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  • Thursday August 18, 2022, 8:32 pm
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Nope, doesn't work for me.

I have downloaded now Greenshot and that one works with making Selected Region screenshots without hassle.

But definitively I would like to see ScreenshotCaptor doing the same for me so that i don't need to change to Greenshot.

I think Mouser once already asked me this (i just found out since didn't get email reminders):

On your tab for "Selection Capture Options", what do you have checked for "When to Use Red Box"?

So, I checked now and I see for Option Red Box Capture Mode there are 2 parameters:
When to User Red Box - Objects NOT Regions
Red Box Mode - Object Mode

I also tried this but it still didn't work - the same error:
When to User Red Box - User Never

If I set this:
When to User Red Box - Objects AND Regions
Red Box Mode - Object Mode

I click apply and accept
I try selected region and I get the red box and when i check settings it changes back to Region Mode.

If I set this:
When to User Red Box - Objects AND Regions
Red Box Mode - Region Mode

Then I get red box window that needs resizing each time but that is not what I want.

I want to get, like it used to be before, just a position of mouse from which I will drag my region and after i release mouse button it will take the screenshot.

Hi All,

I started to get this issue on the previous version but then I still have it with latest 4.8, so I really need some help.

ONLY when i try to grab Selected Region i get error "Out of System Resources" and then SC is stuck. Just shows red icon and that's it. You have to exit and restart it to recover.

However, if i try to grab entire space, current screen, active window, fixed size... all that WORKS!

Now, of course, I really need SELECTED REGION to work as that was the exact point I started to use SC in the first place...

Any help to make this work again is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Thanks tomos!

now, the strange thing which started to happen is if i select option (or via shift+prtscr) "Grab selected region" it always gives me "Out of system resources"
I can assure you my laptop is a beast Lenovo w530 withCPU i7-3740QM 2.70, 8GB RAM, win7 ent.
so no questions about going out of resources there. I have restarted it, still the same. it never happened before.
I have reverted settings to Nothing but that didn't help either.

when i get that message i can dismiss it but then icon just stays red forever and i have to kill the exe to start it again.

if I use any other option like capture active window, capture fixed size region, entire workspace, current screen - all that works!
However, ONLY when i try :Grab selected region" option" that comes back with "Out of system resources".

any clues?

hi Selt
in preferences: post capture options:
 (see attachment in previous post)

guys, before there was a really good feature but it got lost in later releases and that is to automatically, by default, copy last screenshot bitmap to clipboard after it is taken (so without need to go to menu and select copy to clipboard and then choose that option).
How can i set that back to be by default?


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