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Phew...I thought I was going insane...thank you for the info doesn't work          :(

When I switch on the "Engage auto timer" and then for instance press the PrtScrn key only one screenshot gets taken.

I have been looking for a (very) old version of your program, but can't find one.

Thanks again.


Ok, I guess it's because I'm getting old...BUT...I just can't manage to get the Auto Capture to work in the latest (4.7.2) version. Ok, this is the first time I use this program and it LOOKS awesome...but I just need to perform a simple task, I know it's possible, but I just can't figure out how!!! Call me dumb, I don't care, I just would like to know how to do it      :)         Thanks in advance for the help.

So...I want to capture what's on my screen (the whole screen) every 4 secs. and save all these files to a directory with a different name...So, when I press PrtScrn I get a picture in my destination folder with a name including the date, perfect...I go to the Screenshot Captor options from the Quick Capture Bar. In there I go to Basic Capturing-Capture Options. In "Auto Capture Timer Options" I have "Rate Ms" set to 4000 and "Stop After" set to "10" and as "Type" I have "Screen (current monitor)" set. So I guess all that is fine.

Question is now : how do I START the automatic capturing? When I click "Grab Current Screen" in my Quick Capture Bar I only grab on picture and that's it...there are no additional screenshots being taken.

When going to the Help file of the program I find in Capturing Images-Extra Capture Options the option to "Engage Auto Capture Timer"....I DON'T FIND THIS OPTION IN THIS VERSION OF THE PROGRAM...the help file is (apparently) for an older version of the program    :(

So please...could someone tell me how tp START the Auto Capturing? THANK'S A MILLION       :)

Dimitri Kokken

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