linkman and restart it, Linkman will not import them automatically on next start (as with lmd files).

The reason, as mentioned earlier is to point users to the native Linkman data format (lmd) which should be used instead (file | save as makes a lmd file out of your bookmarks).

If the user decides not to use lmd, he/she still can make Linkman import the bookmarks on program start. Just head to Tools | Settings | Program Start and add an Import startup action.

I'm reading through the Help file and PDF manual again, a little more closely now.  But some of this I would expect to be more easily determined right in the UI.  Also, a lot of times the documentation refers only to the Internet Explorer Favorites and the Netscape bookmarks.  I think a lot of the help doc material has been around for quite a while...

Firefox Bookmarks is an extension to Netscape Bookmarks (basically the same file), so all references to Netscape Bookmarks refer also to Firefox Bookmarks.

I do think it is great that it has such a detailed PDF manual available, though the Help file is a little sparse.  Some items I searched for and got the "Not Found" ding.

90% of people do not read manuals, so we would be glad to hear suggestions from users that do. Especially which parts of Linkman need more detailed explanation.

However some things like the database locations are not shown at all.  I was going through all the Application Data folders over and over, plus the Program Files folder - only to find it is kept in My Docs!  Not a bad choice at all, though so many developers still insist on using the Program Files folder that I didn't think to look on My Docs first.

We have a saying in Germany, which roughly translates to "I cannot see the forrest, because of all the trees in front of me".  :P

The next screenshot shows the center of Linkman's main window. A lmd file is loaded on the left side, and Firefox Bookmarks on the right side. I don't think the location of the files is that hard to find.


Also, the Settings dialog...  This might be one for that website of Settings designs that need improvement.  Tabs down the right side and settings seem a bit, scattered? It will take getting used to!

The tabs are on the right side because visually impaired Linkman users (I mean virtually blind) told us that their reading software can better cope with the settings in this way. This has the additional advantage that there is no need to scroll within the settings window, despite the mass of options.

Linkman has been updated to (from .21).

All problems with recognizing Firefox or SeaMonkey as default system browsers have been corrected.

There are aliases that point always to the latest builds:


I'll answer the remaining questions later today.

That's an interesting feature, but short of WebSite-Watcher's ability to show you old and new pages with the differences highlit.  It can also be misleading, e.g. because many pages include a date.  WebSite-Watcher has functions to filter out things like that.  Again, I think that full monitoring is best left to a dedicated program.

Linkman is smart enough to ignore dates, user login texts etc.

However there are some URLs that instead open a "parked domain" page at  Huh?  The domains are good - if I copy it and paste it into Firefox, IE, or Opera, it goes right to the correct site.  But in Linkman it goes to the parked thing.  (I'm guessing that Texturizer is the developer's web host, and this is his way of referring bad URL's to them?)  This does not happen on all URLs; just on some.  If they were bad URLs I would understand, but they are good ones.

I have never heard of There is no relation between this site and Outertech. I think the problem is specific to other software on your system (that somehow hooks into the URL launching).

see http://www.windowsbb...dex.php/t-38193.html

URL validation is nice, but what was meant was a way of tracking changes in Web pages, not whether their URLs still existed.  As I said, I prefer to have those functions in separate programs.

Page changes tracking is a part of Linkman URL validation. Linkman announces every page that has changed (and by that I mean the content, not just the URL) since your last validation by underlining the link name.

Good...  do you plan a KeePass-style password feature?  Again, that's nice to have, but might be best left to a separate program.

No, I think it would bloat Linkman, because user would cry for more features once you go into the password manager direction. There are too many good tools that are specifically designed for this purpose (I recommend Roboform).

Yet after Linkman imported them those subdirectories are just blank files, not subdirectories.  I guess the bookmarks within them are lost (to Linkman, that is).  Why don't those bookmark subdirectories show as subdirectories?  Doesn't Linkman support anything beyond one subdirectory level?

It does and the import code is some 2 years old and you are the first one with this problem.

I've just done a quick test to verify it, see the screenshot below (used build


Is there any way you could send your boomarks.html file to [email protected]? 100% confidentiality is guaranteed and the problem will be fixed within 48 hours.

Also, my Firefox browser window was shortened up due to Linkman opening up at the bottom and forcing the browser up.  Is there anyway to stop that and just have Linkman show as a deskbar?

Could you show a screenshot so there is no confusion about the problem?

A deskbar (like the Linkman Desktop Toolbar) reduces the desktop space by it's size, so it can not be overlapped by other windows, it's just the nature of a deskbar. You can drag it to the top of your desktop or if you don't like this behavior detach it from a screen edge so it becomes a normal window (and you get the full desktop size).

See the Linkman Desktop Toolbar tutorial for details, including screenshots.


it apparently also placed a rather large logo in the middle of my desktop that forces itself on top of everything else - or at least on top of Firefox.  That logo was sitting right across the text I was inputting at the time and so out of frustration from not being able to get it out of my way to complete this post

This logo is the Drop Basket, one of Linkman's most prominent features.

To move the logo, drag it to any position with the left mouse.

To get the menu of the basket click it with the right mouse button. There you get the options to hide it. (This same can be done in the View menu of Linkman). In this menu you can also add the current browser URL to Linkman amd access all your Linkman links. The logo is a "Drop Basket", because you can drag & drop any links from your Firefox window to this logo and Linkman will add them to its database. The size can be configured by using any gif image (Tools | Settings | Drop Basket).

The drop basket is explained in the Linkman tutorial.


But no application should place parts of its user interface right across open applications like that from the very start. That is the kind of UI "feature" that should have to be user configured.

With Linkman 7.0 Beta both the Desktop Toolbar and the Drop Basket were hidden by default. From user feedback we've realized that many users have not seen that there are such features after several days of use (people don't read help files).

Both features are enabled by default, because both they are integral parts of Linkman and can be hidden within seconds (both can be dragged with the left mouse button and a popup menu is available on a right click).

The IE stamp is all over it.  Defaults to using IE no matter what your default browser is; the toolbar has an icon to "Open IE Favorites", but nothing for Firefox; the File menu on the top menubar has "Open IE Favorite", Save as IE Favorites", and "Merge with IE Favorites".  Nothing in support of Firefox except that it can import its bookmark file. And open URLs in it - if you change the default Settings - which are initially set for IE

You are right in one point. Linkman is better intergrated with Internet Explorer as with any other browser. There are two reasons for it. The URL management in IE is the worst of all browsers, so there is the most room for improvement. This means that an IE user is much more likely to be in need of a replacement for the bookmark management. The result is that the majority of Linkman users are IE users (this was already the case before the IE Toolbar has been implemented).

This does not mean that we don't want Firefox users to purchase Linkman, on the contrary. IE has been only a priority because of the larger base of potential customers and time constraints.

After we have added the Linkman IE toolbar a lot of people have requested a similar toolbar for Firefox. We have looked into it and it proved extremely difficult to implement a toolbar with similar features (but the idea has never been dropped, it's still on the to do list).

The very result of this limitation was the creation of the Linkman Desktop Toolbar. The Toolbar fully supports Firefox. You can drag & drop links from Firefox to the Toolbar (even to a specific folder) to add links to Linkman.

Eventually there will be a toolbar that intergrates directly into Firefox. It's just not a Top 10 to-do priority because of implementation difficulties and the existense of the Desktop Toolbar, Drop Basket, Tray Icon and configurable Windows-wide Linkman shortcuts.

As you've pointed out Open/Save IE Favorites buttons are available in the main Linkman window, but no Firefox buttons. This has several reasons.

* Buttons for every browser would clutter the UI (button configurability is on to do list).
* The IE buttons point out that Linkman unlike other URL Managers can load Favorites and not just import them.
* You can configure Linkman to load your Firefox Bookmarks on program start automatically (Tools | Settings | Program start).
* We strongly recommend to use the native Linkman bookmark format with Firefox (to make use of all Linkman features)

As to the problem that Linkman was launching URLs with IE on your system.

This is definitely a bug. Linkman should use your default browser. I think it may be a problem with Linkman and Vista Ultimate, since we use Vista Business here. I'll look into the problem within the next 3 days.

And I don't believe Firefox prevents the addition of "Open" and "Save As" or "Merge As" commands in the Linkman menus.

The menus are there.

File | Import | Firefox
File | Append | Firefox
File | Export | Firefox

And as I wrote before, you can automate the import in the first section of the Linkman settings window, but we recommend to use the native lmd format with Linkman.

I tried it, it freezes up as soon as i start to use it, cant use its menus and the only way to get rid of it was to kill it in process explorer.

This sounds like a conflict with some other software that changes the menu style (although no other user has reported such problems). You can revert Linkman to using default menus by disabling Office-Style menus in the Interface section of the Settings window.

Updating to the latest build ( may also help. Every reported bug is usually fixed within a week.

I notice that on the Outertech site it syas that there is an Internet Explorer toolbar but does not mention a Firefox extension nor toolbar.  Does either exist?  If not, will it?  It also mentions that it directly supports Internet Explorer Favorites, but doesn't say the same about Firefox's Bookmarks.  Sounds like it was developed strictly as an Internet Explorer tool and Firefox has recently been added as an afterthought.  I hope not.

Direct IE Favorites support means that Linkman can integrate all features (user defined fields etc) within IE Favorites. It can also load and save them directly, every other URL manager does an import/export and will mess up the sort order.

We would like to add a toolbar to Firefox, but Firefox does not support COM servers, so it's way more difficult to add a database connection to it.

But there is the Desktop Toolbar and the Drop Basket (a feature that was not showed in the review, since it's a mini review). Both do support all browsers.

At home, I also use K-Meleon, which isn't on that list.  I can partially integrate it with LinkStash by stealing the entry for Mozilla and pointing it to K-Meleon's .EXE (there's a separate entry for Firefox), and LinkStash will send the entries, though it can't grab URLs from K-Meleon.

You can do this also with Linkman. We thought about official K-Meleon intergration, but K-Meleon developers refused to add any support for URL grabbing.

You'd end up with a bigger program with very much bigger footprint for its data files, make portability much more difficult, and while I may like to bookmark lots of links

The footprint is minimal (or none if you don't use the feature) and portability not really affected.

The URL validation is deeply intergrated into Linkman. After you start it you can continue editing all links (drag drop, delete etc), you can even exit the program and resume the check on next launch.

LinkStash's bookmarks file can be optionally encrypted

So can Linkman's.

166 is currently under a DDOS attack (the first ever).

We have set up a backup server at:

Edit 04/24:

The attack is not over, but the intensity has diminished (15 instead of 40 GB / hour), so the main server is back up.

Official Announcements / Re: April 2008 Discounts
« on: April 23, 2008, 03:36 PM » is currently under a DDOS attack (the first ever).

We have set up a backup server at:

Edit 04/24:

The attack is not over, but the intensity has diminished (15 instead of 40 GB / hour), so the main server is back up.

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