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  • Sunday January 17, 2021, 6:40 am
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That's sorted it ... must have been running an old version. I really should have checked!

Thanks for the quick response :)

I seem to be having trouble making the program default to the grid I want to use every time the program starts.

Instead of using the last operational grid it defaults to the 'browse' option - meaning that I have to select the appropriate grid each time.

For info I am using Vista. Any help appreciated.

At least I tried eh?

Well, that's BRILLIANT and works just as I need it to!

Thanks jg, excellent work!

Any news on that grid maker you mentioned? Would love to be able to design grids in a gui for this excellent application ... I can't get my head round the text version as you see! lol

Great, thanks for that and for the speedy response!

Now, I have tried to adjust that to make it snap to other proportions (to make the right side narrower) the way I tried was:

  NumberOfGroups = 2

  TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top]
  TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]  * 9/10
  TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
  TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
  GridTop       = [Monitor1Top]
  GridRight     = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]  * 9/10
  GridBottom    = [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft      = [Monitor1Left]


  TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top]
  TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Right]
  TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
  TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]  * 1/10
  GridTop       = [Monitor1Top]
  GridRight     = [Monitor1Right]
  GridBottom    = [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft      = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]  * 1/10

Obviously this is not how it's done ... as it made NO difference!

I would love to get a grid working along these lines:

|                                     |  |
|                                     |  |
|                    1                |2|
|                                     |  |
|                                     |  |
|                                     |  |

but I would also like to be able to divide section 1 into 2 (50/50 split), leaving section 2 as it is.

Just to note, I have no need to snap anything into section 2, that's just an area of my desktop I would like to be visible when using other windows. Also, I have no need to reverse the above configuration (so the narrow part is to the left).

My main working area will be section 1 and normally this will be filled with whatever application I am using at the time. However, I would like to be able to split that into 2 (50/50).

Does this make sense? Is it something you could easily knock up?

Again, many thanks!

Sorry for taking so much time, but here's your grid, spyda!
Just put it on \Grids folder, re-run gridmove and select that grid from the templates list.

[edit] Grid modified, added support for multiple monitor [/edit]

Hey, I know this is like more than a year late but thanks so much for this grid!

In truth, I got mixed up with other things and forgot all about gridmove. However, now I have a Vista lappy and a wide screen I have re-visited and found this solution that you knocked up for me over a year ago! Really appreciate it and sorry it's taken so long!

Now, a brief question ...

I now have a wide screen and like to keep my main window about 3/4 the width of the screen with a few bits running down the right side. Actually I would like to make it a little more than 3/4 but to keep things simple I will leave it at that.

So, a nice simple one for you (if you are still talking to me) ...

I would love a grid (separate but to run alongside this one) that gives me the ability to instantly snap a window to 3/4 the width of the screen. I have looked at the tutorial and although this is a really simple one I cannot figure it!

Any chance of a few pointers - or making the grid for me if you were feeling especially generous?

Thanks again mate, much appreciated, and again ... apologies for the delay!

Edit: Actually, thinking about it ... in order to make this proposed grid even more useful it would be great to have the ability to split the left section down the middle also, so that I can list windows side by side while still maintaining my quarter of the screen to the right for my gadgets

.... or am I pushing my luck now !? :).

Just to add, squares 8 and 6 should keep the same functionality (2 part vertical) as I use this a lot.

And if you fancy the challenge of making it the grid of all grids, I would like to see some way of snapping windows to the corners but in the area occupied by squares 1,2,4 and 3. Ie. NOT a full quarter of the screen, but to the actual size of the squares as shown on screen. The ability to snap to the existing areas should all be retained as part of the grid though.

This is getting complicated, and I have the grid in mind. Does it make any sense to you?

Feel free to give up!

I think so yes, although it would be nice to have the option to have the horizontal 2-part aspect of it covering three quarters of the screen top and bottom also.

Maybe I am asking too much though ...

Basically, I use only one screen at the moment and these features of the grid would allow me to use it more efficiently.

Have you got any further with the grid designer by the way? Would be great to have a GUI type interface for designing grids!

spyda: i think i can do that. Just tell me: you mean having a grid just like AxCrusik's grid, but with the middle square working just like the vertical-2-part?

Not quite, as regions 8 and 6 of the axcrusik grid will achieve the same effect as the 2 part vertical grid.

I am looking for the middle square to be divided up so that dragging to one side puts the main area across three quarters of the screen, in much the same way as the 3 part grid does. Then the same dragging to the others side of the square, but in reverse. So I guess what I am after is a combination of the axcrusik and the 3 part grids.

Does that make any more sense? is it possible to achieve?

Thanks again.

Still using this great app and still loving it!

jgpaiva - as you have confesssed to being on vacation now, may I refer you to an earlier post I made HERE ?

I have tried to have a play but was unsuccessful. Any chance you could help me out with creating this grid?

It does of course mean the 'cancellation window' is lost but I am happy to press Esc. to cancel.

Many thanks, keep it up!

This little 'challenge' is of course open to anybody ;-)

Congratulations jgpaiva on producing an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC piece of software!

I recently bought my other half a new laptop which had Acer's Gridvista incorporated. I was impressed by it and decided to give it a go but soon found the limitations far too limiting. That's when I set about looking for an alternative and this is definintely it! Wait till she see's it installed on my lappy! :-p

I have a request if I may ... and it's related to AxCrusik's template request.

This template does almost everything I want it too, and I agree it would be a very useful inclusion in future releases of this s/ware.

However, I would love to see a slight change (if it is possible), and it's a little tricky but I will try and explain.

I would like to see this template combined with the 3-part grid template. The trigger square in the middle would be divided into two so that the right half causes the dragged window to be placed in boxes 2,3,5,6 and 7 and the middle zone so that you end up with 3 zones down the left and one large one on the right. Similarly, dragging to the left half of the middle square would cause the dragged window to be displayed on the left of the screen in zones 1,4,5,7 and 8 and the middle zone so that you see one large window on the left and three down the right side.

Ideally, in each scenario I would have only two zones on either the left or the right rather than three (as with the 3-part grid) but I am not sure if this is possible?

I tried using just the AxCrusik and 3-part grid templates and cycling through using the right mouse click but when I came to order the grids, the AxCrusik one did not show when cycling. In any case, I would prefer to have the two grids combined in one if at all possible (and make use of that space in the middle of the screen at the same time).

Again, a fantastic piece of software. A template such as the above would make it JUST what I am after!

Many thanks jgpaiva, and to AxCrusik for the template design!

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