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Thanks a lot, I remember that thread but it didn't occur to me they are speaking about next major version, I thought it was about another minor update.

The forum is active, and we're expecting a beta for v.4 towards the end of the month.
What is supposed to be in v.4 ? I didn't catch any discussion about upcoming major version on UR forums.

As for the original question, I also recommend UR. MyInfo from Milenix might be of consideration too, I particularly liked their tagging system.

This might be a shot too far away, but you know the flashcard programs out there designed for students to memorize Q&A pairs, at least one of them had the repetition pattern customizable, so that you could set first repetitioin to 1 day, second 7 days, etc.
If interested try jMemorize or Pauker, not sure which it was though....

Living Room / Re: Best forums for....
« on: February 05, 2008, 08:28 AM »
If you are into outliners:

Some shareware authors allow it, but it's not smooth. You have to write them, and so on.
Lifebalance from Llamagraphics comes to mind, but I'm sure there are more.

Software Deal of the Day -
seems like a new one, didn't find a mention here yet, unless my search phrases were wrong.

Discounts seem too low to bother (probably they are just passing over part of their commission), but that would be understandable for starters, until they will fill the shelf with real offers. They will be offering Direct Access with 50% down on 7th Feb, I got that info from Nagarsoft mailing.

It's starting to be a bit crowded, too many places to keep track of.

I got around 1 GB. Most of it is discussion groups - I keep 99% of those for future reference and search or research.
Looking for to have the In box as clean as possible, but the other folders are there just for the storage.
The non-discussion groups email gets only searched rarely (past purchases, lost contact info, ...).
I have moved away from using my mail clients native search function over to a specialized indexing software.
That's for personal email.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: WikidPad - an IDE for your thoughts
« on: January 31, 2008, 04:56 PM »
My bad, I didn't know that CamelCase is not the only way in Wikidpad. Thank you for correcting me.
The plugins list of Wikidpad is similar to what ConnectedText offers, another plus for Wikidpad.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: WikidPad - an IDE for your thoughts
« on: January 31, 2008, 07:01 AM »
That's GREAT review!
One similar app is ConnectedText. I have chosen it over Wikidpad mostly because I wanted web export, and didn't want CamelCase, but regular space between words in exported html.
ConnectedText supports other scripting languages as well, besides Python, through Windows ActiveScripting. So you can have Ruby, Perl, etc. And it has plugins - I use CT to store code snippets, and it comes with Highlight plugin so my Ruby code is nicely highlighted. There is also TeX plugin and some graph plugins - just enter some data and graph is created on the fly.
If Wikidpad didn't insist on CamelCase, I would have used it now, but ended with CT instead and I'm happy with it as well.

My needs are not so critical, but it is improtant for me to be able to locate specific strings in past e-mails (up to 25,000+ so far) quickly.
I'm using Archivarius. It can search both Pocomail and The Bat!, and many other way weirder formats (Zoot !). It takes a second... and that's an exageration.

Still, is that a valid reason? Majority rules?
It's a business decision.
If you will spend a year on IMAP support, how much will it increase your sales?
Or have your client support POP, with some basic IMAP, risking some sales lost.

Note I'm not supporting their asked why those programs don't have IMAP, I offered my best guesses.

I don't really care if others are lax in patching their OS. Are you saying that it is the email client developers' job to protect the users who do not practice any security at the expense of other users?  Oh, please! Those fools aren't using Pocomail or The Bat! anyway, right?
Not sure about The Bat! as it has different average user profile than Pocomail.
Generally email developers job is to decide whom to target and how to differentiate their application. Those whom Pocomail targets ("I heard somewhere that Outlook is evil" or "Outlook doesn't work for me") are more of a mainstream users that The Bat! target group. You say fools, I say majority of users.

I'm not defending them actually. Any email application shall  IMHO target full email functionality. That they are a bit slow at getting there, might simply be because there is no or little money in it.

Email applications are tough business, many good clients ceased to be developed in last few years, so good decisions in terms of where to spend the development time are crucial. And it's more on the business decision (can we afford to spend the coding time on this) than the technological decision (oh we have poor support for an important part of emailing functionality like IMAP is)

I think you are mixing up IMAP and MAPI, true?
I'm sorry for the typo, of course "MAPI has a history of security threats" and it shall read that I'm not supporting their "no MAPI" stance. (Which has actually changed recently...).
They are not/were not against IMAP as far as I can tell, again I'm sorry for that typo.
Just taking too long to implement it (IMAP) fully as far as I can tell.

I used Pocomail for three years previously (and Barca for a while when they first released it), and I recently looked at "The Bat!", but I simply don't wish to live with what I consider the "crippled" HTML rendering along with the extremely limited support of IMAP mail accounts.  Personally, with common security protections on my PC (and other PCs I use) I have not seen any security threat from an HTML message that wouldn't easily be handled by an Antivirus and/or Anti-Spyware program.
1. Problems with HTML in Pocomail/Barca on forwards or replies are not intentional, ie. it's not to "increase security", it's due to a limited viewer/editor control used. Btw. AFAIK it is getting replaced.
2. I have seen antivirus programs fail recognizing security threats in html. No protection is 100%.

And I have no idea why these apps do not willingly support IMAP.  Anyone know why IMAP is a problem with either Pocomail or The Bat!?
Not sure, my guess is that it's way more complex to implement, and way less people use it than the POP protocol.

All those apps are subject to allowing malware to use that path to spam people - I don't believe that's a valid concern.  (Someone should point me to the last time that issue was recorded in the last five years. I cannot find any!)

Whether it's a valid or non-valid concern, depends on point of view. It certainly increases the security. Of course you can say that people shall patch their OS, always use latest up-to-date firewalls and antiviruses and antispywares and whatever, and you know what I do it, you do it, and few other people too, particularly those on this board and similar geek types. But try to see a majority user of those apps.

So IMHO it increases security (how much is another question, maybe it's just a very small increase in overall security, I don't know), but cutting down on functionality. Whether that's valid, depends on the user. You and I might hate it as we can secure our computers without having to sacrifice on functionality, but there might be others who sleep better thanks to it. (I have found several MAPI viruses discovered in 2004 and 2005 after some short search, though frankly I'm not an expert on that so I have no clue whether those threats would apply on what we are discussing.)

We are also speaking about future security. If IMAP has long history of past threats, would you now jump on it as a developer knowing that it was ok for last year or two, but not for the years before?

Anyway, I'd like to stress that I'm not supporting the "no IMAP" stance. I'm the "give me full powers, I decide" advocate.

Living Room / Re: Gamespot Editor Fired for Writing an Honest Review
« on: January 22, 2008, 09:39 AM »
It's not what bothers me that someone fired someone over an honest review or article.

What bothers me is that for every writer who writes a honest review, there are many others who write whatever is supposed of them (from those who pay them).

Starting with political commentaries on leading newspapers, ending with game review sites.

So it's not that bad that they fired that one guy, it's bad that all the others who are "compliant" still write for them.

If he wants to learn programming, I would start with Ruby coupled with an appropriate book like Learn to Program, Ruby by Example or Everyday scripting with Ruby, or with Python, both are easy, appropriate for beginners, and work with wxWidgets.

I'd leave C++, C# or Java for later, once he has grasped the basics. Starting with those also increases the chances of him to quit soon...Ruby and Python are more fun to code in, and good for creating solid programming habits too.

Hello, I'm pretty much a beginner and this is the only programming related place that I attend at the moment, maybe some of you guys know:

Is there some treeview control that would enable a partial formatting of it's node items/titles (not notes)?

For example, wxPython has VListBox list control, where the list item can contain any HTML, that's it just that I'm looking for tree control.

I'm not looking for formatting that would apply to full item/title of that node, but for formatting that would enable me to format just part of the string.

No matter which programming language, though Python, Delphi, Visual Basic or .NET are most preferrable.

Source Code Library from Overzone Software seemed nice when I tested it, though it's a bit pricey at $80.

Living Room / Re: Experiences buying software on eBay?
« on: January 15, 2008, 05:15 PM »
Actually I was checking the feedback page and found one complaint about licenses being Educational only, but I thought that Delphi didn't have educational and that it relates to other software seller was offering, silly me.

If that's the case, the seller is probably making big bucks on it.
I checked Hungarian store (don't speak hungarian, but they have educational licenses listed), and while their regular Pro version is way more expensive than in US Codegear shop, the Pro educational is only for about USD 140.

Living Room / Re: Experiences buying software on eBay?
« on: January 15, 2008, 01:30 PM »
How I understood it, is that the seller of this items meets the terms of the buyer protection, and if you will use Paypal for the payment you are protected for up to 2.000 USD. The only weak point is the lawyer verbiage: they basically don't guarantee much (though I'm far from a lawyer to really understand), and there are many steps to reach the final settlement if any issue.

Living Room / Re: Experiences buying software on eBay?
« on: January 15, 2008, 08:00 AM »
Hi Marek. The Delphi item on Ebay has up to $2,000 in buyer protection. If that buyer protection is applicable for us in eastern Europe, that would make it a safe buy (I guess).
The price is luring! In our local distributor shop, the Delphi upgrades seem more pricey than regular full price in US Codegear shop.

General Software Discussion / Re: FeedDemon going free
« on: January 14, 2008, 03:04 AM »
FeedDemon is overrated and hyped. FeedReader is better IMO.
What are FeedReader's advantages over FeedDemon?
I use GreatNews and happy with it, it seems similar to FeedReader (screenshots), simple yet powerful (though not as much as FeedDemon).

Living Room / Re: which hierarchical note program?
« on: January 14, 2008, 02:59 AM »

(I recently noticed that the project is still being carried on SourceForge as if it were still active.)
Marek moved there in an attempt to find collaborators or someone who will take over.
But there was no-one to join (except Douglas, who did some work, but if I remember correctly, nothing was released from that), surprisingly, as KeyNote is still fairly popular. Probably it's not common in Delphi world to work on an opensource program. Speculation: it's more common to take the source and release it as their own in a commercial application (at least I have seen one or two over the years that looked way too similar to KeyNote).
I guess the project is still active in terms of looking for someone to take over.

Living Room / Re: which hierarchical note program?
« on: January 13, 2008, 07:26 PM »
Bardamu, try MyInfo from Milenix. It shall do what you ask for, not sure about post-it and alarms,'s longer time since I tested it.

General Software Discussion / Re: SQLNotes...what is it exactly?
« on: January 13, 2008, 04:20 AM »
I can only speak about UR as I don't have much experience with SQL Notes yet.

As for the webclipping, you can't edit if you import whole webpage into UR (well you can, but most probably only through opening in an external editor), but you can edit if you just copy the text.

UR has search as you type.

Developers are not as accessible and quick, but they are still way above the standard ini that aspect IMHO, and UR has rather frequent releases, they have 5 out of 5 from me.

Calendar is in plans, can't comment on immediate notetaking as I have yet to explore what that means in SQLNotes.

I hope both apps will find their own way so that they can coexist alongside. The world needs more such great software solutions in PIM area, not less.

General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: January 12, 2008, 08:39 PM »
No need to apologize. I understood, it's actually Pierre's words that it's free, but he means that it's free to use now, while we shareware veteran users still call it trial :)

Actually I downloaded about two times months ago, and it never worked on my system. This is the first build that works for me, and it already looks way more complete than the older ones. It's very powerful but also steep learning curve. I'm a happy UltraRecall user, no need to change, but SQLNotes might be hard to resist (the inner child needs to play).

General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: January 12, 2008, 07:59 PM »
For notes, you could also use SQLNotes (code name), which is now available for free in beta.
My copy says "this beta version expires in 50 days" so it might be just a trial version and not "free beta".

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