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Seedling's Software / Re: Display bug (WIN95)
« on: June 16, 2006, 05:56 AM »
wow, windows 95! :)

well, i do not have a win95 machine to debug on, but let me ask: what is your screen resolution set to?

here's why i ask (and what i'm thinking may be the problem)

if you have your resolution at 800 x 600 then not only will will this app take up your entire screen, but you won't be able to resize it. it's not a bug. this app is set with a minimum window size of 810 x 710 and should be used with a resolution size of at least 1024 x 768. i could allow this to be resized down even more, but then certain options would undoubtedly be covered up in the process.

if this doesn't cover your problem, let me know

Running 1024 x 768 with an S3 something-or-other into a Compaq 17".  Problem was (sic) that stuff was off the screen - and I didn't know what it was !!  Curious experience, trying to re-size the screen only to find that said machine was disobeying me !!  Hope the virus writing community doesn't get to hear of this - they could have some fun ....

Thanks for the updated file - it still fills the 1024 x 768 screen wall-to-wall, but now with everything showing.  So - let playing commence ...

Excellent work - thank you.



SAE140: would you like to just have a bunch o stuff running when the screensaver starts and keep running, or would you like to have them running only while the screensaver is active?

Hi - sorry about delay in replying - have been dipping my toes in the sea.

The latter - running stuff like incremental back-ups, virus checks and so on when the computer would otherwise be just sitting there doing nothing except eating electrons ...  Stuff that I really should run more often - but don't ...   
I'd also like to run an on-screen clock called which dates back to WIN3.1 days - but can't find a way to run it automatically as a kosher screensaver.

The problem is - I'm running WIN95b (have later OS's - but really don't want to change):  WSTask (Windows task scheduler) is somehow implicated in a security loop-hole, so this has been removed; Screen Launcher is for WIN98 upwards; and xCat's Program Saver (which would appear to be exactly what I'm looking for) won't run under WIN95 - I've just tried !

Thanks for your help thus far ....


Have just joined - so apologises for digging up old stuff - but I fully agree with the original post that (my words) most modern word-processors have lost the plot.

When writing big scripts, say 40,000 words upwards, I'd recommend using WordStar.  Version 4 is the best, imho.  5 and 6 are more trouble than they're worth, 2000 doesn't use the same Cntrl sequences, and WordStar for Windows is a version of Wordstar in name only.

Keep it as simple as possible with v.4 and get that text into a file as simply and as effortlessly as possible.  The size of the file can be unlimited, and there are several ways of placing markers thoughout the text to enable instant jumps to wherever you need to work.  Then, when your text is finally in, import the file into WinWORD or your favourite wordproc for final WYSIWYG processing, indexing, printing, and all the rest.

This 2-stage process can save you many hours when writing.


I can only find one similar thread on this forum ....

The uses of an .scr to run a series of automated tasks are pretty obvious I think.  Surely there must be something already out there ?
If not - any takers ?


Seedling's Software / Display bug (WIN95)
« on: June 10, 2006, 05:24 AM »
Just joined - so don't know the protocol yet - will try blundering through ...

Have just downloaded Random MixTape as it promises to be just what I'm looking for.  Bummer - some of the program window is off the screen and refuses to re-size.
Am running WIN95b - which is probably a lot to do with it.

Hope there's an easy fix.


moved to a new thread ....

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