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Living Room / Re: Has SEO ruined the web?
« on: September 28, 2010, 05:18 AM »
Yeah, Bing should work a bit on HTML optimization (by Google or Yahoo standards). YSpeed is great for optimizing websites (someone should tell Bing guys about that:)

Google and payed listings are gray area, they telling us one thing, and do something else... Fortune is that for now featured websites are marked, but what if they remove any distinction between payed and organic searches...? Then we are screwed  :D

Living Room / Re: Has SEO ruined the web?
« on: July 15, 2010, 09:58 PM »
  I just read the other day that Google just changed their algorithm.  The article also went on to say that they also manually changed the rankings for some reason.  I figure it's for the almighty $$$.  Move their paid advertisers rankings to the top to keep them happy and make more money.....

  I stopped using google years ago, and have been using Bing since it started up.  Only time I use google is if I need to do a HTTPS search......

Yeah, they change algorithm, precisely, they upgrade it. This stage of algorithm is now called "Google Caffeine".
I think they are trying to fix SEO problem in way that they will give more relevancy and trust to social media and websites mention on them, since you can't fix opinion of huge number of people like you could with bunch of scraper sites with the same content... Not genuine content is now penalized by Google....

Indeed, old SEO did partially ruin web with keyword stacking, content copying etc, but now when all is monitored by almighty Google, you can't evade "Google hell" if you make such stupid and useless mistakes.

Just create genuine website, with lots of useful resources and content, don't be afraid to post some links to other websites (link juice will not leak out :)) promote it by social medias and Google will love you  :D

The most amusing flick I've seen in awhile is District 9

Marrying the boss's daughter does have its perils.

Ou yeah, specially if daddy is some kind of capo di tutti capi :D

Btw, District 9 is great! Great photography, good acting and great special effects.
But somehow I expect that UFO, which fly over few galaxy, would be harder to destroy with simple normal rocket  :) 

Living Room / Re: boardgamegeek - all things boardgame site
« on: July 14, 2010, 03:01 AM »
Hey guys, you have some neat info for board games.
Just a little correction: 1000 Blank White Cards change their website, now its

Since Geocities is down, this one is not in use anymore:

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