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General Software Discussion / A Powerful TextLauncher
« on: August 23, 2015, 12:55 PM »
For quite some time I'm running in circles trying to achieve this using a file manager. Though quite satisfied with certain solutions I made, the used scripting engine restricts several features I'd like to have.

My perfect text/stuff launcher would have:

-hotkey to enable/disable clipboard monitoring, so each (validate existence first) clipboard'ed file path(s) (ie, single or multi-files support) is automatically added;
-drop support - everything dropped into the program pane is added to the list and launched via system default 'text' editor; optional user defined text editor for large files (both toggled by another hotkey; visual cue on 1st [sys default]/2nd [user defined] active editor);
-most used files on top, with optional display of launches count;
-system registered "text" type files auto added (refresh options: on program load; on 'recents' change [real time]; after x ms/minutes; never [mark unavailbale/non-existent files on red/exclamation mark in the list]) from windows "recents", initially at the bottom of the list; then, with internal launches, those files' 'karma' of usage gain progression, being listed on top despite also being listed on 'recents' too;
- "filename.ext - file path" as format for pane display; ideally, sort by name or by path as well as date and extension and (default) launch count could also exist;
-live filter: files only, files + paths, paths only (partial match, boolean support);
-GUI: think on MusicBee approach for lists: one pane listing columns, another listing top rated files (such 'rating' could [ie, user choice] be user rating [ideally: stars, numbers or tags], launch count or date attributes (modified, created, accessed), or even a custom fixed list; all modes could allow: custom order, delete from list, delete from disk;
-optional single click select, second launches (ctrl+a, invert selection support) OR single click launch;
-optional (GUI-button/hotkey toggle) checkbox for multi-selection: space key marks, up/left key navigate upwards, down/right key, downwards;
-warn on (user defined) '> x' files launch;
-resizable windows; "always on top" mode;
-minimize to tray or task bar on X-button (close); optional ESC closes program

Is there anything around having such features? If no, can DonationCoders interest in the project?

With adaptations, this could be turned into another powerful files/exe/lnk/folders launcher, what about?

Hi, people!
Optionally it could preserve original system attributes, too.
Is it possible to have a tick box to NOT preserve system/timestamps? (separately...)
One last thing would be having no zip at all, just the cloned directories and files at target location. Haven't tested thoroughly yet but: can target be a subfolder of source and still there will be no overlap? (initial tests say it's ok, but the real thin would be with no zip creation, I think)

EDIT: yes, it would be nice to have a companion txt report on target folder/along with zip file or flat clone for comparison with previous snapshots, like Brycestro said.

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