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I did some more testing of my "pasted images are too big" -- at fault were the default zoom of Word / Outlook. Once I reset them all to 100 the images displayed correctly.

FWIW I also munged the DPI settings in SC editor, and the resulting "pasted" images displayed appropriately (e.g. 96 default, 80 DPI was big, 120 DPI smaller), so the DPI settings are migrating through the clipboard correctly also.

+1 for this issue

Thanks for the update, mouser.

One thing:
I am a bit confused how to control what SSC copies to the clipboard. I found that the Shortcut CTRL+C works in a different way than using the menu item "Copy image/object to clipboard (CTRL+C)". Shouldn't they do the same?

Using the menu item created two kinds of bitmaps: "Device Independent Bitmap" and just "Bitmap" while CTRL+C creates just a "packet". To paste an image into e.g. an HTML mail I have to always use the menu.

And, additionally, it would be nice if we could set up, what and what not to copy to the clipboard. When both kinds of the above mentioned bitmaps are in the clipboard there's a default action when pasting and that's normally the Device Independent Bitmap, which resizes ugly in HTML mails or RTF pages. So there's always the need to first select which one to copy and choose just "Bitmap".

Hmm - don't see the "bug tracker" link anywhere on the site, so doing a +1 via the forums.

I also came up with a nice workaround, which requires Microsoft Word. Word can do vector based "AutoShapes" with rounded corners, plus gradient fills, which can then be pasted into the ScreenShot Captor editor.

See the attached document (embedded in a ZIP) for some examples. I've got red, yellow, green and blue in various sizes.

On a related note, it seems the ClipArt function doesn't handle vector based image formats :( It does handle .png with alpha channel though, so you can do a reasonable job of it that way


Screenshot Captor / Re: Screenshot Captor Splice Tool
« on: July 15, 2010, 11:32 AM »
Ok this was way, way too cool. I write tech docs on occasion, and typically the shots contain distracting cruft.

Not any more!!!  :eusa_dance:

 :-* --> Donated!

Also, the "External Tools" combined with ImageMagick allows for some really powerful editing options / workflow. ImageMagick is pretty much a kitchen sink of image processing, so most anything you need not already native to SSC can be easily dropped in!


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