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General Software Discussion / Re: File Types Manager
« on: February 22, 2008, 04:39 PM »
Same here... Does anyone know if there is an update checker + downloader + unzipper for Nirsof tools & utilities?
I second that request...
Nir already releases PAD files for the updates and new apps...
If anyone knows what to do with that I'm sure it would be an easy task.

Nir Sofer rules!

General Software Discussion / Re: ERUNT - Restore Replacement
« on: October 17, 2007, 10:23 PM »
ERUNT is the bleeping BEST piece of disaster recovery-ware because of its simplicity.
ERUNT even creates a .COM file for BATCH.COM execution when you're in lowly Recovery Console.

I believe the author mentions this fact, but ERUNT replicates Windows 98's SCANREG / SCANREGW functions.
Just like in Microsoft's Scanreg, there are 2 components - one for inside windows and one for when the 'hits fat the shan' :)
I remember MANY times crashing Windows 95 (which only kept one backup of the registry files) and having to go through the pain of DOS renaming the corrupt files and replacing them with the (hopefully!) useable backups.
SCANREG was a hidden save-your-system treasure from Win98 which simply vanished (I believe) in WinME and henceforth.

When XP added System Restore I saw it as just a carry-over (and therefore useless) from WinME, where it would slowwwww downnnnnn the whole computer. But I have used System Restore successfully several times since XP SP2 and it's done the job. What I don't understand is the inclusion of the ridiculous ASR rescue option. I once actually had to resort to that to get my OS back... and I had no idea what it actually did. Imaging my shock when the Formatting Your Drive... message appeared!
Considering that most end users have one gigantic (and getting giagntic-er every day) partition with EVERY-THING on it, the ASR would be both too large to be piratical and hence too distracting to normal PC workflow.
Imagine backing up your entire 500 gig hard drive to DVD+-R's every week just to get a backup!

Lest we not forget MSBACKUP's SystemState backup. Every PC I maintain (on the job and off) has a weekly task to run a SystemState, which I save to the root of the drive. Just another soft cushion in case of disaster. ("Poke her... with the SOFT CUSHIONS!" in the spirit of this newsletter's title)
The 1.1j version includes the Startup shortcut you mention as an option during the installaltion routine.
I would suggest that you modify the shortcut's properties by adding /days:7
Honestly, 30 backups of your hives gets to be a little fat and old.

A couple System Restore Tippers for you folks:
I use Doug Knox's System Restore Point freeware, running it sets a system point. No more needle haystacking just to protect your system against what you are about to do.
I combine this with the free "Shell Object Editor" http://www.tropictec...php?cid=1&lid=5/ to put entries into Control Panel for my clients. It's so easy that the have no excuse not to set a Point when they're about to do something they're not quite sure of.


And everything I say is calculated appropriated
Written and arranged in Feng Shui

Lupas Rename
It will do exactly what you want and alot more.
Freeware, stable, reliable.

There's always someone cooler than you

Yes, Erunt can do backups, but have you ever tried to install a backup from Erunt?
- I am not sure how important these words from the readme might be:
Technical information:
ERUNT saves only registry files which are in use by the system. It obtains information about these files from registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\hivelist. Registry hives not listed there, for example those of other users of the computer, cannot be saved by ERUNT.)

Actually ERUNT allows simple restoration from normal mode and Safe Modes through the "ERDNT.EXE" that is included in every Backup folder made by ERUNT. Simply run the specific ERDNT.EXE in that folder and presto.

You can also (amazingly) restore from lowly Recovery Console using the BATCH command. ERDNT automatically creates a ERDNT.CON file which is actually a batch file executing the restoration.
Run BATCH ERDNT.CON from within the ERDNT folder you want to restore and you're off and running.

I install ERUNT on every person's PC I work on. I do make a change to the AUTOBACK Startup group entry:
Add  /days:7 which will limit the total backups number to 7. Mom doesn't need 31 backups of her registry files.  8)

What I miss:
I have to agree totally with mouser: XyWrite
And I will add Aldus Photoshop 1.0 because of the best feature ever written for a PC app... I call it the "grabbing hand" (a-la Depeche Mode)... Hold down the Alt key and your cursor because a hand which could move your document around. Why we're still stuck with stupid always-too-thin scrollbars, I'll never know.
Oh and dBase III Plus since I taught myself and wrote a complete networked app to deal with a radio station's snow closing system.

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