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I think your idea is just great. Just like you said the addon managers like WowAceUpdater or curse client are incomplete because they only can search for updates in their own site. I would like to know if your program can search for updates in multiple sites. Is that the great benefit of using your manager?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Living Room / Re: 3D Missle Game - Flash Game of the Day
« on: November 23, 2006, 12:52 PM »
The game is so small I tought it deserved a huge image to compensate! ;)

Living Room / Re: 3D Missle Game - Flash Game of the Day
« on: November 23, 2006, 12:27 PM »

Should be bigger! ;)

edit by jgpaiva: please don't post huge images, my small screen hates that :P


I'd be glad to hear more discussion on that simple fact.  Personally, I've always felt the simple yea/nay/neutral approach to Pandora was a strength.  Given the quality of music it gives me, the simple system really seems to work -- and without giving me the headache of figuring out how to rate things.

I'm unfamiliar with the Yahoo rating system, though -- would be curious to hear about it.  Is it "better" just because it's more complicated or does it boast some clever features?

Well I can agree with you that is easier to rate with only good and bad but I have two objections to this kind of rating. The first and most important is that when you give a "Bad" rating to a music you are giving a negative point not only to the music but also to the artist. I think you probably agree that there are some bad musics made from great artist(all of us have our bad moments ;) ) so I would suggest that you could have two types of rating one for the artist/type of music and another for the song.
The second objection to pandora´s rating is more like a personal choice because I would prefere a 3 button rating scale like this:
-Really Good

This way I think it would be easier to the software to know better the type of music you want to hear.

I´ve used pandora for some time now but after reading this article I went to yahoo to try it out!
I will just summarize my short experience with yahoo.

To start you have to be registered in well but that is just like pandora.
After this I was bombed with publicity comming from everywhere, not a good start..
Then I tried to make a customized station and it took me to a webpage with hundreds of musical styles and I had to choose some. Well but I didn´t. I just choose one of my favourite artists "The killers" and I was ready to start hearing my music!
I use opera 9.02 and I tried to open the yahoo browser, well you probably know what happened next... "Browser not supported"...
I was becoming I a little bit bothered with yahoo but I just wanted to give it a chance and I took my IE from the shelve and opened
This time the browser was supported and the player appeared in a pop-up window. I was happy! 3seconds later I was absolutely horrified with a 30second commercial talking about an insurance company! OMG I had never heard such an awful and annoying commercial in a radio ever!!!
After those 30secs of nightmare I finally started to listen to my customized radio!
You are now probably thinking that after all this problems I started listening to my "the killers" similar radio!
But no!!!!!!
The first music was an unknown hip-hop singer, the second was an hard-rock singer mixed with hip-hop. My mouse just flew to the pause button...
You are now expecting that the music paused...
But no!!!!!
I had to wait until the music was in the 30secs mark...
Well I closed the window...

As you can see my experience with yahoo music was pretty bad but I have to admit that the rating system is really good and pandora should improve theirs!

Ups... long post! Hope to help some ppl that still don´t use one of these music services!

PS: The name of this topic is a little bit wrong... lol

Probably this is not new to some of you. But I found it today and was very pleasent with the news!
On February 15, 2006 Opera Software announced that it was going to deliver the World Wide Web to Nintendo DS users.

In my opinion these are excellent news to all those who have NDS(Nintendo DS) and also to all the users and lovers(me) of Opera´s browser!

I think this will not only enrich the bank deposit of Opera Software but will also divulge Opera´s browser to a potential 10million NDS users(or more... ) that can start using Opera also on the PC. I think this can be a big boost on the development of Opera!

Announcement and further details here.

I will now quote a statement from this interview of how Opera is going to work on the DS!
Opera for DS has two display modes: Fit-to-width and DS mode. In fit-to-width mode, Opera uses both screens for scrolling up or down a page with both screens completing the view. In DS mode, an overview of the Web page is displayed on the lower screen and a pink square can be moved around an area of the page. The area you have selected is shown on the upper screen. This is a unique way to deliver the Web to take advantage of the DS hardware configuration and Opera has worked closely with Nintendo to optimize this experience.
I really like the way it will work! I think NDS it better to have a browser than PSP because of the touchscreen and because it will have an Opera browser :P of course I am not disdaining the beautiful PSP screen! :D

Problably a great game that will glue many people (including me) to the screen :P

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