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  • Monday June 27, 2022, 6:19 pm
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Hey there mouser, I know you've been very busy with the forum/site upgrade.
But I was wondering if there's any update on my suggestions from my original post :-[

Ok I've attempted to add this, will be in next beta upload.

I just tried the new beta, and it works as you described, perfect thanks!
I'll be looking forward to the other suggestions in upcoming beta's :)

Hey mouser and phitsc, thanks for your answer, exactly what I wanted to hear!  8)

ok it sounds like i should be able to fix the stay open/focus issue by having ctrl+# behave as if "Always Maintain Focus" option is set, yeah?

Yes, this would be the perfect solution for me :Thmbsup:

Hey guys, I've used Launchy for over 4 years now but new bugs kept cropping up, like not being able to close it or crashes.
FARR has really impressed me so far, for example I love the regex support. I'm really glad I found it!
Although there are some shortcomings and/or possible bugs I've noticed:

There's only one undo level in the search bar, I'd like to have more as a default, something like 25 or even 50 (or optimally an amount that can be configured).

Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys doesn't select words, it just changes the position to the previous/next words, so it's ignoring the shift key in this case.

Ctrl + # to launch any numbered search results while FARR stays open doesn't work correctly for me:
when setting Window Options - Focus Preservation to
- Ignore, doesn't work because it focusses my Firefox window after launching, negates the stay-open functionality
- Always Maintain Focus, works
- Regain Focus Only After Launching Apps, doesn't work for firefox searches? (apps and regex matches are different probably?)
- Hide When Focus is Lost, doesn't work as it focusses the Firefox window after launching, negates the stay-open functionality
The problem seems to be related to always focussing the firefox window after a launch, no matter what hotkey combination is pressed.
My desired functionality is as follows:
setting Window Options -> Focus Preservation to Hide When Focus is Lost
pressing Alt + # to launch a search result, hides FARR, and focusses the associated application it launches
pressing Ctrl + # to launch a search result, leaves FARR open, and doesn't focus the associated application
Further information: I toggle FARR with the Alt+Space hotkey, and it auto selects any previous search text.

I installed the FCalc plugin for basic quick calculations.
Which has the annoyance that when I press enter to copy the result to clipboard, it automatically types the alias "fc " again in the textfield.
Is this something I can change via settings or can only the plugin author change behavior like that?

I hope I've explained things well enough.

Thanks in advance!

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