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  • Monday May 10, 2021, 12:16 am
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hey! thank you, and thank you for the tip. i went the other route and opened the ol' virtual keyboard.

i appreciate the warm welcome, and so quickly!!!  :onfire:   orginal hamster dance, for any boredom


it'[email protected]_u_im_sorry_for_the_underscores___(mycomp's__spacebar___stopped___working!!!01010....
neways_thanks__for_being_nice_i_must_go_this_is_a_shit_way_to_type!!!!___message__me :beerchug:

also, u crazed, dude? cuz, you cut and pasted most of your shit. Basically, imho, you could have said this: Hey! come and click this site! we have "trojans" but not really! and if you know anything about that silly little machine used in WWII, Hacking the Gibson, and how to look up Tempest, or even pixels, or even ways to close little tiny loops, and blah blah blah blah.  basically, you need to reinvest yourself in a more wise decision, try this:    take a few variables, make it 5, and apply primes to those five, let's call them a, b, c, d, e, and then, let's make a+b+c/82-3.21 and put the letter N (as an exponent), and then route it back to the original equation of a-b =b-a, then just pretend now, that 0 equals a circle, and that 1 equals a dot, then pixel that shit, then put it on a ray, right to left, right? and don't forget to add mole day, that computers are out of control (or doubled as they say every 18 months or so), and tell me, what you have here that any one of use couldn't do or find? and for 100 dollars, i think you should pay me. because this post I have here, makes no sense.///But, if you like imaginary numbers, html, and maybe you should stick to 128bit, because as everyone knows you cannot add another 32, because that's still off from 154 ......or something.... :huh:

I was going to say something about being interested....then, after I saw you mentioned anonymous, I was really intrigued that the message in which you placed some binary code? you added  ^7 and ^4, which is curiously the same two numbers (i believe) that show up in lulz.sec's xmas message from last year. (re: the first frame or two, the movin' numbas).....maybe i'm just crazy, but you could be a "semi-troll"

also, I think your attempts are merely crap. and I'm not IT, but after a few hours learning a bit about algorithmic applications to binary; and  how that can compute towards a quadratic equation of sorts (you know, 32, 32, 32, 32), I really don't think you're pushing anything here.

and in regards to the sender, and receiver? did you get anywhere with private , public exponents ?

my spelling and terms might be wrong, AND maybe I should have looked through the whole thread. but,......that first post dude/ette, you sound like a certain someone from anti-sec.  I hope you aren't since we're just here to have a good time right? :Thmbsup:

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