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  • February 28, 2020, 04:26 AM
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Hi there scriptkid, there is no secure way to change an applications caption/title except by "WinSpy" things like publicdomain does.

File has crc checks inside = file would become corrupted.
File is packed (exe packer) = you cant find proper offset.

Another limitation by exe patching would be, caption/title (yes, there are two of them) new name must be same length or shorter, but never longer than original.

Sorry to kill your dream/wish for a permanent patching mechanism.

Thank you,

The main.exe is not protected and secondly the provider allows us to hook a .dll so im 100% sure it's unpacked and CRC check we have control on what files to include


Hi there! Making the process reversible so it's taking a bit longer.

[ Invalid Attachment ]

(Does make usage smoother since the user avoids file renaming by hand)

But this is not permant, it is for local usage / systems with your app only....

Correct! In this particular approach for title change, this may be a plus; since there's no messing with the target exe file, it's akin to a file-replacement job, keeping the original as a live backup :)

Hi thanks for doing it, but question by the way. That's only for local and not a hooking app right? like the player should click that so that they can change the title? can it be a permanent title change if thats possible?

God Bless!

Can i send it here?

Wait! Please allow me to finish a window title changer generator so YOU can use it on your own...

(This way it can help the most)



Sorry to ask since i'm not really good with coding, this will just change the tile by opening it?


Welcome to the forum @scriptkid, I'm in!

Please paint a bit more of the scenario to see if the best use-case is a DLL, a "launcher" program or perhaps a direct EXE change at the binary file level.

It can be accomplished via creating a single-purpose program for starting the application hidden, changing the title using the windows API, then making the windows visible.

This would be the "soft" approach and a good starting point which doesn't require anything further other than the .exe name you have there.

Let's try this first!

What's the exact .EXE file name?


Can i send it here?

Post New Requests Here / [Request] - Windows Title Change ( Permanent )
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:27 AM »
Hello Coders!

This is my 1st day here in this forum and i've been seeing some good codes here so why not try to request :)


A new DLL to change the default windows title for the .exe since the developer doesn't want to remove their branding even we paid for the files and services.

Must be:
    • Permanent
    • .DLL to hook to .exe

Here's the screenshot of the default windows title that they don't want to remove


Thank you so much and if this is a paid one just let me know the price.

God bless!

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