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General Software Discussion / Re: Note Taking Linux
« on: October 23, 2006, 03:55 PM »
Thanks Sally, I will try that. I downloaded Wine but its vanished into SUSE somewhere! I am new to Linux so will have a look for it!


General Software Discussion / Note Taking Linux
« on: October 23, 2006, 10:22 AM »
Does anyone know of a Note Taking programe similaqr to Gems X TextNotes Pro. Yes I know its bloatware but I love it as I have completely and totally go over to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop I am looking for something to replace it. Tomby notes just does not compare.

Any suggestions?



You can also use Evolution in Windows. It works quite nicely I did try it out. I have now totally switiched to Linux so am using it in Linux now. I am growing quite fond of it!


I tried to rewmove WGA and it completely trashed my PC and I could not reinstall XP from the OEM disc.. I took some expert from my IT Dept and trying to remove WGA had left my brand new PC seriously ill.

Problem solved I downloaded SUSE Linux Eneterprise Desktop. Its just brilliant $50 per year for updates, thats fine. I have tried Fedore and Ubunto but keep going back SUSE as I work from home it does everything I want it to.

Even though like Carol I have invested in Software I am prepared to lose that investment. My PC is much more stable using SUSE no more expensive Firewalls and AV and forking out for software. The benefits to me far out weigh the occasional incompatibility issues.



Living Room / Re: Whats the best OS?
« on: October 13, 2006, 07:17 AM »
SUSE Linux Enterpirse Desktop 10.1. Its $50 a year for the updates. I have just got rid of XP as I was fed up of it crashing and I have a brand new PC. Its just brilliant I will never ever go back to Bill Gates. Its very easy to use and you get support.

Yes I know you can get totally open source Linux but as I work from home I need something simple and reliable. So long as you are reasonably IT competant its fine, I just cannot believe the huge improvement. Its an absolute pleasure to use.


« on: October 04, 2006, 03:00 AM »
I have just converted to Linux and love it.. I have the SUSE Linux 10.1 Enterprise Desktop.

Can some tell me where to find the command line?

How to download Sypheed Claws using YAST. Its a tar ball? I do not understand YAST at all.  T

he help fuction is not much help. The Lunix forums are full advanced geek!

Also whats the difference between tar balls and rpm. How do you download both using YAST??

Is there any other ways to downlooad other than YAST??

I have discovered neutroplis the file manager but thats as far as I have got with it.

This thread is very much Linux for complete beginners, without the advanced geek!!!! 

I am extremely lost!!


Ps I am connected to the internet using Evolution and Firefox. Open Office is fine as I have used it Windows. So I am working, it just downloading, which is a pressing problem. I also have not tried my printer yet and think I may have a problem with my graphics card. but downloading is my first priority.

Living Room / Re: The Great Firewall Hunt ... frustrating ...
« on: September 09, 2006, 12:04 PM »
I am using the Vistnetic Firewall at the moment, they sent me a free license as I am setting up a voluntary organistion. There is Trial though It works well with NOD32 AV.

Also Comodo and Jetico which are both free firewalls.


Living Room / Mouse driver
« on: September 02, 2006, 10:10 AM »
I have swapped my wireless mouse and now everytime I start up my PC I keep getting the Mouse Driver screen where it says do you system default, Interenet, to swap from the right to left hand use of your mouse etc.

I click OK but next time I boot up my Pc it back again.

I have been into Misconfig but can't see how to turn it off at start up.

Its really really irrating me!!!


No there is n't. For those that DO N'T know Mulberry it is good IMAP client but it went bust. The owner has bought it back and is trying to make it possible open source.

Its quite complicated to use but I like it. I paid for before it went bust.

I am using it again as it now being supported.

Its good news for Mulberry fans.


Mulberry Email Client is now back. It is being support and is free.



Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Free copy of AceHTML 6 Pro
« on: August 11, 2006, 08:53 AM »
This link still works. They have sent me a registration key today. So the offer must still be on.


Living Room / Re: What ya got, and how d'ya use it ...
« on: July 23, 2006, 02:37 AM »
Its PALICOMP. The service was brilliant I bid on it and won a week last Wed evening at 8pm, spent 24 hours thinking about my extras. Spoke to them about my extras, I think they purpose made the PC for me. I paid extra for Sat deliverly and it was delivered by 8.30 on the Sat, last Sat.

Oh I forgot included in the price was XP Home Edition that I ppurchased as an extra and the Nero softaware for coping and playing CD/DVD'S.

It also has 12 months on site warranty with it!!! That can be extended to 3 years. A months software support again that can be extended too. 

Its brilliant so powerful.   

I would highly recommend them.


Living Room / Re: What ya got, and how d'ya use it ...
« on: July 23, 2006, 01:48 AM »
This my main machine I brought from ebay last week. I added to it an upgrade to a 300GB SATA 16MB CACHE HARD DISK. Also added a firewall card, a 17in flat screen  monitor with speaker, a 56k modem for when BT Broadband is down, wireless mouse amd keybroad and a extra dvd/cd rewriter drive. Silent cooling case as well.   

AMD Athlon 3700+ CPU With Latest 939 Pin

   - 64Bit Design Actual Mode 3700+ With L2 Cache

nFORCE4 & nVIDIA Geforce 6100 Chipset
  - 2 x PCI Slots, LAN Port & 6 x USB2.0 Ports

   - DDR400, IDE, SATA, Dual Core & PCI-Express

   - 7.1 Intergrated Sound & Superb nVIDIA 6100 Graphics

2GB DDR400 PC3200 RAM Memory
   - Major Brand Used For Awesome Performance

   - Fully Upgradeable (Larger Size, Faster)

   200GB MAXTOR Hard Drive (I upgraded to 300GB 16MB CACHE HARD DRIVE)
   - 7,200 RPM, ATA133 & 8MB Cache
   - Major Brand Used For Awesome Performance

    - Fully Upgradable (Larger Size, Faster Connection)

16X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer & Dual Format ( I PURCHASED AN EXTRA ONE OF THESE)

   - DVD+/-RW, DVD-ROM & CDRW All In One

   - Fastest DVDRW Available, Burns 8GB Dual Layer DVDs
   - Compatible With All Packages, Nero, PowerDVD Etc

   - Fully Upgradeable (Extra Drive For Disk2Disk Copying)

Connectivity Range
   - 6 USB2.0 Ports (Inc 2 On The Front)

   - LAN Port For Networking/Broadband

   - 7.1 Quality Intergrated Sound (8 Channel Sound!!)

   - 56K Modem (Optional Extra) (i P-URCHASED THIS EXTRA)

   - 3 Port Firewire Card (Optional Extra)  (I PURCHASED THIS EXTRA)


3.5'' Floppy Disk Drive

   - Still Widely Used & Still Included In All Palicomp PCs


nVIDIA 128MB Geforce 6100 Chipset

   - 16X PCI-Express Slot & 1X PCI-Express Available
   - Direct X9.0 & Pixel Shader 3.0 Finally Now As Standard

Genuine AMD Athlon 939 Pin 3700+ With 64Bit Technology

- Actual Model Number 3700+   - 939Pin Design   -  L2 Cache   - More At AMD Website

**NEW** nVIDIA GeForce 6100 + 410 MCP Chipset **NEW**

- Latest nFORCE4 & nVidia Geforce 6100 Chipset  - 800Mhz FSB   - Supports DDR400 RAM
- LAN Conection   - 2 PCI Slots   - 6 USB2.0 Ports (2 Front)
- IDE & SATA Support   - 16X PCI-Express Slot   - 8 Channel Sound Output (7.1)


2GB DDR400 Major Branded RAM
Maxtor 200GB Hard Drive ATA133, 7200 RPM & 8MB CACHE

- MASSIVE 2048MB   - Major Branded Memory   - 184 Pin Dimm DDR400 RAM PC3200
- 200GB Hard Drive   - Major Branded Unit   - ATA133   - 7,200 RPM Speed

16XDVD+/-RW Dual Layer & Dual Format
3.5'' Floppy Disk Drive

- DVD+R @ 16X   - DVD+RW @ 8X   - DVD+R9 @ 4X
- DVD-R @ 16X   - DVD-RW @ 6X   - DVD-R DL1 @ 4X
- CD-R @ 48X   - CD-RW @ 24X
Also Reads CD's @ 48X & DVD's @ 16X

7.1 Sound (8 Channel), LAN Port, 6 x USB2 Ports
- Broadband Ready   - 7.1 Surround Sound (8Channel)   - 4 x Rear USB2 Ports & 2 x Front USB2 Ports

nVidia 128MB Geforce 6100 Graphics - NV44 Intergrated
Also Latest 16XPCI-Express Slot + 1X PCI-Express Slot Available

- nVIDIA Geforce 6100 Chipset   - 128MB DDR Memory   - High Performance 256-Bit 3D Engine
- Pixel Shader 3.0   - Plays Most Games On The Market   - PCI-Express Slots (16X + 1X)

For Special Offers Add XXXXXTo Your >>> eBay Favorites List!

Powered by eBay Turbo Lister

This cost 747 UK pounds including the extra upgrade items I brought.

It is brilliant very powerful. I hammer my PC in terms of web surfing and office type work as I work from home. I don't really use it for it for gaming.

My laptop is has a AMD Athlon 2800 processor, 286 ram and 40 hard disk. It is only 18 months so my next task is to upgrade the ram and hard disk. It will take up to 1024 Ram so if I upgrade I thinik it should be fine.

Software. NOD32 anti virus firewall
Lava soft Adware remover.
Spyboot search and destroy
Microsoft Office Professional 2007  Beta
Gemx Notes bloat ware but good
Gemx Calender
BT Total Broadband Option 3 for my Wireless connection. Hence I use the BT Hub thats being heavily advertised in the UK at6 moment. Not the cheapest but convenient as it goes on my quarterly phopne bill, so that's fine. I use BT extra fast USB key for my laptop wireless conection. That cost an extra 58 UK pounds.

I have this software on both my PC and laptop.

Ps I have only had my PC a week whaat does everyone think have I got a good deal????

It was not brought from an individual I bid on it through one of the PC shops on ebay then I upgraded it with the extras as per above. 


Living Room / Re: CPU 100%
« on: June 25, 2006, 10:16 AM »
Thanks PhilKC. I often wondered. I love playing around with software etc but am self taught so there are gaps in my knowledge!!!


Living Room / Re: CPU 100%
« on: June 25, 2006, 10:07 AM »
Hi Mouser,

My doing control, alt and delete XP told me so.

What is CPU and how does it relate to RAM??


Living Room / Re: CPU 100%
« on: June 24, 2006, 02:32 PM »
Thanks Mouser and PhilKC problem solved my Belkin high speed wireless and router was the issue.

Mouser I have downloaded Screen Captor could I possible have a key?? I know I had one ages ago but can't find it. PM or email me you all my correct contact details.

Many many thanks,


Living Room / Re: CPU 100%
« on: June 24, 2006, 01:56 PM »
I have atatched this. Is it any use? I can't work out how to do a sceenshot of system information???


Living Room / Re: CPU 100%
« on: June 24, 2006, 01:26 PM »
Yes I do have loads of them. I have screengrab as an extension but I cannot work how to do a screenshot from the CPU usage box that I get when I hit control alt del on XP????


Living Room / Re: CPU 100%
« on: June 24, 2006, 01:12 PM »
I hope I have done this screenshot correctly. It is attached.


Living Room / CPU 100%
« on: June 24, 2006, 11:19 AM »
My CPU constantly hits 100% does this mean I need to buy some more RAM? The only programes that are high  constantly are Thunderbird varies from, 7,000 to 40,000  and Firefox 62, 395?

I have I think 256mb of RAM. My laptop according to will take 1024mb.



I have tried PC Cillin ( I spelt that wrongly), Norton, symantec and kaspersky in the past. The best AV I have found is NO32D WWW.ESET.COM. It leaves a small footprint and runs quitely in the background. I have teamed this up with the free firewall. This is the best combination I have used. I also use the free LAVA Softare Adware Remover, Spyboot Search and Destroy, Spyblaster and Spyguard run in the background. I have also recently downloaded a-squared free adware remover.

Is anyone using anything else?

You can get a free trial of NO32D WWW.ESET.COM antivirus . I would say NO32D and the Netveda firewall are for the more experienced IT user.




Living Room / web hosting
« on: May 13, 2006, 10:23 AM »
I need to set up several websites for my family-I have never done it before!! As I need to do multiple domains I am looking a resellers hosting packages. I have found 2 that seem to have everything I want including scripts and I am favouring as it seems to have extensive support.

Does anyone have any experience of these web hosting companies?? Or any other hosting services??

I am setting a website for NHS patients in the UK purely as a free service to patients to provide information on patient confidentiality.

If anyone would like to comment on the website for example layout, content, how easy it is to understand please feel free to PM me.  I need to set up very quickly as I want it to coincide with Sir Trevor MacDonalds "Tonight" programme that will be broadcast on the 22nd May. 


Living Room / Re: Health service needs more SMS
« on: May 07, 2006, 10:50 AM »
Just noticed this thread. There are huge confidentiality issues here. I am an NHS Manager and an extremely known opponent to the new NHS IT system. For my information about this it is worth looking at

An example is a hospital sms a 17 year old girl who has a hospital appointment and her parents do n't know anything about it. The mobile phone is on the coffee table!!! 

I shall be on the "Tonight" programme shortly abou these issues. Sir Trevor MacDonald is sending a film crew to interview me on Wed!!!


Living Room / Re: Unprotected Wireless Lans?
« on: March 20, 2006, 10:51 AM »
I have just secured by wirless modem and router with a 64 bit encryption. Is this enough what is the difference between this and 128 bit? Next the article that was recommended that you read a couple of posts back says to close 3rd party programmes and disable TCP/IP. How do you do this?

I have 3 LAN networks I could access. Who they belong to I do not know one is a server.

This is all new to me.


Thanks ever so much Mouser.

Helen :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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