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Living Room / Re: Show us your (physical) desktop
« on: September 02, 2007, 11:52 AM »
 :P Its all good Darwin, I can laugh at myself. (It helps  a lot around tax season)
Say there Scancode.... ummmmm..... not sure what to say... Thats the home of a hacker to be sure!
The local fire dept knows where you live.... Right? I hope?
My daughter used to take the dead CD's (I see you have yours neatly organized on your floor there), and put them in her easy bake oven. (I don't recommend that activity) Since then she has moved on to boys... I wish she would put THEM in an easy bake oven. No such luck. 
So is that your bedroom or what is that?

Living Room / Re: Show us your (physical) desktop
« on: September 01, 2007, 08:21 PM »
Nudone, my understanding is that 16 core processors are already in R&D and 100 Core processors are in the planning stages. Mine has a total of 32 cores  So I'm guessing you will see the same power in a single box in less than 5 years, The design that it uses has been around for a long time, the multi-thousand CPU system used to crack DES encryption is the same basic design - and that machine would be somewhere around 1000 times faster and that was back in the mid 90's - The basic layout was developed by the IBM and the NSA back in the 70's. The Problem, I see is the people at the top of the food chains being ultra greedy to the point where DRM is being built into hardware  I see a battle coming and its a winner takes all battle. The freedom of information - or the total lock-down of information, you cant control the internet obviously, so the only way to control copyrights completely is to control all the hardware completely. Steps are already being taken in that direction. But every major Hollywood meeting I go to is the same thing - PLUG THAT HOLE! (The Analog hole) They know that if you can hear it or see it, you can record it and copy it and this is what they want to stop. Macrovision Inc (Who most people are not aware own the "Realtek" sound codecs that most sound onboard mobos use) has a feature that they may start to put in the audio tracks of films - Hiss - but its in a pattern - during a quiet part of the film you can hear it. But the idea is to make it so that camcorders and audio recorders and all other major devices that hear this hiss will refuse to record. So forget recording your kids birthday party if they are watching "Tomb Raider" within earshot. Apparently their rights are "more equal" than yours. The technology will grow fast, but unless we stop all this DRM stuff cold by refusing to buy products with it you may not want one of those machines when they do hit the shelves.
Peace out 8)

I looks like he just applies a soble filter convolve and then uses the low frequency areas of the image to decide where to stretch or squash.
He must have more complex ideas that Abobe is interested in. Otherwise thay would have just taken the information. Im guessing he has something really brilliant he impressed them with that has not been made public - not just this. Not that this is not interesting, it just wouldn't need to have a specialist come in to do it for adobe.

Living Room / Re: Show us your (physical) desktop
« on: August 29, 2007, 07:26 PM »
Yea its funny how they cant make a $300 that works for squat, but can make a $6 phone talk and have a full OS on it. LOL  ;D

There are some great lesser known video editors - Try Wamble mpeg editor - fairly inexpensive and has great features and a small learning curve. Dont expect Hollywood quality effects however. Just my 2 cents, but Avid is my editor of choice, avoid pinacle, they make great software but you have to pay extra for everything - Mpeg encoding, - extra - surround sound - extra - dolby 2.0 - extra - hollywood effects - extra - plus effects - extra - they nickel and dime you to death.
Also a decent alternative is TmpegEnc DVD author - around $100 but has nice features for easy edits - not much in the way of effects however, but you can do subtitles and it will read most every file type under the sun.
A favorite of mine is Pure Motion Edit Studio - Very sweet! check it out on their page http://www.puremotio.../downloads/index.htm
Good luck and happy editing  8)

Living Room / Re: Show us your (physical) desktop
« on: August 29, 2007, 04:05 PM »
My "Beast"
System: eight quad core extreme - hybrid cooling system - 32GB Ram 1Gbs bus between each board, 1 main mouse / keyboard, 3 monitors with a 4th 47 inch in the next room (ADR Room) . 17TB storage with a B-Raid you cant see here. This is what we do films on so we had to have the best.
15Mbs internet connection, 1Gbs Lan to systems in the rest of the house, Cisco router / gateway.
Custom processor bus for parallel processing. Will encode 2 hours of raw High Def video to Bluray (50GB) in 1 min 12 seconds with a heavy system load. Obviously - this is not for playing MP3's But they do sound good in THX Ultra!
Sound studio is to the right Looping (ADR) is to the left Behind this POV is the door to the main soundstage

I agree, this would be good as a "Smart crop" for the paint "challenged" but for motion video - lets see how it handles crazy motion like music video.
Cute concept for a thesis paper and nothing more.

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