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Regarding the export function, last time I used that was when I first setup LastPass a couple of years back. I no longer have a
LastPass account but when I though of getting it again I had read that RoboForm's export/print-to-html thingy was no longer
usable by LP.

Today, when I opened up a ticket with RF I found myself presented with an updated FAQ with questions/answers that aren't
on the main RF pages. One of them mentions the following:

Print List: save to HTML option
Q: How do I revert to the old style Print List dialog where I can save the list to HTML file?
A: Please un-check "Print List shows new dialog" checkbox in RoboForm → Options → User Data (you can find it in the lower part of the options window).

I haven't tried it yet but would this option provide output that's usable with LastPass? A quick cursory check and it does indeed
bring back the old dialog. Bad thing is if you have bookmarks turned on they also get generated in the list as part of logins.
I may just setup a new LP account just to test this out.
I need LP because RoboForm Lite (used on Solaris, Linux, SeaMonkey, 64-bit Fox variants on Win) is proving less than ideal.
I have a lot of logins and don't want to add them manually.


Note also the upgrade pricing at $150. Quite liberal I must say.

Delphi XE Starter and C++Builder XE Starter

Delphi XE and C++Builder XE Starter upgrade/competitive upgrade pricing is available to owners of any other IDE or software development tool including earlier versions of Delphi, C++Builder, Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++, Turbo Pascal or any other paid or free IDE from any other vendor (such as Visual Studio Express Editions, Lazarus, Eclipse, and others).

General Software Discussion / Re: Traying windowing tool?
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:51 PM »
On the commercial side there's Actual Tools' Actual Window Manager which is their all-in-one tools for manipulating windows in all sorts of ways.

I believe there may also be a non-expiring discount mentioned in the forums somewhere.

Actual Tools also has split up various parts into separate programs for those who don't need everything.
Sounds like what you want is their Actual Window Menu which is described as...
"Add to any window's system menu a lot of new functions, such as Roll Up, Make Transparent, Minimize to Tray, Keep Always-on-Top, Change Priority, and many others."

That one sells for $20 whereas the whole suite/bundle is $50.

On my othere machine, back when v5.x was out, I couldn't part with the full amount so I bought Actual Window Menu. Some time later I found
the discount for the full bundle and went for it. There's a number of features I don't use or need though. So check out all the different offerings.
Some features overlap among the programs.

[heh, two replies were posted while I was composing. I'm just too slow.  :) ]

A belated thanks from me, too.
You guys are great.


General Software Discussion / Re: software to draw network map
« on: January 07, 2010, 06:50 PM »
Friendly Software made programs that aided in network diagrams by also detecting items on a network
similar to theDude.
Some years ago I used Friendly Pinger and it was pretty good. About a year ago though it seemed to
have conflicts somewhere on my current machine (maybe firewall-related).
They have at least two programs that aid in creating nice diagrams.
Alas, they haven't been updated since December 2004.


General Software Discussion / Re: Anybody Here Use SeaMonkey (2.0)?
« on: October 29, 2009, 07:17 PM »
Only minutes after posting my questions I found out that v2.0 stable had been released (and today
when running Secunia's security tool it has already labeled v1.1.8 as an end-of-life app  :huh: ).

After installation, configuration, and a reboot (unrelated to SeaMonkey) v2.0 started quick enough
and memory use is still pretty good. No issues with general browsing, mail and news use.

At the moment though it won't replace my 1.1.8. The RoboForm Toolbar does not work with v2
and the RoboForm Bookmarklet (a neat workaround for unsupported browsers as well as for use
in Linux and Mac) doesn't work either but that may be due to NoScript (will disable and test later).
At the moment several extensions that work with 1.1.8 or even the 2.0 betas aren't ready for
2.0 stable like Mnenhy, Launchy, and PrefBar. So far I only have NoScript and FlashGot.
And I kind of liked the old Classic theme.
I use the Calendar extension with 1.1.8. Haven't checked if it's available for 2.0 but word has it
the latest Lightning beta may work.

Thanks for the tip regarding moving profiles as I do keep the profile in a non-standard location.


General Software Discussion / Re: Anybody Here Use SeaMonkey (2.0)?
« on: October 27, 2009, 10:52 PM »
Regarding v2.0 how is it as far as memory usage and/or startup time?
On my older ThinkPad (y'know, those 512MB max machines) I can easily see
how well a program works. Besides the rather large memory footprint of
Firefox its startup time is extremely slow (the same can be said of other
apps based on similar code such as SongBird, Komodo Edit, and to a lesser
degree Thunderbird).

I've been using SeaMonkey 1.1.8 quite often as of late as it seems so
stable. I can browse here, there, and everywhere and memory use
seems to be fairly static.
My once fave default browser, SlimBrowser on top of IE7 (nice and fast),
will see a major memory gobble once I hit flash-based sites and whatnot.

SeaMonkey turns out to be a good compromise between Firefox and IE (plus I get
to use NoScript, something I wish was available on the IE side of things).

So anyway I was wondering if SeaMonkey 2.0 will be using some of that
same code in the aforementioned Mozilla apps that cause them to be so
slow starting up as well as their memory usage.
I reckon I'll just have to give it a shot and see.


I'm giving it the once-over right now. I must say, so far I'm impressed. Relatively speaking it's a rather
snappy program. Having an older computer (ThinkPad T21, 800MHz PIII) I get a good feel for how well
programs run. Firefox for instance is just too heavy feeling. Very slow to startup, seems to suck up RAM,
and just doesn't feel very responsive. Almost the same for Thunderbird, too (my default email app though
I'm still searching for something with its features but less resource usage).
My default browser for years has been SlimBrowser so that's the one I compare all others too.

Upon installation and initial startup Lunascape walks you through various setups such as selecting default
rendering engine and design/skin. When I selected the Firefox (Simple) look it was too bright for me so I kept
it at the IE6 look which better fits my rather dull OPENSTEP Windows look (I'm not much for eye candy).

Settings:  There are lots of them which is a good thing. You can tweak this thing to your hearts desire
although I can't uncheck the option to use skins with the tabs. Thus my tabs have a white/blue gradient
look that clashes with the gray of everything else.

Haven't yet done any testing with changing rendering engines on the fly. As you may know each tab
can hold a page with its own renderer. One can also set, somewhere, for certain sites to always use
a certain rendering engine.

Whether or not I adopt Lunascape depends on whether or not it can use the RoboForm toolbar.
The RoboForm toolbar is listed in the list of bars to toggle but when went to the DonationCoder
logon page RoboForm didn't recognize it. Nor was I able to fill in the form.
Even though the toolbar will attach just fine I guess RoboForm itself doesn't support this browser.
Or maybe it has to do with the renderer, not sure. I'm using Gecko as the default.

Anyhind, so far so good.

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