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phitsc, thanks!
Looks like I misunderstood the instructions. Works fine now.


is this plugin still under development? Just installed it, and the only thing I can do with it is access the authorization page in the web browser. After authorization (which is confirmed in the browser), basically nothing happens. Every time I type "rtm" in FARR, I get sent to the authorization page again.

There seem to have been some changes to RTM (haven't used it for a long time). I noticed that my Netvibes module (which I also haven't used for long) also doesn't work anymore. A question regarding the Netvibes module has basically been unanswered on the RTM forum for more than a year.

Well, I have a pretty 'dumb' phone ... SE K530i. Had it for years, and it's really good at ... making phone calls.
Much better than the nearly TOTL K750i I had before. And probably better than an iPhone.

And I have a Palm M515. Actually, I have four of them, plus an M500 and two extra batteries in case all of the others have worn out.


1) I don't feel like paying for a data plan. And I have a (non-data) carrier plan with a monthly basic rate of zero (okay, I admit it's a >10 y old plan for journalists with a 100% rebate on the monthly basic fee). For making phone calls, I rarely ever pay more than 10 Euros in any month.

2) I need a portable organizer (= PIM), but don't feel like putting my personal (PIM) data somewhere on the net.

3) I can lock down the PDA, which I can't do with something that also doubles as a phone.

4) I prefer putting my files on an encrypted USB thumb drive rather than on Dropbox, Evernote, or the like. Although I have to admit that both are tempting.

5) I have two pretty nifty cases for the M5xx form factor:
  a) Palm Leather Wallet case.
  b) Kensington aluminum hard case. So sturdy you can let a tank roll over it.

6) The battery of the PDA lasts for more than a week. And the one of the phone for several days.

7) I prefer reading paper books. Especially as my eyes don't get younger.

Those cases are actually the main reason why I had Palm Tungstens and a Win Mobile 6 smartphone gathering dust unused. I've never seen anything like those for one of the touchscreen-smartphones. I usually use the one I feel better suited for the situation. And I still have spares for those two as well.

Have you seen this thread?

No, I haven't (I actually found it quite pointless to google using keywords like "explorer" and "desktop", so I never looked too hard).
And ... tada! ... it's exactly the explanation I was looking for!
It's caused by the desktop toolbar in the task bar.

I had even forgotten I had that toolbar active.

Thanks a lot!

1) I forgot to mention above that this is XP SP3 with the classic shell. Just for the sake of completeness.
2) Yes, my desktop is a mess. All those folder icons really are folders sittiing on my desktop.

I've been getting this in Explorer's folder pane every once in a while, since back in the day of Win 98 or 2000:


All folders on the desktop are labeled "Desktop" in the folder pane.
Refreshing doesn't help. Have to close the Explorer window and open a new one.

Does anyone know what causes it and if/how it could possibly be fixed?

I used to use underscores back in the day (mostly for folders only), but they wouldn't work in the same sort order on my Macs, so I switched to exclamation marks. Those seem to work the same on all platforms. I also use multiple exclamation marks if I need a hierarchy (rarely).
Exclamation marks have the additional advantage of being quite narrow.

And they give me an additional laugh once in a while when other people have to deal with my folder hierarchy.
Nobody seems to recognize the additional character and everyone is rather confused by how everything is sorted :D

BTW: Have been away for a while and it's nice to see this place is still lively.

Yikes! I didn't even know Process Monitor existed. I still use the same old copies of Process Explorer and Filemon I've had for years.
Thanks for the hint!

I tried to google some of the values, but came up empty-handed.
I also cross-searched the registry itself for some of them, without success.

OTOH, I always wondered how some shareware authors keep me from uninstalling and reinstalling their demos... 8)

But it's not like I'm usually into this kind of stuff (warez, cracking demos etc.). So I'm probably a bit uneducated in this field.

My main worry was that it could be some sign of malware (and yes, MalwareBytes was one of the packages I used).

When roaming my registry today, I found a suspicious key under HKLM\Software that was obviously encrypted, and the values inside were likewise:


Well, I think I remember having read something about encrypting registry keys (e.g. to protect shareware), but I've never seen any legitimate shareware (or other software) really do that. I have no idea where this key comes from (and I like to know such stuff).
I decided to just delete this key (after backing it up), and afterwards tested all (!) my programs for error messages on startup (found none), but I'm still wondering:
What might have produced this key?
Is it really safe to delete it?
Is this a sign of malware? (Never had any, and just recently scanned the machine thoroughly.)
Is there an OS-supplied encryption system for registry entries? (that next to nobody seems to use?)

Since I know there are some pretty bright people in this forum, and especially some shareware authors, maybe someone could give me some pointers.

[This post goes a bit beyond the topic, but by coincidence, I just had to deal with EN 2.2 and the Portable Version.]

I bought the Evernote 2.2.1 bundle (Desktop/Portable) shortly before 2.x was discontinued (edit: more precisely, Dec, 2007).
By that time, there was no "Plus" version anymore, just a free and a registered version (maybe the free one had a demo period for the advanced features, can't remember). I got the registered version after purchase as a separate binary, no unlock key needed. The portable version had some features missing. IIRC, there never was a free portable version, nor a trial.

However, I must admit that I never really used either one (played with the desktop version for a while, never even installed the portable one). Until now, that is.
I'm not too thrilled with the concept of EN 3.x, but I needed a good notetaking tool, so I remembered this app.

While the desktop app works almost as intended (OCR in images doesn't work too well, but maybe that's only a problem with German, and the UniClipper floating window is missing on my machine), I had a bumpy trip when finally trying the portable version: When running the setup exe, I immediately got a virus alert from Comodo Antivirus (please don't ask): "Heur.Pck.MoleBox".  After uploading the setup file to VirusTotal, I got a total of 4 positives (out of 40; interestingly not from Comodo, this time), mostly also pointing to MoleBox (why do some AV developers have to come up with totally crappy virus/trojan names like "SuspiciousR-Mytob3" [eSafe] or even "Artemis!73589BAB276A" [McAfee's Artemis]?). I took these as false positives caused by the use of MoleBox (of which I only remotely understand what it does) and decided to continue.
Then, for whatever reason, the portable version wouldn't install on the stick when I tried it on my Tablet (Motion LS800, XP Tablet 2005 SP2). It installed on the stick when I tried it on another desktop machine. But then, again, it wouldn't run on the tablet. I have no idea why it refuses to run on exactly that machine. The desktop version does run on it.

FWIW, this is what the help file of my desktop version ( says about the portable version:


Because of the registry-less nature of EverNote Portable, the current version has certain limitations, particularly in the way it interacts with other desktop applications:

1. It does not include EverNote Web and Email Clippers for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook and Thunderbird. However, if EverNote Clippers are already installed on the computer where EverNote Portable is used, it will be able to use such installed Clippers. In general, EverNote Portable relies on the Universal Clipper to capture content from other applications, as explained above.
2. Links between notes and from external applications to notes are not supported in EverNote Portable.
3. The Windows TEMP directory is used in certain cases, so users must ensure that they have sufficient privileges to write into it.

Note: Synchronization, advanced digital ink features, and search in images are not available in the Portable version."

General Software Discussion / Re: Locate32 crashing a lot
« on: March 18, 2008, 08:38 PM »
Just a quick update: Sorry for not giving any feedback over the last few weeks, but I did not have any time whatsoever for this issue.

And maybe I was lucky that the problem problem seems to be a little less severe now (don't know why, but ther were some MS updates pushed to my machine from our IT department). But some crashes still there, though.
I didn't get around to install the most recent version yet (yes I know, this should have been no.1). Had been poking around with shell extensions a little, to no avail.

No real solution so far. Just posted this to not look ungrateful.

Wrt the original topic, I'm sorry for not giving any feedback anymore, but I did not have an time whatsoever for this issue over the last few weeks.

Special thanks to tamasd for the pointer to flash card progras like pauker and jmemorize, I'll have to check those out.   I'm not after the content of the curriclum, only the schedule, but maybe one could use the flash card apps. But it's a nice idea for a workaround.
OTOH, I don't think Rainlendar supports irregular repeat patterns like the ones I mentioned.

General Software Discussion / Re: Locate32 crashing a lot
« on: February 16, 2008, 09:38 PM »
Thanks for your answers so far.
Unfortunately, I don't have any time to try some of the suggested solutions ATM.
The problem, however, doesn't seem to be restricted to using shell extensions/the context menu, as I've had Locate32 crash on triggering a simple search or double-clicking a search result as well.
I might try the latest version, but again, I don't have any time at hand to tackle the problem right now.
Another thing that might be related to these problems is that XP has been flakey for me for some time now, mostly resulting in weird UI problems.

General Software Discussion / Re: Locate32 crashing a lot
« on: February 14, 2008, 05:13 PM »
Good hint, thanks. Didn't think of that.

I might try to disable them one by one (will take a while, there are quite a few of them, which makes this explanation even more plausible).

General Software Discussion / Locate32 crashing a lot
« on: February 14, 2008, 06:08 AM »
A lot of people here seem to love Locate32 as a search tool.

While it's certainly a nice program, It's crashing a lot (an unpredicably) for me, mostly when trying to open files from the results window or trying to open the containing folder. It happens so often that it's almost annoying. However, I haven't seen anyone mention that problem.

Am I the only one to experience that?

Win XP SP2, Locate32 3.0 build 7.7010c.

Official Announcements / Re: January 2008 Software Drawing Winners
« on: February 08, 2008, 06:46 PM »
Heja, I won again (2nd time)! Thank you cthorpe, mouser, the software's authors and everyone else involved!
And this font manager might even be really useful in my job at that *** publishing company ...  :)

Gordhan, thanks.

I've already been in contact with the author.
While it's a great idea to use templates for repeat patterns (which is why I contacted the author), the built-in repeat patterns don't support the case I described. Unfortunately, the author doesn't seem to agree upon the real-world need of multiple alternating repeat patterns.

I really like his app (although it has import/export deficiencies), but to this date it doesn't help yet.

tinjaw, thanks for this offer, but I don't think that the UI and the concept behind HowLong2It match this task very well.
So even if you would create an easy entry method for the recurrence pattern, the result would be of limited use.
HowLong2It seems to serve a very different purpose.

Personally, I would be intimidated if I had to look on too much of my curriculum at once.
IMO there had to be a day or at least a week view (or a way to at least filter it down to today or the next seven days) to clearly see the task at hand.

@ cmpm:
I don't quite understand what you were suggesting. The original request was meant for a single-user scenario, so email probably has no role here.
From what I've seen from Chandler, it has only the usual recurrence patterns.
But maybe I missed something.

Curt, thanks,

but from what I see on the ReminderFox website, I doubt that you can mix recurrence patterns.
Looks like you have to choose a certain pattern (yearly/monthly/weekly/daily) from a dropdown list.
Maybe you can set up multiple reminders, but that's hardly a solution for the situation I described.

I'm afraid the only thing I can help you with is the last question
via, the Online Etymology Dictionary description of "task"-
General sense of "any piece of work that has to be done" is first recorded 1593
i.e. in this context they the same

I almost suspected that. Maybe "task" has some broader meaning, depending on context.

Regarding the original question, maybe that would be a trivial exercise for a VBA programmer.

Any takers?
(Disclaimer: It wasn't my own question, so I'm not gonna pay anything...)

In another forum, I came across a very interesting question regarding calendars (or task/to-do management apps), their repeat patterns and students' needs wrt learning and repeating.

The request was to find a calendar (IMO, a task manager that somehow collaborates with a calendar would be better) that can repeat a task/event after one day, one week and one month, one time each.
All calendars I know of only allow a repeat pattern of either daily or weekly or monthly, not a mix of those patterns.
Many to-do apps don't even have repeats, and those that do have the same shortcoming.
I was unable to find anything that can match these patterns.

Does anyone know of a viable solution?

The ultimate solution would
- work closely with a good calendar app (e.g. Outlook) without cluttering it,
- have templates for quickly creating those task in one step.

If it's a standalone app, a calendar would probably be preferrable to a to-do manager. A standalone to-do manager should be able to display a timescale.

I could even imagine an online solution that's iCalendar-enabled, so tasks could be subscribed to in Sunbird, Outlook or Apple's iCal.

BTW: What exactly is the difference, in English, between "to-dos" and "tasks"?


Wrt WebDrive, there once was (don't know if it still exists) a version licensed by Novell that was, IIRC, called NetDrive, which was a free download. It was identical to WebDrive. Maybe you can still find it. It worked with FTP (don't think it did SFTP) and WebDAV.
I think it was meant to be a client to a Novell server product, but I can't remember.

I forgot to mention: One of my mail providers, offers 1 GB of WebDAV storage for free. Only available from Germany, but there should be lots of similar offers out there. That said, I don't use it anymore due to not being (officially) allowed to install software on my machine at work and not wanting to cause a lot of traffic on the network. So I went back to a USB stick on my keychain.

Edit (2): Now I noticed that NetDrive had already been mentioned in some posts by nudone, and a post by justice said that NetDrive doesn't work in Vista.

General Review Discussion / Re: Best spreadsheet
« on: December 11, 2007, 05:05 PM »
Just out of curiosity: Does anyone here remember Lotus Improv?

I've read several times that it introduced the concept that Excel's Pivot tables (which I have yet to find a use for) and Quantrix are based upon.

Please forgive me for getting back to the original topic, but I think this one is funnier than the whole PC vs. Mac flame war (even if some people her might already know it):

armando, Dormouse, yksyks:

Maybe some misunderstanding, I do not want to specifically look for folders (which is the case if I revert to a different app like DOpus Find, Locate32 etc. just for a search containing folder names) or use some of the procedures described for X1 or Exalead.

I just want folders to be treated like files or file contents: One search over everything (isn't this what desktop search is all about?), and it will find the a folder with the keyword in its name just like a file with the string in its name or its content.

I read from your replies that almost all programs won't do that.

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