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Hi, mouser.
I tried that option to get a scrolling window.  And it did it.

From floating bar: I hit ctrl and rightclick to get menu, then Select Object, and the hit option 3 to Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object - and yes it does scroll all way to bottom and produce a single image.   The image shows several breaks all along it (like window captures, one after another).  I prefer the image without showing bars or breaks.   If I can only get this result, I can learn to live with it. 

I want to do pretty much same thing, whether manual or automatic, to get one continuous rectangle - in my case, entire window scrolled from top to bottom, with no page breaks.  I have played with v.4.8 for a couple hours and can't seem to configure correctly to get desired result. 

Hello.  Wondering if the videos still active? 

I have clicked and got only a blank page with start arrow which does not work for me.  Not sure if my computer or if vids not active.  Trying to see how to do a continuous scrolling capture. 

My current capture (using v.4.8 not Captor 3 from Subject line) results in separate pages while I prefer a top to bottom scroll with no divisions, if this feasible. 

Fantastic.  I will try it.

Like this I assume:.

Custom Date Format:
for desired 24hr clock.

 - - - using %time% instead of %H%M%S

Coding Snacks / Re: Seeking autohotkey code to make input stop
« on: March 18, 2014, 02:39 PM »
Terrific idea and could do that, except I would have to log out or turn computer off, and right now no password needed to use computer.  So I'd have to set passwords for each guy, and they would have to remember it.  While a good idea, this method already has issues built in - they will not recall their pass.  I don't mind if they access anything else on computer and play games I paid for (messing up my scores), however I do mind them rummaging through my financial records.  So I need something that will make that folder invisible or hidden, like some windows files, or have it request a simple one step password from me.

Coding Snacks / Re: Seeking autohotkey code to make input stop
« on: March 17, 2014, 12:23 PM »
Just put in a Return.  And it works! 

Amazing how simple, yet escaped me completely.

You the best!


Not expecting an answer for this, however, if you have one or can point me, may I ask:
Do you have a sw that will let me lock files within a folder? 

In case I did not phrase question right, take my example:
I have a folder called Fin for finance docs.  I want to keep pals doing stuff on my computer from accessing my personal financial records that I have scanned into this folder for quick access instead of rifling through stacks of paper.  I know this folder opened because it now shows a date with year 2014 and I never looked in this year.  I want that folder locked somehow, not sure how, maybe pass, maybe hidden, whatever works.  Of course I have to get in when I want without knowing a lot of code.  Just looking for easy and simple solution if one here.  I will certainly make a donation for it.  Already looked online and found some, yet seem overly complex for me.

Coding Snacks / Re: Seeking autohotkey to do Paste
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:33 PM »
That worked great.  I would never have figured that out with my current knowhow. 

Could you you will look at my other question (how to get hotkey to halt or stop) and solve that one? 


Image showing my progress of filenames, in case anyone interested.

I feel so frustrated.  I don't have the patience or skill for technical stuff.  However, I always feel willing to try.  So,

I went through all the options for file naming to try what seemed intuitive - and think I got a solution. 

Drilled down through all choices, then under icon with question mark for other options, saw this: 
%customdate% - obeys custom date format (fill in below)

Put into Default New File Name:
to make it obey my custom format below.

Put into Custom Date Format:
for desired 24hr clock.

Remove _ [dash] from Illegal filename replacement character.  It seems that supplies underlines.

Behold - that worked to get:

Just what I wanted.

What a fantastic software!  My hat off to mouser for thinking of just about everything!

Update -

I tried something else to see if this works:

I put %time% in Default New File Name

then in Custom Date Format put

Capture result 9_54_47 AM.png
while i wanted a 24hr clock and no underlines.

So now, all my questions reduced to: how to get time only without underlines?

So above filename will look like this:  095447.png

Btw, I did try to set HourMinuteSecond using this code: %H%M%S
under The Basics, File Naming Template, at Default New File Name,
and I missed something as it came out like this:
and next capture came out like this:
%H%M%S 002.png

As stated in my original question above, I would really like this format: 
140501.png  (indicating 2pm on 24hr clock)
or consecutive numbering:
000001, 000002, 000003,....

Screenshot Captor / How to name file as HourMinuteSecond taken?
« on: March 16, 2014, 11:14 AM »
I just did a search in Screenshot Captor forum for filenaming, yet did not find exactly what I wanted. 

Ques.  How to name file as HourMinuteSecond taken?

When captures named, how do I set it to make filename of capture using Hour and Minute and Second taken so it looks like this:

140501.png  (indicating 2pm on 24hr clock)
084341.png (indicating 8am...)

So far as I figured out how to edit style, it comes out like this: 
8_43_41 AM.png
while I prefer this shorter HourMinuteSecond style:  084341.png
etc.  I don't want dates.

Or as an alternative, that will work for my purpose, can I set Screenshot Captor to number each shot taken consecutively from 000001 up?  In other words, the next capture has filename 000001, then 000002, 000003 and so on.  And when I turn computer on tomorrow, captures continue where left off:  say, 000270, 000271, etc.

I appreciate any solution easy enough for me, a computer newbie, to do. 

Coding Snacks / Seeking autohotkey code to make input stop
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:39 AM »
I use an old simple version of Autohotkey and wish someone can provide code to make this come to a stop.  Currently, it runs on, adding other stuff after, like typing "admin" from a later hotkey (shown below). Just want #j to stop at end of line.

I have this hotkey -

and have tried this -

 - yet it will not come to a stop.

How I use it: I put cursor in browser box, hit hotkey #j [meaning Winkey j] yet it fails. It will not stop right after .com.  Instead it continues to play another hotkey after it.

In case it helps to know, I have these hotkeys before and after #j 

#i::Send, z ;HOLD for later use.

;Sleep, 100
;Send {enter}

Send, admin{tab} ; for FOSCAM page
Send, {enter}
Sleep 3000
Send, {tab} ;type

Coding Snacks / Seeking autohotkey to do Paste
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:32 AM »
I just started using CHS and and use default Paste keys of Ctrl Alt Q.  I use an old simple version of Autohotkey and wonder if someone can provide me with code to insert into my autohotkey.ahk that will let me do Paste by hitting of only two keys - Winkey v. 

I prefer code similar to the OLD autohotkey, which I used for last few years, since I don't want to spend time to learn the new system.  My old system uses hotkey language like this sample:

#i::Send, z ;HOLD for later use.

;Sleep, 100
;Send {enter}

Send, admin{tab} ; for FOSCAM page
Send, {enter}
Sleep 3000
Send, {tab} ;type

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