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  • Monday August 15, 2022, 5:33 pm
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Thank you everything works great now!  I dropped 10 bucks in your tip jar at paypal.

I found a file displayed in Windows Explorer as "Rubйn Gonzбlez"  that is also skipped by zero zipper in the  "Rubйn Gonzбlez" should be "Rubén González" and when I correct the misspelling in Windows Explorer Zero Zipper includes it in the with no problems.

The is working correctly now.  But I found that sometimes the file count inside the was wrong.  Some files were still being omitted from the This was a mystery that I wanted to solve so I tested many folders.  Customizing the temp folder location eliminated file name length as a problem. Using Windows 7 windows explorer I found files with question marks inside of a black diamond instead of a recognizable character\number.   I searched "question mark inside of a black diamond" and I found something called a Unicode Character 'REPLACEMENT CHARACTER' .

wikipedia entry is here http://en.wikipedia....eplacement_character

I mostly use a Windows Xp machine so it took a while to figure it out.

Besides "leave blank for default" I has used a couple of dozen variations including root drives.  I have tried putting temp folder on usb flash, ssd sata, and in windows 7 a RAM disk.  Except for "leave blank for default" option all produce an empty  I have tried changing the name from to other names.  I have tried to put the destination zip in various places with no luck.

I have opened the the 1kb in notepad and get this some that looks like this  PK |-   not exactly though because I ca't get the last 2 characters to copy and paste.

The customisable temp folder setting works but strangely the resulting is always empty!  I tried different settings on four computers all resulting in an empty  The only exception is if I leave the temp folder setting blank\default then it creates the correctly.  But of course this does not contain all the files because of the 255 limit.   :(

BTW thanks for "Files 2 Folder" I love that!

I changed the temp file as suggested and got a much better result.  Sadly I still lost some files.  The temp folder looks like this "C:\TEMP\$$$$$20120220122310_ZeroZipper_temp" .  Various test with zero zipper seem to confirm that the problem is the 255 limit.  Perhaps if "C:\TEMP\$$$$$20120220122310_ZeroZipper_temp" could be shorten to something like "C:\TEMP\Zero_temp" or even shorter it would would not skip any files.

Also I would like to use Zero Zipper on other peoples computers and would not be comfortable changing their temp file location folder.  I feel like I'm asking too much but if Zero Zipper could be revised to deal with my issues it would very much change my life.  I took a USB flash drive and formatted it to NTFS which allows Everything for Windows from to read the USN Journal and thus created a "dummy drive". I'm hoping to put several "dummy drives" on a single USB flash drive.  Since both Everything for Windows and Zero Zipper are portable I dream of having a complete catalog of all my drive in one USB flash.


I have been looking for something like Zero zipper for a long time.  My goal being to create catalogs of offline drives\folders (including files!) without needing any special software to read the "catalog" - just any filemanager.   I have run into a problem though where sometimes a few dummy files are not included in the zip.  I think the problem is the 255 character limit in Windows.  Since Zero Zipper uses in my case "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\$$$$$20120220035412_ZeroZipper_temp".

Could you add an option so I can choose a temp folder located on the C root drive?

thank you!

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