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I have one invitation left.

Beta test peer to peer and cloud sync currently in beta, invite only. I have 4 invitations left. First come first serve. PM me the email you want to use for your account. (Please only do so if you are ready to activate your account as to not prevent others from using one of the 4 spots left in the beta test. I get 1GB of storage for each sign up.) I am not affiliated with LogMeIn. I have researched probably every comparable cloud storage solution and this one is very promising so get onboard if you are interested.

Trilinea, J-Mac:
You most of all use what functions in Anvir Task Manager?

Best regards,

Mostly for startup management and for ending rogue tasks.

Steven mentions Niva Regrun in one of the previous posts.  RegRun allows you to have "startup profiles" and it even allows you to invoke / chose which profile including "clean boot" during startup. It also has a whole slew of other security tools and it comes in a multitude of versions. It's extremely competent software but I would venture a guess that platinum could be almost overwhelming to some home users because of the extensive features and along with that I think that if it is misconfigured there is potential for it slowing the computer down.
I own Chameleon but the thing I did not like about and it has hopefully changed is that it didn't realize a new program has been added until restart of the OS. If this has changed please let me know because I wouldn't want to misinform anyone.

Partial quote:
Hi, Trilinea
In the new version monitoring is carried out in real time
Best regards,

See complete response by author Evgeni further down in this thread.

A program that is actually very good and it focuses on just startup functionality and I think it lets you have profiles but I can't say for sure is absolute startup. It hasn't been updated for a while l but I think it probably still one of the best in this category.

Steven I am sorry if  I have strayed off your original topic, I would say that Niva Regrun probably fits into your original description of a paid product that does what you talk about. I am not sure if you've tested it but I saw that you listed it.

Kind Regards,


I'm not sure how to say's this without coming on like a smarty but how about actually trying the instructions I gave you.

I see that you have the Pro version and the setting you are looking at is a completely different setting that does provide for delaying the execution of all items BEFORE it executes them INDIVIDUALLY.

I am not insisting you use the program only trying to help because you stated this was your issue and that you couldn't get support.

Anvir allows you to add a delay but only a very short one. Or you can add custom delays but I think that it affects all startup programs rather than individual ones.
@ J-Mac: Did you try?

Create Delayed Startup items you want to customize...

On Startup Tab Highlight Delayed Startup Items >> Right Click Item you want to customize >> Click Edit Delayed Startup Item >> Select custom Delay Time.

Not sure why or how the individual settings would affect the delay time of all of the startup programs. Hopefully I've helped you.

Thank you for an excellent thread Steven!

General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarks, I am frustrated
« on: April 02, 2009, 05:37 PM »
I get the feeling that to get what you want you may need two solutions one proggie that "watches" and syncs your folders and a second one like perhaps Offline Explorer Pro or Enterprise to get your content downloaded in it's original format.

General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarks, I am frustrated
« on: April 01, 2009, 01:34 PM »
Are you more interested in Bookmarking or actually saving sites / pages? I am curious becuase although some proggies do both perhaps depending on your needs having a more focused solution might be ideal. You mention Linkman which doesn't save pages last I checked so I'm a little confused as to what exactly you need?

For Bookmarks Link Commander by Resort Labs is good and on par with Linkman.

Offline content solution Metaproducts Inquiry is good. http://www.metaprodu...essional_edition.htm

I think it might be a good idea for you to take a look at the Note Taking Roundup by Aram Chavdarian... maybe MyBase, Surfulater or Evernote fit into your requirements?


I have spent a lot of time researching and trying most of the programs in this category. Although it isn't necessarily marketed as a startup manager it is just that and much more, I HIGHLY recommend a DL and install of Anvir Task Manager Pro. I think that you will be pleasantly impressed by it's performance and features. I keep trying diffirent ones intermittently but I end up reinstalling Anvir Task Manager becuase of how well it does it's job :)


Thank you!


Thanks very much Curt for the nice welcome! I am really enjoying the welcoming atmosphere and the reviews, discounts etc here at DonationCoder :)  :Thmbsup:


For simplicity or novice use I would probably recommend:

StartEd (by OuterTech) http://www.outertech...arisma_page=products
StartUp Organizer  (by MetaProducts) from http://www.metaprodu...tartup_Organizer.htm

(For more advanced use RegRun NIVA and Absolute Startup for added features like delay etc.)

I just downloaded Chameleon Startup and so far it seems to be pretty good.



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