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    > If you don't have the time to really document the app, perhaps you could just be a little more judicious in your default settings. Turn off as much of the "gee-whiz" as possible by default. Let your users get used to the basic features. Then, IF THEY WANT TO, they can track down and enable the more "out-there" kind of stuff.

       I already release new update 3.18....So, I've added options to disable what you do not like..... see Tools->Options->Notifications->... and see Tools->Options->General->Use Mouse Gesture On Item Saving....
       Now I have some spare time and I will use it to write the proper manual.... ;)

    > BTW - I still can't quite figure out how or why you'd "execute" an item. :-[

       May be it's not obvious but you can store your URL bookmarks here and effectively use them....  Set Link type for those items and they are ready to be used as bookmarks for quick launching.....    Just select the items you want to browse in outline or in the Navigator (they are grouped by context there).... and press F9 to launch them....

    >And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an option to disable those balloon tips!  :D

       Already done! :O)



    Vadim, I can see you have a lot of creativity and good ideas. Tao Notes shows a lot of promise. But I fear you've thrown the baby out with the bathwater in your app's UI design. We're all used to certain conventions in the UI of an application. It's OK to break those expectations once in a while, if there's a definite benefit. But Tao Notes breaks so many of them, and in such unexpected ways, that it becomes inscrutable. Yes, it's faster to mouse over a part of the screen to close a window rather than clicking a small X box or a button, but it's also easier to do this accidentally and interrupt your workflow. And the first few times it happens, the user gets hit with a "what just happened?" experience where it looks like the data they were working on just vanished.

    Haha!  I know exactly what you're talking about.  That one little strip on the side of the dialog where if the mouse hovers over, the dialog automatically closes.  That's exactly the reaction I had the first couple of times.  I'm like "what the heck did I just do?!"  Too funny.

    Actually there is option to turn this mouse gesture off.... but because it is not documented... it's really hard to figure out how to use it :O)   Tools->Options->General->Use Mouse Gesture On Item Saving


    > 1. You can't get rid of the standard databases "todos" and "clips" or even rename them. The program keeps rebuilding them. There are just some weird gaps in file handling in general - creating & managing tabs is a bit difficult and inconsistent.

    Keeping todos and clips notebooks is a plot, indeed.... Todos is used to be opened as first notebook always... may be it was bad idea... do not know..... clips are used as "internal clipboard" for items copy-from-one-notebook and paste-into-another notebook.... it is not conventient way I know... I will redone this....

    > 2. The balloon tips! Please make them stop! "I have saved my file again!" "An hour has gone by!" It's like having a 3-year-old hyped up on cola and candy bars living in my system tray. Looked and looked for an option to configure or just disable these, but no such luck.

     I will add option for that :O)

    > 3. In the list view, you can change some attributes directly by clicking on them (priority, flag, progress, label) but others just bring you to the editing form. For example, click on "context" and you're suddenly in the editing form - but you're not on the right tab to set the context! So just by looking at what comes up, you can't really see where the information you requested/wanted to enter is supposed to go.

    That's my development incompleteness in implementing proper attributes editors for those attributes.... thank you that you pointed on them.... I will improve this soon...

    > If you don't have the time to really document the app, perhaps you could just be a little more judicious in your default settings. Turn off as much of the "gee-whiz" as possible by default. Let your users get used to the basic features. Then, IF THEY WANT TO, they can track down and enable the more "out-there" kind of stuff.

        OK. Right now I am writing manual + I will add more options + will disable advanced features by default...

    > BTW - I still can't quite figure out how or why you'd "execute" an item. embarassed

       If item has type LINK and URL attribute is real URL of file path then you can "EXECUTE" it... i.e. LAUNCH browser....

       If item has type EMAIL and URL attribute is real email address then you can "EXECUTE" it... i.e. LAUNCH email client....

    > And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an option to disable those balloon tips!  cheesy

       no problem with this  :O) Today I will do that :O)


    >Vadim - I absolutely disagree about the web capture stuff. 

    Here I do not understand completely with what you absolutely disagree?
    If you wish to capture the whole page…. It’s your decision….. you know the minuses, you know the pluses….

    I said only that in MOST of cases it enough to save only text (NOT ALL THE CASES)…..

    The text is UNIVERSAL and MORE COMPACT way to translate information….. even without pictures it’s describes perfectly the KNOWLEDGE….  Moreover HTML page is polluted with advertisement and Flash video now more and more…. Plus non-proper formatting could be applied sometimes……

    I can compare this to recording TV show with all advertisement it has….. it’s your right to record all the show without the pauses…. But actually it’s information noise….

    >I am very visual and mentally "key" off of the look and information. 

    It’s normal…. It’s your vision…. You can save the formatted text all the time, I do not argue with you…. But it’s will be your own choice….

    >If I write a note on a piece of paper, I remember the size and color of the paper. I usually remember the orientation and position of the text. 

    Absolutely right!!!

    Perfect illustration what I what to escape offering to save in plain text….. if YOU write!!!!

    That one who wrote this web page or web site….. has DIFFERENT vision how to do that…. How to style it… You DO NOT HAVE TO COPY HIS STYLE of writing…. There is your way!!! After saving filtered text YOU can apply formatting emphasizing main things and highlighting something….. you can choose color and size THEN after saving!!! You can set label and flag also…..

    It’s known fact that YOU BETTER learn (the ability to remember) new note…. Not just rewriting it…. But paraphrasing it or arranging it in YOUR OWN WAY…. Simple copying is the worst way to remember it actually….. there are test results over there….

    >In the same way, when I capture a web page, I want to capture the way it looks, not just the text.  Heck sometimes the graphics are part of the information.

    Yes, sometimes. In most cases there are not relevant….


    About web-capturing…

    I think that in MOST cases the HTML formatting and images should be removed…. They give no additional information… just waste of space on your hard disk….. The preferable method for web-clipping is taking plain text…. It works like filtering…. Gives standard text presentation (no Zoo of different styles)…. Gives better information comprehension….. it’s stated by tests….
    That’s why TaoNotes uses plain text for Web-Clipping…. Though it’s able to store HTML also…… (w/o embedded images)…..

    Clipping in one-fashioned way lets easily reuse info-clips in your own “notes-stream”….. as I mentioned above TaoNotes generates HTML output on the base of provided outline structure….


    About discovering to-do manager in note-taker…..

    I think it’s natural that you can place note and you can place to-do here…. You can set it by type of item (note or to-do)….  Moreover I believe you can convert note into to-do if you will set priority or status (in progress, etc) for this note…..

    When you wrote some brief notes for yourself (planning your day for example)….. you can view all your items you’re entering as notes…. Just notes…. But then you realize that some of them are tasks you HAVE to do….. and you wish to mark them as a TASKS/TODOS! Why not! Some of notes remain just notes….. it could be reference info, you attitude to something, you ideas (idea is not equal to todo)…. Your comments to notes or to-dos….

    That’s why TaoNotes provides mechanisms to convert notes into tasks by setting Status and Priority….

    If we will take “pure” to-do manager it consider all things as tasks….. if we will take note-taker it has lack of support for to-do management….. but I believe people need both things at the same time…..

    After splitting todos,  notes and reference info you can easily operate on it… the info you working with become more structural….. you can track your tasks on one hand, see and easily reach your notes and reuse reference info (like URL bookmarks, the same google seaches)  on the regular basis….

       So, TaoNotes offer the scheme NOTES->TASKS + NOTES->REFERENCES

       Let’s take Surfulator or Evernote or OneNote…. Do they offer this? No…. no way for task management….

       Why? I have statistics…. I think it’s suitable for most people…… 90% of their notes is SHORT (tasks, reference info). 10% is long enough (web-capturing, etc)….. 90:10….. this may vary…… But does the mentioned programs designed to work with small notes? Like “todo thing #1”, “” etc….  I think that working with small information chunk is not effective there…..

       Your thoughts?


    >I tried Taonotes again.  I am truly sorry to say this, but I have never seen a piece of software more desperately in need of a good technical writer, and I see a LOT of software.

    Thomthowolf, you’re right…. As a developer I understand that too…. But on one hand I can not find time enough to set up this side of product development (actually I wrote TaoNotes project in my spare time, I have another full time job)… and constant time limitations is me big enemy… basically, I have time for programming/general management only…. I constantly delay the writing of a good manual, for instance… I know it’s too bad…. But I can not do that too much in this direction so far…. The shareware project is unprofitable….
    On other hand, may be I have no “system view” how to present my software right…. (you’re talking about in this thread)…
    >Vadim, if you read this, then please don't be offended,

    I’ve read this. Absolutely not! :O) Contrary, you words give me the direction to work :O)

    >but if you want to get people to use your software in place of the variety of competing products,

    I really want to bit the variety of competing products :O) … no doubts…. :O)

    >you need to do at least these 2 things:
    >1. Scrap your sample data completely.  It only serves to make the interface look too busy.

    Good advice. I will use it for sure.

    >2.  Decide what the software wants to be when it grows up.  What I mean is, your users cannot effectively decide on whether to >use your software if they don't know what it is for.

    >You need to decide what one thing the software does better than anything else, and use that feature, and ONLY that feature, to >ease the user into using it.

    It’s hard to determine what this feature will be… :O)

    > Take another look at the (admittedly annoying) flash introduction to Evernote, for example.

    Never seen it…

    >  If Taonotes could introduce itself >that way on first start as, for example, a note taker, then your potential users will be delighted to discover  later on that it also >works as a PIM, and still later that it will walk your dog or whatever.

    Practical approach….. As an author I wish people understand all use of software at once :O) especially not providing good manual :O))….. but for sure the approach you’re proposing in better….. firstly take it as a note-taker, then as a to-do manager, then as a bookmark manager, then as a search manager, then as a technical writer’s tool, etc…. I like this….

    >I am certain that I could find some use for this software, `but is is just too hard to decide where to start.

    The proper manual should help here, I think…. Site content should help (it does not)…
    >Sorry for the rant, but documentation is a subject that matters, and does not get enough attention. 

    I know, I know…… I will try to do something in this field in the nearest future (my favorite phrase for the last year :O)….

              But, Thomthowolf,  let’s consider TaoNotes from another side…… You wrote you’re technical writer…. I develop TaoNotes with the user like you in mind…. The application itself is suitable for technical writing….. I use it for relatively short writings myself…. It gives you well results enough it seems…..

         As you’ve downloaded the application give it a second (third !!! :O) chance…. I will try to explain here how to use it in a few words….. try to write small instruction you’re used to do in TaoNotes for example….

        Create new notebook File->New….   It will be empty….  Then choose Insert->Composite Item->Extended Project command…. It will insert a small project outline into notebook…. Then choose the first (top) outline item (called ‘Project’)…. Then choose Publish->Publish items With Children….. All your notes in this outline branch will be rendered to HTML page and shown in the external browser….. (or you can import it to MS Word)….
        You can see the notes on different levels have different styles applied…. So, you have an idea….. you can set up the formatting….. just building outline….  To say more: applying labels to items you can get different formatting and images inserted for typical cases (tip, note, attention, information, pro, con, etc….)….
       It’s much faster to rearrange chapters, paragraphs in the outline than in MS Word, for instance…. But my point of view could be subjective here :O)


       WE NEED A TEST RULES...   

       As the discussion goes here (and I saw the discuusions in the other forums) I can suggest a test rules.... To understand better what application is better we need to test them by same criteria (test points)..... Anyone could suggest these points to test.... then we can build a whole test.... then run it on different applications to see how good they are.... What about it?

       All these words (Speed, Flexibility, Interoperability, Portability / shareability / synchronizability).... are just words.... they can not be used as a judge criteria.... I believe it's better to provide real-life, frequently used tasks to understand what is good and what is bad in particular application....

       Personally I am the author of TaoNotes and I want it to be tested as well.....


    General Software Discussion / Re: Taonotes (weird software!)
    « on: May 25, 2006, 10:45 PM »
        And I want to reply to superboyac...

        You're right.... TaoNotes is note-taker... and TaoNotes is doto manager too!... I can say more it's perfect bookmark manager also.... more over it can be used as outliner-document tool for writer -> it produces nice rich-formatted output on the basis of outline provided...

        But comparison with EccoPro is incorrect a bit.... EP is full-featured PIM... it has contacts and calendar..... TaoNotes does not..... They only planed in the future versions...

        You called it "weird".... the main reason of misunderstanding here.... is the absence of good manual I think..... if you could have a good manual you have a chance to understand it's power and strengths....

        Vadim, the author

    >I went on the forums and it seems like it's some kind of notetaking application, but not really.  I see an outliner and a notes section in the software, but it really doesn't function like a notetaking software.  And it's comapred to MyLife Organized, which I reviewed here in another thread, so I guess that means that Taonotes is also used to create an interactive ToDO list.  I see how that works in the program, because you can check and uncheck things as being completed.

    General Software Discussion / Re: Taonotes (weird software!)
    « on: May 25, 2006, 10:10 PM »
       I want to reply to nevf!

       To make things the clearer I must notice here that nevf is the author of another note-taking program (in another words - the competitor to my TaoNotes application).... I think he's post is characterized him as a person well enough...

       I think I can reveal the "advice"  he gave to me then.... it's about "to stop distributing freeware version of TaoNotes".... because it's decreases the sales of our shareware products.... right nevf?

       I said in reply that "I will thought on that subject".... and next day I abandoned the development of freeware version.... That's the truth I abandoned freeware development on version 1.68....

       But on other hand the "link popularity" of the my project decreased after that.... So I'm thinking again on releasing freeware version anew.... may be that would be smart.....

       Regards, Vadim Schetinkin
       TaoNotes author,

       PS: I've changed the name to TaoNotes 2006 (without "3D" appendix)... just FYI...

    Posted by: nevf
    Insert Quote
    TaoNotes 3D has to be one of the most cluttered apps I've ever seen. I did try to engage the author a while back and offered advice I thought should prove useful. I did get a reply, but I have noticed any action on his part. And what's with the 3D bit!

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