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Thanks - lost track of this. Isn't section 5, the middle section?

Personally, I'd want the entire height, but for the width,  I'd definately want much less than 80%, but somewhat more than the 50% of the 2 part splits.

There's no easy way for us end users to tweak a middle section?


Hmmm, not sure of an exact size -- how would I give you a measurement?
Well... Tell me something in terms of percentage of your screen. I can tell you that the center part of that grid i mentioned (EdgeGrid) takes 80% of the screen height and 80% of the screen width.

The red grid with the number 5 takes 40% of the screen height and 40% of the screen's width.

>How wide would you like the grid to be?

Hmmm, not sure of an exact size -- how would I give you a measurement?

  GridMove has several grid templates. I suppose you must be using the default one.
Just right-click the icon in the tray area (next to the clock), and choose templates -> EdgeGrid. The middle grid centers the current window.

My question is: would you like something similar to that middle grid, but with other dimensions?


Yep, that's what I'm looking for. This middle grid, is too wide.

Thanks - that looks good - but it takes the current dimensions and centers the window.
I was -expecting- specific dimensions in the middle of the window...
Well, I have to use it and think about what I really want, vs what I thought that I wanted...

For reading a single Word document, I - THINK - that I want something that would allow me to have a window with a certain dimension in the center - and then the left and right sides blanked out, as to not have distractions. Yes, that's a specific case where I don't really want a wide monitor. Again, I'm just theorizing what I'm looking for.

Thanks again!

Is there a way to create a Center area?
I did a post search and I see a question without an answer (unless it was worded differently).


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