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Actually wondering.

I have visited some Windows email client software websites, and while still actively developed, the extras they offer (skins, plugins, ....) while plentiful usually date few years back. No recent stuff.

Also few email clients come to mind that went bankrupt (or some other kind of metamorphosis, like Eudora) recently.

Did all the users move to Thunderbird?

Or did all the developers (as the skins and plugins were mostly third party stuff) move over to Linux ?

Sounds to me like this part of shareware market is dying out, or am I completely wrong?

Software Deal of the Day -
seems like a new one, didn't find a mention here yet, unless my search phrases were wrong.

Discounts seem too low to bother (probably they are just passing over part of their commission), but that would be understandable for starters, until they will fill the shelf with real offers. They will be offering Direct Access with 50% down on 7th Feb, I got that info from Nagarsoft mailing.

It's starting to be a bit crowded, too many places to keep track of.

Hello, I'm pretty much a beginner and this is the only programming related place that I attend at the moment, maybe some of you guys know:

Is there some treeview control that would enable a partial formatting of it's node items/titles (not notes)?

For example, wxPython has VListBox list control, where the list item can contain any HTML, that's it just that I'm looking for tree control.

I'm not looking for formatting that would apply to full item/title of that node, but for formatting that would enable me to format just part of the string.

No matter which programming language, though Python, Delphi, Visual Basic or .NET are most preferrable.

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