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Nice thread! I actually also looked for something like that recently, and after a long search, I've been happy with... Notepad++! But wait, the secret trick was to add a little-known plugin called "Preview HTML". It might not have all the bells and whistles that other programs have, but it's auto-refreshing, stable, free, and I've been very happy with it. Here's a screenshot.


yes, something like this! how you created it?

I used SmartGUI Creator, as it was lying on my HD. However, it's abandonware and there are much better tools, as suggested in the other posts.

Something along the lines of this? (I did not implement everything because I'm running out of time now)

Skwire Empire / Re: (Pre) Release: sChecklist
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:14 AM »
I've just tested it with a standard listview and it works beautifully for me...  Even with accented characters!
I hope you can actually use this in sCheckList.

EDIT: Cleaned up code.

Gui, Add, ListView, r20 w330 gMyListView, Name|Size (KB)

Loop, C:\*.*
    LV_Add("", A_LoopFileName, A_LoopFileSizeKB)

LV_ModifyCol(2, "Integer") 

Gui, Show

if A_GuiEvent = DoubleClick
LV_GetText(RowText, A_EventInfo) 

if  checked%A_EventInfo%
out := Unstrike(RowText)
out := Strike(RowText)

checked%A_EventInfo% := !checked%A_EventInfo%  
LV_Modify(A_EventInfo,Col1, out)



Strike(str)   {
    loop % strlen(str)
      result .= SubStr(str, A_Index, 1) Chr(0x336)
return result

Unstrike(str)   {
    loop % strlen(str)
      StringReplace, result,str, % Chr(0x336),, All
return result

Skwire Empire / Re: (Pre) Release: sChecklist
« on: July 20, 2014, 10:29 AM »
Any chance the checked items can also have strikethrough?

Unfortunately, I'm pretty positive AutoHotkey cannot strikethrough individual lines in its listview handling options.  The best I could do would probably be to offer colouring options for the rows.  However, that involves a separate library and comes with its own set of potential issues.

Assuming Listviews accept Unicode characters, this simple hack should work, hopefully... :)
I've just tested it under AHK 1.1, Win XP, and MS Word.  Unfortunately, I can't remember where I came across this trick.

  str := clipboard, out := ""
  loop % strlen(str)
    out .= SubStr(str, A_Index, 1) Chr(0x336)
  SendInput %out%

Skwire Empire / Re: sCheckbook
« on: June 08, 2012, 12:03 AM »
Website | Download
v1.0.6 - 2012-06-07
    + Added a Save button to the toolbar.  (Thanks, Nick)
    + Added a "Last used date" button to the add/edit transaction diaglogue.
      (Thanks, Nick)
    ! Memo column wasn't exported in HTML report.

Awesome! Thanks again for this great tool.

Skwire Empire / Re: sCheckbook
« on: April 16, 2012, 04:22 AM »
Many thanks for this program  - I find it very useful.  Good choice of icons too!  
 Just curious, is the source code available?

And I've noticed two (very minor) bugs:
 -the Ctrl-O shortcut doesn't work upon launching the program (it does when a file is already open)
 -the update check seems to create an empty .SCB file.

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