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By the way Michael, you can call me an "anonymous troll" in an attempt to discredit me all you want, but I truly believe the posts of you, Merida, and Mattphoes (linked to in my OP) speak for themselves.

Do you really believe, that I am that schizophrenic to even mail between "my own" accounts?
-BartelsMedia (April 20, 2011, 03:58 AM)

Why not? That would take 5 seconds to accomplish and it would allow you to use it as "proof" if someone were to call you out like I did, like you are now.

This must not be. Boy, we patented it!

I visit a lot of forums and I haven't come across anyone who uses bolding and italics as much and, with all due respect, as awkwardly as you do. Much less three users on the same forum who all share so many other things in common [see my list above in my OP], namely a seemingly extremely vested interested in PhraseExpress while at the same time having disdain for any other product.

I apologize in the name of hundreds of Indian, Italian and French forum participators for the lack of our English skills as it is not our native language. Perhaps you can help us to improve our English if you wish to contribute something actually useful.

No need to apologize for your lack of English skills, I'll give credit where credit is due and commend you for being able to speak English so well for it not being your native language (I hear it's one of the toughest to learn), and for being able to speak\read\write in at least two languages. I am only able to speak one language myself.

Again tho, in and of itself that is not the issue. It's just one more thing out of many things in common (and very few things you don't have in common) with those other users I mentioned.

Now, as you seem to be an established DC member, would you please tell us the reason why you don't post with your real DC account but use a dummy account for that?

Reread the first paragraph of my OP, please.

And as you seem to be very alert about our product for whatever interesting reason and as you obviously invested so much time in your very elaborated research, please tell us about your motivation (as in "Qui Bono?") why you try to hurt us in such sophisticated way?

It's hard not to be "alert"  with you and the other users I mentioned constantly promoting your software and trashing others in an aggressive, irritating, off-putting manner here. And from reading the posts from others in this thread and other threads before it in which you've participated, evidently I'm not the only one who's familiar with you and who has been turned off by you, and also I'm not the only one who suspects that Mattphoes and Merida and maybe others are controlled by you or your company (see here, here, here, and here for example)

Also I didn't invest "so much time" and "elaborate research" wasn't required either. All it took was for me to read the first couple of posts of Mattphoes in the thread I pointed to in my OP and immediately a bunch of red flags went up in my head and I saw the stark similarities. By the second post Mattphoes had already named three programs as being "way too buggy", "slow", and "limited", while just a day after asking for suggestions naming PhraseExpress as an "awesome" program that delivered "everything you could imagine".

After finishing the thread I had remembered another user here striking me in a similar way a year or so back and after a quick search I found the user again ("Merida"). After skimming over both users' posts there was no question they were all controlled by one entity: you\your company.

My motivation is simple; I don't like bullies. My intention is not to hurt you, it is to let you know that I'm on to your game and I want your bullying not to mention deceitful and abrasive behavior to stop. Once more, evidently I'm not the only one who feels this way either.

And do you really find it acceptable to bash the victim when he makes a statement and provide evidence against the false claim?

You haven't provided any evidence.

What I wonder that some visitors here debate my tone in great extend while having any slightest problem with the tone/accusations of the original poster at all. Stunning!

Maybe it's because many of them agree with me, Michael.

Hello everyone, long time lurker here who's enjoyed reading your posts for a while now. I haven't visited in a few weeks but upon returning today I came across this thread and, after keeping my mouth shut in the past, felt I had to finally had to register an account and say something.

The users Mattphoes (the OP of the thread I linked to), Merida, and BartelsMedia \ PhraseExpress \ Michael are all the same person. Just skim over a few of each of their posts and it's pretty clear. All three users:

1. Made a post about PhraseExpress immediately after registering, and then all but BartelsMedia disappeared just days afterwards.

2. Make ample use of bold and italicized text.

3. Are quite rude, obnoxious, and snarky.

4. Really, really love and defend PhraseExpres with an odd fervor that you would expect from the parent of a child, and not from a legitimate, non-affiliated user of a piece of software.

5. Seem to enjoy trashing software that competes with PhraseExpress as evidenced by remarks like "slow", "buggy", "copycat", "stealing", "shipwrecks", "idiot", "vomit" et cetera when talking about a competing program, all while going on and on about how "awesome" PhraseExpress is.

6. English seems to be a secondary language for all three users.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that all three "different" users are the same person, even though they claim otherwise. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this either, as you can see by reading some of the relevant threads.

I find this behavior disgusting and deplorable, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more accounts here controlled and operated by Bartels Media. While I know it's unlikely, I sincerely hope that the moderators consider banning them. Enough is enough, and by letting this behavior continue I think we're rewarding it when we shouldn't be.

tl;dr; the PhraseExpress people are rude, obnoxious, and the company uses low, dirty, and often "anonymous" tactics not only here but apparently elsewhere as well (Google is your friend) to attempt to damage the reputation of their competitors while at the same time promoting their own product as a perfect, amazing, fantastically awesome and superior alternative.

Even that were true and I were in the market for this type of software, you couldn't pay me to do business with these people.

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