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Timns Apps / Re: Auspex Build uploaded
« on: February 27, 2011, 04:33 AM »
Thanks for the portable mode. You should add that

-inifile t:\portable\auspex

also supports relative path, so for example

-inifile Settings

will use ini from in Auspex's Settings subdir.

That was fast, thanks! Looking forward to it!

I just tried Auspex and I liked what I saw, congrats!

Any chance of a portable version? As I see only the setting files are added to the system, those could be easily migrated to the program directory I guess. A switch would also do (e.g. Auspex.exe /settingsdir=./Settings or just Settings).


It seems to do the job well, thanks!

On my lappy I noticed some weird things but neither of them are present on another comp, so I guess it is not related to F2F. I'll report if I find something though.

Thanks again!

That was fast! Many thanks!

It works fine, but I might found two bugs:

1. (minor) After double-clicking on the exe, a shortcut is created even if "No" was selected. It's not logical to me but makes no harm after all.

2. If F2F is already in the system, running the exe again (without cmd params) will cause the application run in the background (no dialog is shown). But perhaps it is only on my comp.

(+ a very small request: how about "-u -s")?

Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the quick reply.

No, I just only wanted to include it in my own Assox config (see So when I run Assox I could install F2F without extra clicks.

I'm using a PowerPro context item to achieve the same effect but F2F seems more sophisticated.

Thanks for this great app Skwire!

Is there a command line switch to install it silently (like -u for uninstall)? If no, any chance to be? :)



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