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  • Tuesday January 19, 2021, 2:43 am
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The CMS is still a very far away idea for now...There is so much I gotta do with the toolbox first.
But these are good idea, if I ever get to that stage, I'll definitely implement the interlinking one (so easy to do, I wonder why it's not frequent), and I'll think about the analytics idea (although a plugin that uses some external API would probably be better-suited).
As a side-note, wordpress comes with "integrated" analytics of sort. It's a plugin, but you don't have to download it.

If I invested enough time to understand them, would that be time well spent?
No :)
Well, mostly no at least.
It would be time well spent to understand them if you intend to work on them. They aren't fit for use yet. probably filled with bugs, some functions left in TODO stage, etc.
Some of them are finished though: the colorhtml class, the image provider class, and the datatypes classes. But they lack docs.
they look professional, organized and complex
I take this as a compliment...Organized and complex, they are; professional I don't know. I have no idea of my level as a coder (I am self-taught). I *think* I am quite good, but I don't know. This is also why I would like input from peers.

@mouser: I was expecting this answer...Well I'll just have to hang on it seems

Thanks all for the answers!

Oh and of course the project is intended to be released under an open-source license, although I do not know yet which (MIT or BSD is most probable)

TL;DR: How can I get people to test and help with my stuff?

Hello, I am working on an open-source project. It's some sort of framework, but the idea is to create each component in a completely independent way. Not "loosely coupled" as Zend framework is, but completely and totally free from each other. Each components is one php file that you can drag and drop in any project.
My main reason for doing so is that I find a lot of frameworks are great, but are "too much". You don't really know what's happening behind the scenes, and when you try to get into the code, you get bounced from class to class, and you spend so much time mastering the code that I figured I might as well use that time to do something I like more and teach myself some more PHP.
So the project is divided in independent components that can be plugged in any PHP project, but share the same philosophy (event-driven, usage of hooks to modify behaviour without touching code, some sort of traits where applicable, access to all parameters, chainability...).
Thing is, as decoupled as the framework (I prefer to call it toolbox) is, it is getting way out of hand for one lone coder. I have five classes or so that are near finishing, but not quite yet. As of it's current state, it is not usable in production; but I am getting weary of working on my own and I fear all that work will go to waste if I don't find people to participate.
So I am calling out for help.

Anything will do. Checking it out and giving feedback, testing, and of course, contributing if you are interested. Simply pointing me in the right track to attract people would be great.

Some info so you have an idea of what I'm getting to:

A SQL query builder. Works like this:

Code: PHP [Select]
  1. echo QueryBuilder::getInstance('book')
  2.         ->select()
  3.         ->fields('name')
  4.         ->where('type=horror')
  5.         ->hasManyToOne('author')
  6.                 ->fields('id')
  7.                 ->related('id=book.authorId')
  8.         ->parent();
A class that attempts to "correct" PHP's behaviour with static inheritance; allows classes to merge static variables with parents variables, and stuff like that

A class that allows image resizing on the fly, either by calling a page, or better with a provided htaccess that redirects image calls to this class
A class that allows variables, nesting, etc in CSS files, aggregates them and (not yet) minifies them. Also works better with a htaccess file

A simple class that allows colors conversion and operations

A database abstraction class that uses PDO with automatic scaffolding and relation-finding (only if you enable it, like everything else in the toolbox, the "magic" is a choice)

A collection of datatypes to replace PHP's native ones; they allow for more object-oriented coding ($s = new StringData('a string'); $s->upperCase()), easy casting, and are thought to be subclassed and become fields handlers, with user error-checking, etc.

I have a huge amount of other classes, but those are the most "advanced", and they give a good insight of what I am aiming at.
Ultimately, I intend to build a (tighlty-coupled of course) CMS out of all those components, but not before they have been used on production sites (at least mine) for a while.
Any kind of comment would be appreciated.

Have a nice day!

I really weighted my options before posting here, but if this post does not belong in this forum, I apologize.

I have been following donationcoder for at least a year now, as a reader...But this has to be the single most interesting thread I read since I discovered forums; I had to participate as this is a subject that matters a lot to me.

I totally agree with everything mouser said. My ideas completely, only reframed and laid down with a clarity I would have trouble achieving.
But more or less, this is the point I have gotten to also: there is a problem. But I am completely at loss as how to address it.
I have been scratching my head for years: How would it be possible to create a realistic and sustainable business model for open-source (in a large sense, i.e. I include in the definition of 'open-source' images, music, movies...) that is NOT owned by corporations?
I have read many many ideas through out the years, but nothing ever convinced me. There are a exceptions (Braid, that open-source movie that made a bit of money, wordpress...), but even by studying the open-source success stories, I was unable to digg out a pattern.
So if anyone has pointers, ideas, theories, I would be happy to hear about them.
For a somewhat related discussion, I point you to the blog post of choiceofgames called "8 Ways to Make Money when You’re Banned from AdSense". I think the comments thread is interesting (I would have posted a url, but as this is my first post, I wouldn't want to fall under some anti-spam rule I do not know yet).

[edited for trying to make my text clearer - sorry, English is not my native language]

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