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Yeah, the keyfile is the defining feature here.  It drastically increases security and make a key logger useless when the user clicks on the file instead of typing it.  It also makes brute forcing the typed password irrelevant.  I recommend picking a random file off the hard drive, or a random file the user has created sometime in their lifetime.

Bump.  I'm at a new place and would still love to be able to push for TrueCrypt with a GUI.

Screenshot Captor / Main Window Missing
« on: December 20, 2010, 12:49 PM »
I use an external monitor on my laptop, so my monitor config is always screwy.  Somehow I lost the main window and its coordinates must have been set off somewhere in no wheres.  I didn't think to inspect the configs to see where it went to before I deleted them :\

The right click menu for the main window should include the "Move" item, which is how I normally recover windows in no-mans-land.


Yeah, a bit too many features and ram, but I appreciate the post!

examples of some launch bar tools:
I just switched to this for my low-power server. I have unique need, and thought I might post it :)

When running a low power file sever (laptop with a broken screen), the VGA never sees the light of day.  VNC, Various web guis, and CLI is all that gets used, and when it has to be a Windoze box due to special constraints, you need a lightweight launcher to take over for explore.exe, because we sure can't let that guy take up some of my precious 100MB of ram.

- Lightweight RAM and Swap, no page hits
- Custom icon bitmap (ico, exe, and png load)
- Parameter entry per item
- No Alpha blending
- Button click verification
- Always on top
- No dock/Dock without a giant ugly gray bar (invisible background)
- Independent of explorer.exe
- Already running or launch in progress indication
- Take focus on mouse over (to help with magic eaten clicks over VNC)

RocketDock is my workstation solution, but for a file server its not too cool.  No button click verification (the laggy bounce over VNC doesn't count) and the running indicator thrashes the file system on a crappy box.  The pretty Alpha and scaling is cool but not needed.  I floated around looking for an AHK based replacement but the one mouser mentioned fit the bill at the moment.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: TrueCrypt Alternate GUI for Windows
« on: February 27, 2010, 03:45 PM »
Yes, Windows native would be just fine.  Even loading the icons are optional, except a folder vs. file icon would be needed.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: TrueCrypt Alternate GUI for Windows
« on: February 25, 2010, 09:45 AM »
How about this?  I whipped it up real quick.  The box with gradient and shadow is just a grab of the Launchy Quicksilver2 skin by Juan Ignacio Serra.  I wouldn't be surprised if it can be used if needed, but Windows native is fine. The arrow is one of the Crystal icons, so its already free.  Attached the Gimp file too.

Click the TrueCrypt icon for options and to see the default volume that it is currently mounting.  Default volume is pulled preferably from a custom setting screen just for this UI that is linked to the TrueCrypt registry entry.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: TrueCrypt Alternate GUI for Windows
« on: February 24, 2010, 03:29 PM »
I am pushing for using TrueCrypt in a specific way on company laptops, which involves prompting users to mount a volume directly after Windows logon.  The stock TrueCrypt UI is perfectly functional, but not as fast and friendly as you might expect an app that you use each day.

What I am looking for is a replacement app that allows users to use keyboard and mouse to enter the required password and keyfile as fast as possible.

The solution I recommend is a small popup GUI window with a password box and a tree structure below it that allows clicking to browse to a key file.  The back end will simply run the truecrypt.exe command with parameters as it already exists.

The design I would like one that looks similar to Quicksilver with a box type and big icons to click to browse for key files.  I can help with mockups and bitmaps that will go in the completed UI.

The logic behind key file selection would be to use what TrueCrypt already choose, with the "Windows Places Bar" being the default 4 items to click in the normal Windows file selection dialog.  This should pull from the registry to populate the items.  When an item is clicked, it is replaced with 4+ of its child items, with keyboard navigation acceleration enabled, press "k" to jump to the first 4+ "k" items.  Scroll is mouse wheel accelerated or mouseover accelerated.

The physical idea of input is as follows: 1. Two hand text entry password 2. Right hand mouse and left hand text nav and submit.  Pure keyboard only key selection is of course optional, but not part of my interests.

Ransom, I'm not up to speed on how you guys complete requests, but I'm cool with paying.

Here is what I want to never have to click on again :)

Ping?  I tried to do this on my own and failed.

I use MoveInactiveWin while working on projects to dig through windows looking for what I want, as well as MinimOther to work with files on my desktop (my scratch space).  Could a simple return to original window position be added so windows I fling away return after I'm done?  Maximized windows aggravate me moving them back.  A simple Timer to move windows after the loop breaks to their original position would be great.

Inertia effect for slinging windows would be great but not useful. (Low to no frame rate, just instant calculated distance after release of mouse)

Motive? Metisse

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