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See for this at the bottom of following page:

Smirf German language page

For some reasons and e.g. maybe to get some testing results of other 10x8 activists I have decided to publish again an actual donationware version of the SMIRF GUI and its engine BC-176f-2 which also may by used by Winboard-F in combination to HGM's smirfoglot adapter.


Regards, R. Scharnagl

Thank you for those explicit answers.

Hmm ... will the data type  long long  then at least be supported there?

I made a very short test of this C++ by compiling an ANSI C program source, but stopped,
when I experienced that UINT_MAX == USHRT_MAX as if still working for 16 Bit, a macro
ULLONG_MAX could not be found at all, moreover.

Some things seem to have been solved better already within the latest Turbo C++.
So where progress concerning such basics could be found?

Is this C++ now 64 Bit aware, or will we have to wait for another release?

It would be nice to hear about experiences on the donation ware version of SMIRF 8x8 and 10x8 Fullchess GUI + Engine running via Wine or CrossOver. To the SMIRF download page ...

Many already are knowing this multivariant approach. Now it seems, the donationware-version also could be installed without problems in MS Vista systems, too. Feedback to that would be welcomed. Download is possible via: Donations (also via PayPal) would be welcomed. (There always is a significantly improved bonus engine sent to serious donators.)

The SMIRF GUI now is providing five languages: English, German, French, Swedish and Spanish. Maybe someone is interested in translating into additional languages. It is also able to import and export even 10x8 games in PGN format.

Currently there is an interesting longtime match between both top protagonists in 10x8 chess: see at http://gothicchess.b...smirf-blog-game.html


SMIRF is migrating to Mac OS X. The web pages have been closed. Maybe there will be a comeback in far days.

Best regards and a happy new year 2007, Reinhard.

P.S.: see also notes at: (ftp://

a) Again new improvements have been implemented into the SMIRF engine + GUI.

b) Thank you very much for finally receiving the Borland Pro Studio !

Best regards, Reinhard.

Again in SMIRF some smaller improvements have been made.
Now there is GUI version 1.6.3 and engine version 165d.

Regards, Reinhard.

Living Room / Dark Chess Variant searchs for a realization.
« on: October 15, 2006, 01:31 AM »
Hi programmers!

As you know I am about to improve my playing multivariant chess program SMIRF. Actually I have been asked, to also implement the Dark Chess variant as played at, which is highly recommended for to play variants online. The explained rules of Dark Chess could be found there, too.

But that game now would not need a GUI including sophisticated intelligence, but instead to establish a live contact between two players, unhiding their covered positions move by move. This program should enable people to play Dark Chess at home, without the need to communicate using the internet or Brainking.

Thus programming that variant is somehow outside of my interests, and therefore it needs some other interested people to discuss and program solutions for it. I thought, this site could be a good place for to ask for motivated people, because I already have found a lot of approaches here related to chess or to communicate games.

If you are interested in such a project, please contact Mr. Walter Montego at Brainking, who is an active playing member there at Brainking. He would highly welcome any activities concerning his favorite variant Dark Chess.

Best regards, Reinhard.

edit by jgpaiva: fixing (weird) link

The GUI has been released now in version 1.5.1 which:

a) has reduced flickering while drawing board
b) has scalable GUI (one bigger piece symbol set added)
c) will show material balance (last position)


The GUI now released with the new version 164c has a reduced board flickering (as I hope) and also shows a material balance.


May I use German language when writing to you directly?

There of course is again a new version of the SMIRF engine BC-164a, despite of the contest's ending.

Best regards, Reinhard.

SMIRF's chess engine has been updated to BC-163f to finally participate in this contest.

Regards, Reinhard.

Hi Martyjn, thank you for your message! The SMIRF GUI is my first working chess GUI. Thus I am gathering a lot of experiences. Drag and drop will be in my next approach for this. Actually I am not sure to continue development with Borland Studio, because C++ yet is only supported half compared to Delphi. Nevertheless there will be some smaller improvements of the current SMIRF GUI and engine.

Regards, Reinhard.

I am still waiting for (+) or (-) reactions after exploring the new SMIRF installation package. It really would be fine to hear anything about successes or failures ... thank you !


... the new free VirtualPC would be ideal environment for testing such stuff.

You probably are right ;-) , the problem is, I hav'nt that tool.

Regards, Reinhard.

Now I hope to have made the installation routine a little bit more intelligent. Please report your experiences with the updated installation routine and GUI. Thank you!


The good news is, that I have worked out the general reason of that strange behaviour, and, that SMIRF is running also under new MS Vista 64 Bit beta (as 32 Bit application). It seems as if SMIRF sometimes would need special rights to change its INI file by conventional methods. But I do not know, how to establish such rights during an installation. Any advice for that would be very welcomed!

Regards, Reinhard.

Hello all, it would be interesting to know, whether there have been also some successful SMIRF installations. Please share your experiences. Thank you!


Those keys seem to solve the problem.
-Carol Haynes

Again, thank you for your report and the efforts made!

Those general donationware keys you have inserted manually at last should have been already present after the installation, which obviously has not been successful. So I have to investigate, why several installation tests here have been successful and failed at your computer. Knowing that there has no prior SMIRF installation turns me into a different direction. Thus I hope to become able now to identify the problem here and to reproduce that failure locally.

Regards, Reinhard.

P.S.: Indeed there are TWO different version idents, because SMIRF consists of two seperated parts: GUI and Engine.

Strange - I have never installed an earlier version and I just ran the installer to install.
-Carol Haynes

Thank you for sending a feed back to that problem! I have discussed the only one error case I have been able to cause myself. If there are other cases, I need help and details from those having that problems, but also from those who have none. SMIRF as donationware is intended to run under a recent 32 Bit Windows OS definitely without any need for special keys.

first (if having any problem):
1) uninstall every installed SMIRF
2) delete the ChessBox folder (in your program files directory)
3) clean install the current SMIRF version by starting "SmNewSetup.exe"

then report:
a) which OS has been used?
b) which SMIRF version is shown? (menu -> help -> about ...)
c) what is the engine's version (shown in SMIRF's caption)
d) has any SMIRF version been installed ever before?
e) is SMIRF executed within its installation folder as the default directory?
f) what in your opinion is wrong or ok?

finally (if SMIRF still is requesting a key set) try following license keys:
User:    Donationware Version - donate !
GUI:     5e1df0d6 58658371
Engine: 342f6f5e 026b3179

Thank you for your cooperation!

Regards, Reinhard.

sounds like SMIRF is a valid and fine entry in the contest to me.
Great to read this!

ps. Reinhard - I agree with carol that it's confusing to figure out what to do when it asks for a license key.  maybe you could make this simpler?
Normally (correctly installed) SMIRF will never ask for keys. Nevertheless I will think it over how to handle conflicts when installed over earlier limited beta versions, which moreover have had a different installation folder name. Thus reported conflicts could be generated only "by intention".

Regards, Reinhard.

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