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i just installed the latest AMI bios 2.02 in 6028 SBC.
same boot issues.

with this certain usb device plugged in (EZB USB) then win 7 pro will not boot. part way through windows logo screen it reboots and bios screen comes up.
if i disable legacy usb support in bios the problem disappears, but then my acronis rescue disc (Linux) has no kybd or mouse support.(acronis wants usb legacy support enabled)

tried recommendation to use devcon script to disable port at shutdown and then restart at boot up. i disabled (did not try to automatically re-enable yet) and port was disabled (i checked it by trying to run EZB application), but at boot up with legacy usb support enabled i got same result: windows tries to start and then reboots.

i have either not found bios solution on this SBC or I have not provided the right setting or combination of settings.

other recommendations are less palatable solutions like adding a relay that disconnects power to EZB USB or a device/relay that disconnects the USB connection until after boot up. the issue with this is that there would have to be some way (handshake) of the PC telling the PLC that boot up has occurred so that power or USB connection may be remade and then the PC would have to start the application program that looks for the EZB USB. EZB USB must be connected & powered when EZB application is started. I would consider this if i could get a commercially available handshake between PC & PLC.

i notice other USB settings in 2.02 but again not sure what to set them at.
Is there something here you would recommend to try?

ami bios & start up manual attached.

well... i spoke too soon.
disabling legacy usb support allowed me to boot windows 7 pro with this specific EZB USB devise connected, but stopped mouse & keyboard support for the Acronis Rescue CD at boot which is linux based.
so i continued to go down devcon path.
with devcon.exe in root directory and using cmd i ran devcon.exe disable "@... see attached. ran okay and asked me to reboot.
i rebooted as prompted and had EZB USB unplugged. booted okay.
then i plugged EZB usb into port and ran EZB sw which did not find the EZB hw which is what we wanted to happen.
i also tested to make sure EZB sw saw hw in another port.
i then, leaving the EZB USB connected to the disabled port, rebooted, but windows would not boot.
basically same result as before devcon was run.

[ Invalid Attachment ]
[ Invalid Attachment ]

thank you to all of you.

was a bios issue.

needed to disable legacy usb...

rebooted many times today with no problems!



i installed devcon, placed it in c: root and wrote a small test batch file to execute the disable for the device in question.

c:\devcon disable "@USB\VID_29BF&PID_0220&REV_0002"
c:\devcon disable "@USB\VID_29BF&PID_0220"

reports "no matching devices found"


i will look more into AMI BIOS options

thank you for your reply.

so let's see if i have this right...
1. install DEVCON on PC (BTW the file devcon.7z in example thread would not run / open / extract - do you a place i can get just it?). I take it that LGPE script calls devcon and I do not need to put devcon somewhere so it runs each boot up.
2. find HW ID(s) for violating USB device (if more than one is listed then do i disable and enable all of them? see file i attached showing multiple)
3. in LGPE / local computer policy / user config / windows settings / scripts (logon/logoff) i would put in scripts you listed with HW ID(s) i looked up.

so i would then NOT use windows scheduler?

does the LGPE run before the programs in startup folder? (the ones that use the USB device in question). i hope so.

on another note i am having trouble getting LGPE to run on my home PC. getting "MMC could not create the snap-in".
not listed as an available snap-in in MMC
may not be issue when i get back to the actual PC at work tomorrow.

« on: March 20, 2016, 02:48 PM »
I have a device that is designed to resemble a HID. when it is plugged in via USB the PC will not boot. if i put it in after boot it functions correctly. in have used this same device on advantech pca-6010 SBC's  with award bios. my current problem is with a pca-6028 SBC and american megatrends bios. justs keeps rebooting to "fix windows" or "start normally" screen. neither will boot.

i have looked into bios boot sequence. boot order is CD then HDD, there is no USB listed in boot order.

i have reinstalled win 7 pro and done all updates. i also installed all drivers that came with PCA-6028 SBC.

unplugging usb device at boot is not feasible. this is a production machine and operators that might shut it down / start it up can not be unplugging / plugging USB's.

i can get it to boot when device is not plugged in. just do not know what to alter so that the next boot with it plugged in is successful.

almost seems like the bios does its thing but then the very early stages of the win 7 pro boot up does not like something about this device.

I have contacted the USB mfgr & PC mrgr to no avail.

i am looking for recommendations for hw or sw that might be used to delay power to this usb port.

i also saw a 2005 thread ( ) on using windows DEVCON with windows Scheduler to turn usb port off at logoff and on after boot, but i do not know anything specific about ho to do this or if it will really work.

what is the latest thinking on this?

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