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Count me in for:-

* Help plan and design an application
* Help Authoring
* Create Screencast Video
* Create DCUpdater File
* Beta Testers
* Text reviewer / editor

Living Room / Re: Amazon's Kindle eBook Reader
« on: July 08, 2010, 08:11 PM »
The Kindle does read PDF files and with the latest version of the OS (for want of a better phrase) that was pushed out recently, does a decent job of rendering the PDF files.  Kindle 2.5 also includes some rudimentary organization tools that allow the user to create collections that books can be copied to.


Mircryption / Re: Mircryption Xchat on Ubuntu 10.04 x64
« on: June 12, 2010, 09:02 PM »
Xchat looks like it installs from the "Ubuntu Software Center" on the main menu.  This is way easier than the compiled installations and should work out of the box on Ubuntu.


Interesting timing on this topic.  I use both Windows and Linux on a daily basis and just received an email from Ultra Edit for their UEX (Ultra Edit for Linux) software.  I already own a lifetime license for the Windows editor and was shocked to see that the cost for a lifetime license for UEX was $179.95.  This has left me to make a decision of using regular gedit (which does most of what I need), or to fork out a lot of money for a product I have grown comfortable with for over 10 years.  Given todays economy, this is not a simple decision anymore.


I am running Ubuntu 9.04 (64 bit edition) with NVIDIA video card and Wine V1.0.1 and have just tested Instant Boss.  It *seems* fine with no problems after a minimize/restore.

I am not a hardcore Linux user, but will work with you to try and solve this issue.

As an aside, I Googled "Instant Boss", not realizing it was a DC-developed app, and found a site called INSTANTBOSS.ORG.  This has a link at the bottom that took me to  another Billy Mays RIP site where I had an ADHD moment (or twenty) and pressed the big brown button to hear Billy Mays famous quotes.  It was after a few minutes that I concluded this was not the app you were trying to run and returned to my Google results and found App's app.

Anyway feel free to shoot me any questions you may have.  Gotta go, App's Instant Boss app is informing me it is time for me to take a break!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have used both Ubuntu and Mint, and while I prefer the aesthetics of Mint I still use the Ubuntu 64 bit edition which allows me to use more RAM in order to run VMWare to access my office for remote support.  64 bit Mint is usually a step behind the Ubuntu release schedule.  Regardless, it is great to see more people trying out Linux these days.

I have used several external HDDs (Maxtor, Western Digital etc.), but my favorite is a small-sized 100 Gb Seagate (Model ST90000U2).  It uses a USB connector and is *very* quiet.


LaunchBar Commander / How to recover a lost configuration
« on: January 13, 2007, 12:02 PM »

How do I recover a painstakingly crafted LBC configuration that seems to be lost.  When I start I get a "There are no LaunchBars/Docks or Tray Menus currently visible in the configuration file" message.  I can see a bunch of files in the LBC directory, but don't know how to put the pieces back together.

I saw a previous post where you suggested taking backups.  Is that documented anywhere?

Your help is appreciated,


Thanks for the prize.  Since discovering DC a couple of months ago it has become one of my "check every day" sites.

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