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Feature Summary   Request Date   Status
Templates to export one or each/all of variously selected clips to one, set (char/line/data length?) size or each to it's own file of specified filetype   2015-05-13 11:52:01 UTC   possibly new, not yet checked for redundancy on forum
This is from the perspective mostly of immediately how I wanted to use it,  primarily to help rapidly organize while keeping the database uncluttered with things I  do not prefer being in it, but also - for example to quickly notate a directory in windows explorer in a way I am pretty comfortable with relying on throughout quite an open forward looking expanse of potential changes whilst I maintain the digital information throughwixt.  :)

This is also a feature I would use to help address what another feature also applies to, which feature I have previously sought to describe: a modular style of clipsets which can be loaded and unloaded without disrupting the tree structure etc. necessarily, not displacing one another necessarily.

I hope to get situated -as practical- to address these needs directly - as I have some idea and great interest in working around or into brilliant simplicity and elegance the potential complexities there may be in the robust implementing of what I am suggesting and imagining.

Thanks again Mouser and all involved- the tool is brilliant, fitting in like a gem —of compatible enough, versatile enough, generally just enough and especially: creatively characteristic of its precious origin and authorship, nuanced enough; —between autohotkey  etc. and just not bothering- opening up the making feasible a vast realm of application dynamism which otherwise is the wide field of another after yet another disappointing instance where other software developments lack the sort of control interface I am inclined to prefer!  CHS is basically the glove  smoothing out the inconsistencies of many other applications.  BRAVO!

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: July 16, 2014, 08:29 AM »
I'm looking for a feed to plug in to MT5, Metatrader five- because I have some nice stuff I'd like to run it through- and then of course I need an excel feed, where I'm busy developing things in there...    I really like technical analysis, and harmonic resonance and reflective waves and that kind of stuff.  The reverberations in market movements—interactive fields of co-expressed emotional and reasoned action-reaction, generally whether by finger or mentally designed algorithm (!!)— are so holographic it's almost as if time is nonexistent - you can practically pinpoint when and where certain movements will end up- with remarkable accuracy, I love it.....

No matter how rigged the game is- the remedy is to rig the rigging (i.e. technical analysis to reverse engineer technical analysis, social engineering to reverse social engineering, etc.) -   every backdoor has a backdoor! At least I expect as much!

XAUUSD goes from 1292-to 1311 how often, as a rough example.... (or visaversa, and 1264, 1301 and 1327-30) it's all math- and that- it's fractal-like, incredibly beautiful....  art in numbers...... nature in digits!

Will BTC Displace
1 Special Drawing Right - SDR = 1.5413 US Dollar      
1 XDR = 1.5413 USD      
As of Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014, 01:26 PM GMT      
For oil companies?

What matters to me-   Protecting the things I care about- enhancing life for me and who I love, and those that follow after- what can I make a difference in...   What is realistic? what is my responsibility? Who do I answer to?   I go back to when to trace issues like fiat ("so be it!") ?  I've read things about roman insurance fraud, nero and the "assumed" death of unaccounted for individuals after the fire in Rome, and insurance policies, ???(LOL!!!)  Who knows!?  it's an old thing, it seems!

Does the sound of wonder, joy and satisfaction disrupt and inhibit any silent weapons for quiet wars?  At least on the individual level I expect- and the criticality I see as perniciously persistant is the grave effects of long term influence- but it's not so grave as it is an incredibly extended form of social leverage- a multi-generational tool that has like a fractal seed in the perinatal environment- where children are the key to the world!  

Everybodies' bottom line is a complicit amalgam of eachothers, yet individually we can exhalt the experience, but how much further, or differently can the experience be exhalted together?  This I don't know, but I wonder about:  Can entire galaxies be created by the thoughts of a very motivating and conscious few, or many?   Who knows, And as I look upon the universe- Do I see an unforgiving faceless nameless sea of non-emotional black, or do I see a seE of inviting infinite wonder beckoning me to pry further, try harder, and imagine vaster?

So it matters- but does it matter so much- enough for me to decide for another? That removes their bottom line experience!   And while we do all decide for the  each other in influence, Experience, perception is INTRINSICALLY a facet WITH individual freedom, individual free agency, individual responsibility, yet there is a natural law that sifts everybody and their choices consequentially to a balance through out the whole, and so things work out, naturally, and there is room for wonder, and all the rest- yet ire seems to me to be better reserved for where it is used effectively!

One of the pivotal moments for me was when I realized that in all my outrage about supposed issues, I discovered it is actually a passion rooted in love, like everything else.  It seems I always knew this- and it is amazing the journeys possible - internally, one can go through just in the way they look into the world, -  quite a trip reality can be....  With the exquisite twists and turns of the most fascinating thriller edge of the seat fantasy....

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: July 16, 2014, 02:28 AM »
RE YaCy - Yes. It is open source. Give it a look.

So it seems there are aspects of fungibility AND nonfungibility to the lineage-possessing commodity/currency,  nonfungible in the lineage of prepossessers, or- I guess I need to focus on exactly how these all work...  

Funny you should mention that. I'm in the middle of writing an article on why the fiat currency we use today isn't fungible and how the fungibility like works.

would love to contribute however I can in these subjects, and learn as much as possible,   and specifically- love to review as much information as possible on the subjects and to see the collaboration in the ideal-like consolidation of information- as a scattering of cogent thought in diffusion is slow ( which I think can also sometimes be great, humour for example often relies on the lightning strike of delayed consolidation) - and I believe the answers come together as people mix the variety of perspective- preferably in the peaceful way!

In otherwords- would love to read it at any time you are comfortable.

The yacy network actually seems like an interesting and potentially good way to evolve the ForEx market, which from what I read is already in some ways like that, especially with the expanding number of brokers, and the internet in general.

At the wisdom site- well done! I like that there is the three day time frame as an option, but I also like to group the bars by tick events, — I'm still learning.  It's pretty fast- rather- nice to watch in near-realtime, Thanks so much- I've been planning to find something like that- and intend to continue looking for the very best possible....  As far as I like, naturally.   Love it, thanks!

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: July 16, 2014, 01:54 AM »
title to: cars, bodies, life, DNA, time, transactional units- here at discussion with the bitcoin- the same idea must I think be extended in application to all things desired, i.e. ALLODIAL title via the land patent, et cetera!!!)

Don't get me started on fee simple... I'll just devolve into a blithering mass of profanity and obscenity.

I highly suggest scouring the resources I've mentioned, as I believe I have found great peace in the matter- and also great encouraging initiative to do all I can about it!  I actually find it quite difficult to muster a drop of anger about any of it or most things, just determination, possibility, self-responsibility is all I can find in pondering any of the frustrating issues I have yet pondered or encountered.  

But beyond that- naturally I am more curious as to why- as I believe there is much I could possibly learn and I do encourage you to get started, as practical for you!

Now the blockchain thing- this is very intriguing and I suppose I'll go back and closely listen to where steve gibson breaks down an extensive explanation of how the bitcoin works in the security now podcast, perhaps he covers the subject there.

I really like some ideas, and this may be one of them- to be determined as I further learn about it!

I wonder if there is a way to combine the double post I've made here, I intended to merely append- but the quote button is helpful in getting all the quotation stuff injected into the message automatically... and then I forgot to cut, modify previous post and paste- instead of putting the new post.  

I am moved to express that I think these forum frameworks are for me one of the best things I think there is about the internet- based on what I've been exposed to and used, and I really hope crap like disqus and any other junk is driven out by the sheer elegance usefulness and relative simplicity of this format of commentation...   But I also then must ask- what else is out there I've yet to consider!?

I would love to see some form of twitter extension based on this open character count (probably like what, 76000 characters?)

That would be cool! Do it if you can before I get around to it!


Very cool live image on the page linked previously, but I wonder- is the software it looks like i'd be installing in order to do this syndicated indexing and web querying - is it open and peer-reviewed- because that I think is the power of the trust of any syndicate- otherwise it's pointless when I'm supposed to trust the secret separate "experts", for the system to work, I have to be able to by initiative and merit become an expert myself if I choose to so do!  Maybe I am wrong about that- but if so- I believe such can logically be demonstrated so that I see how to adapt as best suits me!  But then I would in that much be enough of an expert about the subject as to so adapt! ;^)

And thanks for the other links...  I'd love to be able to see tick by tick data and depth of market or whatever is available for these cryptocurrencies!

So it seems there are aspects of fungibility AND nonfungibility to the lineage-possessing commodity/currency,  nonfungible in the lineage of prepossessers, or- I guess I need to focus on exactly how these all work...  

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: July 16, 2014, 01:37 AM »
With the allodial title via the land patent, and other information out there- the issue comes down I think to who has liens on the name entity used, which liens are superseding and preeminent, and also- the addressing here in the united states is a bit messy, in that the zip codes exist in a commercial abstraction- made clear in the doing of that allodial thing i think...

Comes to it, one must preemptively look forward to these possibilities and use all at disposal to create the best life they can!

Perfecting a title is more complicated than one might expect, going the paper route, there's a lot of layers legallity - belief, basically- that serve to allow for such like a false bottomed absolute- which could be unexpected pulled out from under thee!  

I like to think in long term perspective, of course!

wait a minute!   You are obviously talking about digital space domain addressing, right?    well then-   I will have to catch up in comprehension of the specifics there, and that's why I am here.

Recently- listening to steve gibson talk about secure QR login, for an anonymous means of authentication, I have found the topic to be very fascinating, he calls it squirrel and I see this as potentially having applications for blackbox voting, for those interested, and also for perhaps somehow to do with what you write about.

Again, Comes down to it, persuasion and enforcement is the means in this world, whether one likes it or not!  As we each and all are as free as percieved and practiceable!

Same issues though- You would have to prove effectively that it is you using the address- demonstrate it, and demonstrate probably i think- some sort of exclusivity of usage there- which I think could feasibly be done- in order to claim absolute (as for relevant circumstances) control and dominion of the property- in this case I guess an internet address(?)

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:40 PM »

I Find that image to pretty well sum things up rather accurately, regardless of the theories one uses to look at the apparent direct experience they experience; The key point being the subjective experience of free agency and the companion point of perspective inherent therewith.

As far as I think about intelligence and systems theory- that's the conclusion I come to- that we have the responsibility and freedom of choice to direct the experience we experience, collectively- though collectively is made up from the core individual seed of this that I think is a great gift of life!

I found good discussion on the topic at the website where the image is sourced from, and this all I found doing a rather amusing and humorous search on images related to the term anarcocapitalism.

The commentary is here:
which I think very nicely demonstrates the clear reasoning that I think satisfies the balance between responsibility for self and self's environment.

As far as ownership, the best I've encountered in reasoning is that it is ultimately nothing more than a claim requiring demonstration, i.e. proof, and depending on various interpretations of information regarding title and liens and so on, I figure it safe to merely demonstrate proof of being the holder in due course of any title, as well as of being original creditor at least as demonstrable via direct and immediate usufructuary interest and declared clear intent, (i.e. like a living will, acting as the executor of the trust of the "You"/ Name entity)

Based on the comprehension I have garnered from information available branching out from the links I've previously posted, I think there is quite a brilliant system of jurisprudence in play, and I find the whole rules of the game to probably be far more brilliant and enlightening than much of the alternative media and dissent portrays and suggest it to be,  all based on that hinge that before you have ownership- there is a claim of it staked, and that the rest of the world is thus hinged on the basic persuasiveness held- which I previously referred to as "advantage"

also fundamental to the way I look at all these related things is that based on how the markets and intelligent creativity work, the experience of any including new advantage seems to me to in no way imply any sort of disadvantaging of some theoretical other, and this because- in the case of the vast variety possible in a market characteristically free see footnote 1 - this because of the spread across time and reason for buying and selling; in other words: advantage can be a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario, with no on at a disadvantage, and the same with an ideal-like sort of competition- it can bring the best of good out of any and all involved- and benefit everyone, BECAUSE of the variety of pursuits possible.

There is no end to problems needing fixing- no end to the solutions that can be found and the leverage of efficiency, and novel design thus enjoyed!   There is no reason for a monopoly, and no excuse for it, but people need to actively pursue the advantage they can in order to realize a better picture of this being so!

Just some more thoughts, I'm wary of getting into a work requiring extensive attention to punctuation and so on, such can become unwieldy for me rather quickly!

Awesome B-day cake!
 (see attachment in previous post)

Something slightly uncomfortable to me about the design of that Color design is the slant, going from top Right to bottom left, which seems to me to be less than auspicious, and I refer to 1215.,org and in the audio ( I think 1 of the set of three, but maybe it's in the set of 12) about the common law there is some description about the Ties worn centuries ago- and the symbolism of a king drawing a sword from it's sheath, and this symbolism basically emerging as the "No Parking" signs and even the little "lnodrop.cur" y'all are probably familiar with.

The black & yellow flag is the anarcho-capitalist flag. Check my response to tomos above as there's some info about that in there. I'm not sure about the sword imagery though.

Ok So maybe imagine a middle ages scene where you have somehow crossed a noble , and encountering the noble: They get off a horse, approaching thee, they draw a sword with the right hand, preparing to swipe a head off, or....

That's the imagery, so I am a bit averse to the reverse of that symbolism, and would prefer to have that flag with the diagonal slant going from upper left to lower right, as would it appear were I drawing a sword on the left hip with the right arm- that diagonal is formed by the arm across the chest!

  Like the old ties that can still be found more often in second hand goods stores, with the same directional slant in design.  Nowadas notice how many people not aware of the historical reason behind the tie's symbolism walk around, and even go to court (and whose court?!!) wearing a tie with a design slanting from upper right to lower left!  Foolish!?

Footnote 1:
( I think that a free market is unavoidable, though the CHOICE can be as steep as much as  coercion can (theoretically) exist- i.e. the core issues at the bundy ranch (new mexico rancher and recognition of jurisdictions)  assertions of controversy, which I feel it wise to be wary of as being a precursor of something to have an idea of what one desires and how to effectively experience it with all the contingencies taken into consideration as much as possible; title to: cars, bodies, life, DNA, time, transactional units- here at discussion with the bitcoin- the same idea must I think be extended in application to all things desired, i.e. ALLODIAL title via the land patent, et cetera!!!)

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:47 PM »
Awesome B-day cake!
 (see attachment in previous post)

Something slightly uncomfortable to me about the design of that Color design is the slant, going from top Right to bottom left, which seems to me to be less than auspicious, and I refer to 1215.,org and in the audio ( I think 1 of the set of three, but maybe it's in the set of 12) about the common law there is some description about the Ties worn centuries ago- and the symbolism of a king drawing a sword from it's sheath, and this symbolism basically emerging as the "No Parking" signs and even the little "lnodrop.cur" y'all are probably familiar with.

This about the coloured coins now, that is an awesome concept, I really like the sounds of that,   as the "struggle" for "advantage" really is about conscious "control & dominion", it's really about fully acting with cognizance fully of the opportunities and effects, and also as fully of those actions of others, both the possibilities and the resulting effects thereof.

   Technology and the net neutrality issue ( I heard about, no idea of its affiliations but through that page I commented about how much I love and USE the INTERNET, seeing no harm in expressing myself, for I've no fear,) really acutely represent the critical issue I think we have going on where we so heavily depend upon rather elaborate schemes of DECISIONS MADE BY OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!

Tangentially- Who "OWNS" communication?  is that what the idea of a common wealth is?  Say communication is the resulting TRANSFERENCE of information, validated and bearing the meeting of the minds difference and concurrence, -- is it an abstraction? Is it effervescent, fleeting? Can one even say they own the continuance of it?   So Who Can "OWN" the Internet?   I can control and exercise dominion over technical instruments, like the keyboard I immediately use- and by all means, right now that's effectively part of the INTERNET as I know it! So I Think there must be competition very freshly and avidly among ISPs and all the rest of the infrastructure as much as is practical and ideal-like....

Take the Java debacle case in point!   Just the sheer amount of calling upon library after library, and all these things from all over the net as "fully stated herein" and the reuse of code to such an extent, not to forget mention of the chips made by other people, and the grid itself and basically what you have then is: SOCIETY! lol!   So what's new!?   Point is though-   I think there needs to be attentive cognizant construction and clarity in the creative possibilities, and of course to the extent possible, transparency....

Guess for the moment that's a BTC 2.0e[whatever] worth... :0)    which I guess roughly at the moment is 625.18   BTCUSD
Though I'm casually looking for something of a higher resolution quote, if anyone happens to be able to help me there, I'd love it!

This forum software is sweet! so far it looks very well thought out and it implements, I think some ideas I years ago had posted about- depending on what this start a new thread (with particular post as new root post of new thread?) thing is.  

Living Room / Scalable Existence
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:31 PM »

This may be encouraging and inspiring to a meaningful extent in light of the many many opinions that flurry about down the rabbit hole.

It seems to me to be the archetypal balance between uniperspective and polyperspective (like experiencable meta-awareness, super-empathy, entelechy) of intelligent systems, and I find great peace it seems in looking at the whole apparent goings on in a perspective of looking at living intelligent "self"-organizing systems and self-regulating momentum of existential seeming perpetuation in defiance of any notion of entropy at every increment.

The ostensible continuing evidence that we are here STILL to BEGIN WITH, I think is overwhelmingly persuasive that infinity is boundless and that limitations and "scarcities" are limited and perceptual in nature,—artifacts of the mechanism of interpreting perception—, and that alternative perception provides alternative experience with ever rearrangeable arrangements, rather than just nominal limits; and further that

Complications are compounded simplicities juxtaposed; just like the emergence of programing from zero to any dimensioned language representation and linked dependencies and reconfigurable interdependancies of objects!

I suggest that the soultion is a simple as before the problem ever was, as there being a natural symmetry from one through many to whole, like the rebirth archetype and the process of expansionary static persistence outside of and from which all dimension, measure and allotment comes; and as  A circle  with consistent degrees yet a floating radius maintains ever applicable scalability!

Peace and exuberance I will for the best for all!

I also suggest that the media for valuation representation ("money", commodities, and so on) transfer will naturally float with that which is valuatable! Like the idea of pegging the conjuring of new transactional credits / units to the six year agricultural averages per land patent  area, and so on-- as value is inextricable with the semi-subjective perceptual experience of nature itself, where the assay of land as a foundation of property becomes key, and yet the continuing transmission of all such utility makes it seemingly ultimately necessary for a floating or transmission essentially in some balance of step and sync of all title right with as well the very ebb and flow of nature itself (trusts)- we naturally a part of that-— it all becomes a matter of crust crumble melt and float of monetary tectonics - very much like variously described in the links I've posted here.
 enjoy in joy!!

This might be interesting for some:

Bitcoin copper rounds.

Now, they are ornamental, and only for collectors. Also, if you are into purchasing metals as a way to store wealth, you have to be braindead to buy them - but that goes for pretty much all copper rounds, and not just those. (They are overpriced by a LOT! Silver or gold are much better buys, and particularly silver.)

Anyways, just thought it might be interesting for some people here. Gimmicky? Sure. Fun? Definitely! :)

maybe at the moment…;-0)  I think those are cool, nice designs, how many more are possible?!

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