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I would echo AEnginner's recommendation about Zoho CRM.  I have just begun to dabble with it. BUt it just might do the trick for you.

Screenshot Captor / Screenshot Captor for Mac
« on: March 22, 2007, 01:23 PM »
I am not a machead. I don't even know Mouser's own stance regarding Mac vs PCs.  I just ran across an article on ComputerWorld which discusses the authors switch from Windows to Mac. His biggest complaint seems to be the lack of a good screenshot capture program for the Mac.  Most of the items he desires already exists in Screenshot Captor.  Just putting the thought out there...could be a great way to get Screenshot Captor into the hands of more people...

Here is the link to the Computerworld article:

Living Room / Re: How do you spend your time on the computer?
« on: January 23, 2007, 05:18 PM »
- news reading
- rss feed reading
- searching for new web tools
- writing about what I find
- learning as much as I can
- and because of donation coder I am now addicted to kdice


I would be very interested as well.

Though, could you clarify for me how the mechanics of it would work?

In the back of my mind, I think I could start something regular (once a weekish) starting in February.



Living Room / Re: Best Freeware FTP client?
« on: December 05, 2006, 11:08 AM »

While the interface could be prettier, I like for one main reason:

If something fails in a transfer, it holds it in queue and tries again.  Several other FTP clients simply end the transmission. What a pain in the butt when your installing a CMS system with tons of files and don't know where it left off. I have never had that happen with Filezilla.

I haven't tried to open multiple windows of IE7 yet, like you have.  I will have to give that a shot and see if it does the same thing. I would be curious to know if others have tried this as well and we could all comment.

My beef with IE7 is different:
To me (and this is just totally personal opinion) they were inspired by Opera.  The toolbar and the general interface has an Opera feel to it.  While they are not exactly the same, they are similar.  The IE7 toolbar is a big departure from the IE6 toolbar.  While it is more "modern" (and I guess IE6 and Firefox would be more "traditional"), it will confuse the heck out beginners.  IE6 is the browser used by most "beginners" at work and at home.  IE7 is going to throw them for a loop with the change of user interface.  While Microsoft may have been trying to retain the more advanced crowd who are using alternative browsers, they seem, at least in my opinion, on a road to alienate the large majority of their IE6 user base.

Graphic design is not my forte and i have struggled to find good graphic design software that met my photo AND web graphic needs.

I currently use Paint Shop Pro X and have found it more than adequate for my photo needs. I like the Learning Center which has made it easy to learn about all the various tools.  Two things I have not liked. First, while they did a great job creating a learning center for touching up photographs, they did not do the same for web graphics.  Second, the current release of version 11: Paint Shop Pro PHOTO XI pretty much tells me that Corel has chosen the photo path for this and future versions of paint shop pro.  That is fine though were does that leave the web graphics creator?  Plus I have read that XI is quite bloated.

I know in reading the forum that there are several users of Xara.  I have come across mentions of ACDSEE, Pixel32, PhotoFiltre, plus a slew of others. So fellow DCers, what do you recommended for photo software? what do you recommend for web graphic software? and why?  I am looking for recommendations that would also be suitable for someone with beginning to intermediate skills when it comes to graphic stuff.

Any recommendations for good photo/web graphic tutorials would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.

Living Room / Re: Buying New PC. Suggestions?
« on: September 29, 2006, 01:38 PM »
I am hoping to buy a new pc within the next year (I hope!)

I have been looking at the manufacturers below:

You might be able to find something in your price range from them.  Their systems are often listed on which was mentioned above.

General Software Discussion / Re: My favorite software! What's yours?
« on: September 28, 2006, 09:45 AM »
My list

HTML Editor: HTML Kit
Text Editor: PSPAD or TextPad
Antivirus: ESET
Screenshot Capture: Screenshot Captor (not only easy, but lots of cool features, great for beginners)
WIndows Cleaner: CCleaner
Firewall: Sunbelt Kerio
Defrag: PerfectDisk (though they screwed up the user interface in version 8, version 7 was far more beginner friendly)
Web Analytics: Stuffed Tracker
Digital Photo Editor: Paint Shop Pro (the new learning center is great for beginners, plus the one button photo touchup)
FTP: Filezilla (doesnt burp on errors, it actually retries, novel idea)
Zip: 7-zip - havent found anything it can't unzip

Im sure there are a slew of others, but I'm writing this from memory.

Just want to say thanks to Donation Coder for creating a website of value.  While it helps to have won some software  :D (Thanks!), it goes way beyond that. 

In my first month of being a member here are the things I appreciate:
-a forum that has actual value
-jerk free (hope it stays that way)
-everyone wants to help
-great software
-partnerships with commercial vendors to provide discounts

Keep up the good work!

Living Room / Re: What are Trackback/Pings?
« on: September 19, 2006, 02:10 PM »

Sometimes all it takes is simply linking to that blog post from your own blog post.  But that doesnt work all the time.

I am most familiar with WordPress so I will explain how to use the trackback in that context.

1) you find a post you want to write about
2) link to it from within the post if you want
3) below the posting textbox there is are several additional "boxe": one for images, another for excerpts, then one for trackbacks.
4) if trackbacks has a PLUS(+) sign on the far right of its title bar, click it. This opens up the trackback "box"
5) enter the trackback URL into this box
6) publish your post

This effecitively goes out and lets the OTHER post know "hey, someone wrote about you". It adds a comment to that OTHER blog post. This comment generally looks like the following:

[…] “Here, take these Ten Essential Tools for Beginning Web Developers, 14 Accomplishments of a Newbie Blogger, and Comments that have Fertilized the Inadvertent Garden. You’ll need them.” […]

(I took this example from my own blog)

The comment is usually some excerpt taken from your own post and the bracket ellipsis bracket is placed on the front and the end.

In practice, I don't often use the trackback function. I just link.  However, like I mentioned above, SOMETIMES (if things are working right and it is a link to another WordPRess blog) the trackback occurs automatically.

Living Room / Re: What are Trackback/Pings?
« on: September 19, 2006, 01:43 PM »
I posted about this on my site just a few weeks back:

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