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Living Room / Re: A reminder for those who have recently donated
« on: November 08, 2009, 10:41 AM »
I recently came back to this site after a 1-year hiatus (a busy 1 year).  I am very happy to return and to participate in all ways.  I love this forum, the topics, and the intelligence I have seen thus far.  Most forums are simply bland, silly, and plain uninformative, unless it is a highly technical site.  But this site has a bit of everything and I simply love the programs I can try. Being an amateur programmer myself since 1991 (I do have a degree in Computer Science), I still tinker now and then as time permits.  However, my professional trade is as a WRITER and WEB DESIGNER, which I love just about as much!  THANK YOU MOUSER for your web site.  I love it and will continue to support you monetarily and in any way that is legal. :D KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!   

General Software Discussion / Re: On free speech in forums
« on: November 08, 2009, 09:56 AM »
FREE SPEECH:  I happen to be a Christian.  And being someone who believes in free speech because my belief is such that if I do not like what I hear, see, or read, then I turn it off, move away, or not read it any further.  I would never prevent (provided there were no threats) someone else from disagreeing with me, which some of you will after you read this.  God has given every person FREE WILL.  So, are we bigger than God that we should remove what we have been freely given, from our fellow citizens??? Along with that free will is being responsible and accountable for the choices you make; for the words you use.  If you are going to remove people's comments, then the moderator should post this at the top of the web page for all to see.  That way, I can go to some other FREE venue where I will be heard and not shut down, so to speak.  FREE.  The Internet is the last free place on this earth that anyone and everyone can speak their mind, show whatever they want, be stupid, be ignorant. etc.  Who among you is SO GREAT that you should prevent another person from speaking their mind?  Now, after saying all that, it should be clear at the top of the forum's web page, that if anyone does use profane language and any other nasty words, that they can be banned, but I think the majority of people, especially intelligent people, will try their best to abide by the rules.  This is my first post and free speech is very important to me, especially now that we are seeing so much of free speech being curbed, forbidden, and pounced upon like it is some kind of evil.  With the way our government is going these days, soon, you will not be allowed to disagree with anyone.  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? So, be careful about taking away from someone else, if you want to freely speak yourself.  It's a 2-way street. ;)

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