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still loose toggle function. It doesn't come back on its own. The "reconnect mouse and key..." menu item has worked a couple times, but has not fixed it most of the times I tried it.

toggle icon correctly shows mouse down and up. That is, as long as the label was turned on before the mouse toggle messes up. If I don't have the toggle button showing when the mouse stops working and turn the toggle on it shows "Mouse dormant" until I use the "reconnect mouse..." menu item or restart CD. That seems to indicate to me it is something inside CD that stops seeing the mouse, even though the hook is working correctly.

**** O! As I was typing this post I noticed one more thing. The label text on the toggle button does change when visibility toggle isn't working. When I press the middle mouse button it does NOT show "toggle Visibility". Normally when CD is working when I press the middle mouse button it shows:

Mouse Click:
Middle Down
Toggle Visibility
"program pointer is over"

When Visibility toggle is not working with middle button it shows:

Mouse Click:
Middle Down
"program pointer is over"

So, as you had thought CD is registering the middle down event, but it is not triggering the Toggle Visibility from that.

downloaded and testing. I'll report back as soon as I can. Note to add, my 64bit system is a desktop, not a laptop. I don't think I had stated one way or the other. It is a 2 or 3 years old.

I really do appreciate your work on this Markham. As sarge was saying though, I don't want to tie up all your dev time on CD on this problem that doesn't seem to effect a large number of people. Xmouse got me around the problem 100%. I would rather not use it, but...

To add a bit more, the label on the toggle button shows the mouse middle down and up correctly, most of the time...

One time it did not. This may be an exception. I did not have the toggle button showing. Middle mouse stopped working and I used the setup screen to show the toggle button when CD is hidden, without trying to fix the middle mouse. The the toggle label showed "Mouse Dormant". I tried the "reconnect mouse and keyboard handlers" from the right click menu and the label started showing correct information. Visibility toggle via mouse was not restored however.

adding a modifier key does not fix the issue of no middle button toggle.

I still loose middle button toggle. I have not had a chance to test it much though. I Should get some time in tomorrow on it.

yes it is registering down and up correctly when it is toggling and is not toggling.

Previously, at least the last .exe, CD toggled on middle mouse down, not up. It now toggles on middle mouse up when working.

I have not had it start working again on its own with this latest .exe file. If it stops toggling I have to restart CD to get toggle going again.

same results. middle toggle still stops after a while. This time it has not came back though after some time.

did you change the toggle to middle up instead of middle down?

Awesome again. Testing now. I like the idea of leaving the toggle label in also. It would be handy for me.

wow, took a couple of hours to get a first failure this time. When it did the toggle button label still correctly tracked mouse middle down and mouse middle up. No CD visibility toggle though. I could use the toggle button, screen edge, and the tray icon to toggle visibility. Middle mouse toggle function came back after about 1-2 min then went out again in around a minute then came back again, and has been out for about 10 minutes now.

I can say at all times the label reacted instantly and correctly to mouse middle down and up.

awesome. Testing now.

I unfortunately do still loose middle mouse toggle but it seems to only fail from active usage. Previously if I left the computer unused for 10+ minutes CD would almost never toggle when I used it next. Now it rarely/never seems to fail when unused for some time. It only fails when recently toggled. Oddly though it seems to self repair sometimes now. It stops working for a few minutes then works again for a while. I believe you said you had removed the timed hook repair though. Without restarting CD I have had it cycle through middle toggle working then not working 3 times so far.

*** Something that may help track this down *** When middle click toggle is not working, other apps do NOT register the middle click. Something is still intercepting it. As soon as I quite CD the other apps register the middle clicks. That may indicate a different part of code is contributing to the issue.

A few improvements I did notice:
Adding a modifier key like CTR now works correctly. Previously if I had a modifier key checked I could still toggle without pressing the key. It now correctly requires the key to be pressed.
The splash image when opening dock settings looks much better now. I know that is pretty minor but those little things count too.

ah nice. Thanks again Markham. I did run into a few issues with the exe you posted yesterday. I'll try this new one out tonight and report back. I think the fixes you put in will probably address the issues I had. I'll post more info if not.

Downloaded and testing now. No 3rd party apps. Initially it seems to be working. I'll use it for a day and report back.

no current setpoint for my mouse. I had tried older versions of logitech software and they didn't work.

setpoint didn't work for me.

Markham - I read up on X-mouse a little more and found out a little something that may interest you. X-mouse is free, but not open source so I am just going on what I found from the site. According to the site he says he is using  SetWindowsHookEx() to read outputs from the drivers, so it should be hardware agnostic. I think you had said that is what CD uses correct? How much of that code is from VIP verses new that you wrote? Maybe something to dig into for a slightly different implementation under x64 could fix the issue? I am grasping there, without seeing the code. If you like I would be happy to look over the source and research MSDN and other resources some.

Since several versions back I have been having problems with using the middle button to toggle visibility. This is on a Windows 7 64bit computer with an old Logitech mouse. It would work for a short while then stop. Sometimes the reconnect mouse function helped, other times not and required restarting circle dock. I had tried adding modifier keys like shift and ctrl to no avail. I had tried finding different drivers and that didn't help either. I had tried several different macro programs to trigger a keystroke combo on middle mouse and that didn't work.

finally I tried X-mouse Button Control. Its a program that lets you remap mouse buttons to some other function. I have not looked into how it works, but it fixes the problem. I set middle mouse button down to send "ctr shift F7" and it has worked for 2 days without a single hiccup.

I believe this should work with any mouse not just Logitech.

With and without apps up. I run 2 monitors but cropped down to just one. If you want a shot with booth monitors on or a background let me know. I have a few custom backgrounds but usually just run plain black. I rarely see my background anyway :) O, and the CD rings are elliptical just slightly.

and yeah, I got a decent number of mapped drives.

Note on apps running (kinda obvious but):
Visual Studio 2008
  CPU usage
  Network Activity



Note that I blanked out private data on a few places.

Using a modifier key works somewhat better, but it still breaks. I have mine set to Ctrl + middle and it seems to take longer to break, and the 5 minute tick seems to usually kick it back into working for a short time. I haven't tried using edges to trigger. I will probably try that.

I may just end up buying a new mouse. I really love CircleDock. It works great on 3 of my computers and only has problems on one. O, btw, one of the computers it works great on is running Windows 7 32bit and a Logitech mouse (MX revolution). Since upgrading to the newer versions of CD Markham has put out, CD has been rock stable on that machine and others. Not having it work on one machine really points out to me how much I love this app.

just to toss my 2 cents in my middle button toggle is not working either on Windows 7 64bit with a logitech trackball using MS drivers.

I agree Markham. I finally bit the bullet and went 64 bit for the extra memory. I do video editing/encoding, work with insanely huge files in adobe products, and multitask out the wazzo. If it wasn't for the memory limit on 32bit I wouldn't have changed. Like you said on the application side its just not supported enough. Same goes for multicore CPUs for most single applications. My multitasking habits make up for that though.

I tried 1.5.4 and had the same results. I then tried using a couple different macro programs to remap Mbutton to a keyboard shortcut and they had problems also. I think my problem might be specific to the mouse/os I am using. As I mentioned in the last post I have an old trackball that is using the default Windows drivers not the OEMs.

I will try swapping out a newer mouse and see if that fixes the issue. I didn't suspect this earlier as the middle button hasn't given me issues earlier, and works in browsers, games, and other applications that use a middle click.

Since I moved to 1.53 on my 64 bit Windows 7 machine CD constantly looses the hook to the middle mouse button. I can't really test if it is still linked to the settings screen or not since it looses the middle button toggle so frequently no matter what I do, or don't do. It is pretty much unusable for me. I have had no problems with 1.53 on my Win 7 32 bit machine. I'll probably need to revert to version 1.5 or 1.51 for the 64 bit machine.

Besides just doing a regular uninstall is there anything else I need to do to completely remove CD from the 64 bit machine?

I do use a pretty old 3 button with scroll trackball on the 64 bit machine. Its a logitech, and they don't make software/drivers that support my trackball on Windows 7. So I am using the Microsoft drivers. If I had an extra button I would just change the toggle to it. I might look for some other 3rd party software to remap my middle click to a keyboard combo and try that route to fix toggling.

Circle Dock / Re: Requests / Suggestions thread
« on: February 11, 2010, 03:12 PM »
I had seen that, but not tried it. It would be nice to have access to the other settings, but this is close enough. Not worth the dev time for such a small difference in functionality. Thanks again for all your work.

Kkanalz, I noticed that also. However in the download thread indicated to the 1.52 link actually downloads 1.53. I tested it just a bit ago on a hunch. He just needs to update the link text, the file has been updated.

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