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Find And Run Robot / Re: two-line toolbar for FARR?
« on: November 12, 2015, 07:42 PM »
Thanks. It does have lots of wonderful features and good kinkiness. I like the FARR toolbar for the opposite reason - no thinking. But I will delve back into LBC.

Do you have a favorite LBC tutorial, one that best reflects the logic of your design? Otherwise I will continue to poke around.

Find And Run Robot / two-line toolbar for FARR?
« on: November 11, 2015, 09:07 PM »
The toolbar in FARR is the only launcher I can put up with. It's the best. Any way to double-decker it? Two rows of icons? Otherwise I'll just have to extend the FARR window across both my monitors.

Hi mouser,

I love FARR. Any time I stray, I return.
Great balance between fewest steps to invoke (hit Pause key) power, usability.
Coolest sound (22305_zeuss_CLUBkong_off_bss).
Toolbar also has a great balance between power and usability. No, it doesn't do that much, but it does it very elegantly.

Ok, some Toolbar usability requests. I understand some are fussy, but it's just because I already find the toolbar so useful, so saving a click here and there is wothwhile to me:
  . I'd love the Toobar to be multiline so I could load it up with even more than the 33 I now use
    . but then I'd like it not to refresh icon by icon; it always panics me, irrationally, that FARR is going to crash before the refresh finishes
    . and I'd like the toolbar config dialog to be sizable so I could make it higher since I have so many entries
      . and add drag and drop in addition to the up/down arrows
  . add optional execute-on-hover to emulate a single click after a configurable hover time
  . enter toolbar config dialog on double-click of empty area in toolbar

I also love Aliases, of course, but that's for 2015!


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