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General Software Discussion / Re: Text editor with filtering of lines
« on: December 01, 2009, 11:49 PM »
What about PSPads Search - List function? It lists all hits and let's you quickly edit the line you select in the main window...

Ove B-)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Move Start button and Systray
« on: September 24, 2009, 02:37 AM »

I have moved my taskbar from bottom of screen to the left edge of screen so that I could have more programs open. When the taskbar is at the bottom I soon get the two scroll buttons:-(

But it's a bit hard to get used to having the start button at the top left corner so an app that would allow me to:
- Specify location of the start button: top or bottom
- Specify location of the systray: top or bottom
- Specify location of the taskbar buttons: top or bottom (new buttons apper at top or bottom

Ove B-)

Finished Programs / Re: SubDude, a subtitle renaming program
« on: January 20, 2009, 02:12 PM »
A great program. It would save me a lot of work if I could get it to work.

My files looks like this:
The O C Season 1 Episode 07 The Escape -Tvep.avi

I guess it can be solved by editing the regexp in the inifile, so I hope some regexp expert could help me out...

EDIT: The download link did  not work, but I found it at:

Best regards
Ove B-)

Great Idea skywalka, and a great program skrommel.

One suggestion: Is it possible to show the tooltip at the cursor and not by the mouse?

When copying and pasting I tend to move the mouse out of the way => the tooltips pops up far from where my focus is.

But It's by far the best clip'n paste app I found :Thmbsup:

Ove B-)

Tip for some other functions:
1. When you have copied a file/files, running the app will paste only the filename/filenames (with full path)
2. Make possible to run the app => Removes formatting, pastes the text and exits. => You could place a shortcut to the app on your desktop and assign it a hotkey: CTRL-ALT-V for instance.

The hints are stolen from a RemoveClipboardformatting app that I does not remember where I got:-(

Ove B-)

Can't seem to get + in email addresses to work.
Is it dependent on what type of SMTP server you are using?

Hmm, it worked to my gmail... I'll be checking.

Well, though not recommended, there are other officially valid characters according to the RFC's than + and -

<offtopic>I never knew about how useful + is in email addresses until recently, you can use it to tag mail addresses which nevertheless go into the same mailbox, e.g. [email protected].com and [email protected] both get delivered to the same box ([email protected]) but allows you to distinguish / filter them</offtopic>

Find And Run Robot / Re: Win - R and short shortcuts
« on: January 15, 2006, 02:01 PM »
I tried the "launch first result on hitting enter" And it does the trick:-)
But I'm a sysadmin and find it a bit less intrusive to put my shortcuts on customers computers than installing FaRR.
And besides I find vb-script a bit more understandable than regexp...

What I'd love to find is a (non intrusive:-)) run box extender/replacer that keeps a better histrory than ms' run box.

I'm using my shortcuts always. I have minimal of icons on my desktop. No quicklaunch. And I get the itches when people wades thru their startmenue:-)

I would guess that I'd have to look up about 10-15% of my 260 shortcuts. I find it very easy to remember since I tend to use first letter in each word: cp-control panel, ev-event viewer, md-my documents, pf-program files. I've got tons of terminalserver shortcuts. I would guess that I use my shortcuts to launch my applications in 95% of the time.
I find that command line parameters and clipboard manipulating makes it very useful.

Ove B-)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Win - R and short shortcuts
« on: January 15, 2006, 06:15 AM »
Hmm, it turned out I didn't have the latest version with group aliases....

Have imported the alias2.ini file and tried it a little and I find it a bit over the top for my needs.
(Not that my vbscripts is less geeky:))

When I do a search on the web I almost allways use google, so the extra step by choosing from the result list is for my part unwanted.
If I for a change wanted to use alltheweb instead I probably make an atw shortcut...

Here is the list of shortcuts and a brief explanation(taken from win-r hlp)
The remaining 200 or so shortcuts is for my use only or in norwegian(lookup norwegian phonenumbers etc)
One of the most used one is the "e" shortcut.
Shortcut "is" opens one of my access applications.
Shortcut "e is" opens explorer with root on the folder of the access application

ar        - Sysinternals Autoruns - Shows what programs that runs at startup
c         - Calculator
cf        - Removes formatting form clipboard/Pastes full path of copied file
cls       - Clear Screen(Show desktop)
cm        - Computer management
copymsgbox- Tool that lets you copy text out of messageboxes(Opens in systray)
cp        - Opens Control Panel
dat       - Tool to open those pesky .dat attachments. (Copy full path to clipboard before running dat)
dc        - Disconnecter terminal session
dic       - Lookup word in dictionary: dic intermitted
dq        - Deqoute - adds/removes qoutes in delphi code
e         - Opens folder in shortcuts Start in field. Example: e ts
ev        - Event viewer
eventid   - Opens IE with
f         - Finds ShortCuts based on description in the comments field on the shortcut
FileExt   - Lookup Fileextentions. Example: FileExt vbs
fnd       - Finds ShortCuts based on description in the comments field on the shortcut
ggt       - Groups Google This; Run: ggt searchword1 searchword2 ... To searhc in Google groups(Usenet)
ggta      - Groups Google This Access-groups
gmc       - Gmail compose
go        - Opens IE with URL in Clipboard
gt        - Google This; Run: gt searchword1 searchword2 ... to search in google
h         - Lists all shortcuts with their description
h2t       - Changes Clipboard HTML to TXT
hhtml     - HTML helpfile
hlp       - Lists all shortcuts with their description
hosts     - Edit host-file
hsql      - SQL Helpfile
hvbscript - VBScript helpfile
hwsh      - Helpfile for windows scripting host(wsh, vbs)
ie        - Opens internet explorer with given URL. Example: ie
iyt       - - Playing chess?
lex       - Wikipedia - free but very good lexicon
lo        - Log off
mag       - Opens Maginfier
md        - Explorer rooted in My Documents
msp       - Opens MS Paint
new       - Explorer rooted in this folder to make it easy to add new shortcuts
np        - Metapad  an excellent notepad replacement
ns        - net send message to user: ns 
o         - Opens folder in shortcuts Start in field. Example: o ts
odbc      - Opens Data Sources(ODBC)
pf        - Explorer rooted on Program Files
ps        - Process explorer from sysinternals a superior Task Manager
pwd       - Excellent password database
r         - Regedit registry
rc        - Run clipboard - Run command/Open path that is stored in clipboard
rd        - Remote Desktop Connection TS terminal server
rft       - Register filetype in XP
rj        - Registry Jump - Copy path to clipboard and run rj
scn       -
serv      - Start and stop services.
ss        - ZDNet Downloads(former softseek)
td        - Copies diff between to times to clipboard
tdd       - Shows diff between times: tdd 845 950 1100 1234
tlf       - Search in norwegian white pages: tlf Ove Halseth
ts        - Remote Desktop Connection TS terminal server
tss       - Lager hotspot til nåværende TS session oppe i venstre hjørne
url       - Starts IE with shortcut found in URL folder in Favorites\Links
wis       - Lookup word in dictionary: dic intermitted
wp        - Wordpad
zipoff    - Turn off XP's search in zip-folders
zipon     - Turn on XP's search in zip-folders
Ove B-)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Win - R and short shortcuts
« on: January 14, 2006, 06:42 PM »
Yes, I have tried Farr and it's by far the best launcher I have tried, but I must be missing something.
How do I get Farr to accept commandline parameters?
Like if I would like to search google for "find and run robot" I'll win-r gt find and run robot
Tried to add my shortcuts to farr, but I have not found any way to make it accept parameters...

Best regards

Find And Run Robot / Win - R and short shortcuts
« on: January 14, 2006, 03:49 PM »
Might be easier to set up with FaRR?
But for the idea behind, check out "Wis Shortcuts" at

Best regards

Extract from the ReadMe:
I've been "preaching" for my shortcuts to everyone who would lend me an ear.
So if you are reading this without me bending your arm behind your back I'm very happy:-)
And if you have any hint, suggestions or improvements I would be very happy to hear from you.

Approx 3 years ago I found the description of how to execute shortcuts by adding their path
to the Path system variable.(Main idea taken from http://www.virtualpl...isc_cut.html#special)
Since then I have collected over 260 shortcuts!
Most of them very special and only useful for me, but here I have extracted the most useful one
and the ones that are most portable to other computers.
The highlights of my shortcuts:
gt <search term> - Google This; Opens google searching for <search term>
ggt <search term> - Groups Google This, same as above but opens
go (clipboard) - Runs what ever you have in clipboard. Example: Copy an url to clipboard and
   win-r go and you will open Internet Explorer at the url in your clipboard
   Example 2: If you have the full path to an excel document, then just win-R go to open the
ie <url> - opens Internet Explorer at the given url
lex <search term> - Opens wikipedia searching for <search term>
pf - opens Program Files folder
rj (clipboard) - Opens regedit with focus on the reg-key in clipboard

In the package I have added a few of my everyday tools, all(as far as I know) is freeware.
The tools is not my creation and if you find that they should not be in the package let me know
and I'll remove them.(Later I might add credit and reference to the respective homepages...)
I guess some of the tools will be outdated in a few months(especialy the sysinternals tools
that is updated regularly) and I strongly advise you to update the tools every now and then.

It works by adding the path to where the shortcuts are to the system path variable.
The system path variable tells the system where to look for programs that you try to run from
Win-R or Command Prompt

- If you can't remember the shortcut just Win-R find google  => you will get a list of shortcuts
  that contains the word google.
- To create new shortcuts right click the exe/shortcut/folder and choose "Send To" - "Wis Shortcuts"
  You will then be asked for Name and Description.
- If you want a kickstart in using the shortcuts I recommends that you hide your Quick launch
  icons and print the Win-R hlp page.
- Create a shortcut to Shortcut\Tools\RemoveClipboardFormatting.exe on your desktop and set the
  "Shortcut Key" to CTRL-ALT-V. Then if you want to copy the full path of a file, all you have to
  do is mark the file in Explorer, press CTRL-C(copy) and CTRL-ALT-V to paste the filename with
  full path.

Cheat Sheeter / Re: New Program Idea: Cheat Sheeter
« on: January 14, 2006, 03:38 PM »
sounds cool ovehal, i look forward to hearing more about your system;
sounds like the kind of things that it might be useful to implement in find+run robot.

Ridiculous late answer, but I should just make it a little better and just translate it and just...:-)
Anyway check out Wis Shortcut at:

Best regards

General Software Discussion / Configurable client/server ping program
« on: November 17, 2005, 05:09 PM »
I administer several firewalls and would like a simple client server program where I could set up the server app to listen on a selected port. And then "ping" it with the client from outside the firewall to check that the firewall is configured ok.

I'm quite sure that such a program exists out there but I'm not using the right search words I guess....

I'm not looking for a advanced network monitoring/analyzing software just a small client server test app.


Post New Requests Here / Alt-Tab with mouse
« on: November 15, 2005, 02:40 PM »
I was very exited a while ago when I bougth my Intellimouse, because it should do alt-tab.
I does but it's not fully functional. One click on the mouse wheel = one alt-tab. So it's only usable to switch back and forth between two windows.

What I would like is a fully functional alt-tab from the mouse.

1) Click, hold and scroll the wheel button to switch to the desired application.
2) Right click hold and left click to alt-tab thru the windows. Left click hold and right click to alt-shift-tab thru the windows.
3) The same as 2 but configurable for mouse with several buttons.

And so for a alt-tab hint that it can't believe it have taken me so many years to discover.

If your dragging a file from one window to another. Earlier I would have done it in one of two ways.
1) Keep both windows visible on screen.
2) Drag the file over the sys. toolbar button and hold it there until the window comes up front.

Now I just start dragging and while dragging I just alt-tab to the right window.
Was this old news to everybody? (If so don't let me know:-))

Not quite what I'm looking for. I've already got a entry on the right click menu that let me open any file as a text file: "Open txt-file". I can post a .reg file for the entry if you like....
The problem with that metod is that you can't spesify the order in the menu. So I have to press menu button(I've got anti mouse mania...) and use arrow down 2-5 times to find the Open txt-file menu item. Just hitting CTRL - Enter would be so much sleeker.

Ove B-)

Cheat Sheeter / Re: New Program Idea: Cheat Sheeter
« on: June 08, 2005, 07:02 PM »
I've got this solved with shortcuts and the WinKey - R shortcut.
It allows me to do WK-R ie Enter to open internet explorer with
Or the most used one WK-R gt <search term> Enter to google for the <search term>(gt = Google This)

If I forget what the shortcut is I have made two scripts to look it up:
WK-R find <program> Enter: Lists shortcuts for <program>
WK-R hlp (Help is taken by windows...) Opens ie with a list over all the shortcuts with description.
I've got tons of neat shortcuts and vbscripts, current shortcut count is 220.

The best thing is that adding a new shortcut is as simple as creating a shortcut in a predefined folder.

I'll polish my shortcuts and scripts and zip it and post it here in a more decent hour, now I'm heading off to bed.

WK-R lo   (log off ;))

Ove B-)

What I often do is open many different files as text files(htm, vbs, log...) while keeping their primary association.

So what I do now is navigate to the file press the menu button(or right click) and arrow down in the context menu to "open text-file"

How I wish it would be:

Navigate the to the file, hold down CTRL and press enter/doubleclick the file to open it in alternate editor/application.
Would be nice to be able to specify a default second editor and a second editor for specific file extentions.

Example: Default second editor is set to notepad.exe, for .htm second editor is dreamweaver(primary is frontpage)
=> CTRL - doubleclick on .log, .vbs, .wsh or files with no extention opens file in notepad, while CTRL-doubleclick on .htm file opens the file in dreamweaver.

Hope someone with knowledge in shellextentions looks upon this as a snack:-)

Best regards
Ove B-)

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