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Circle Dock / Re: Circle Dock Release v0.9.3.1
« on: November 03, 2009, 05:38 AM »

Rigth after installing, on first launch, i get an error message (see attachment)
Then, if i go to start menu, circle dock, i only see one shortcut that sends me to help, which works.
So, i go the folder program files/circle dock/circledock.exe and here the same error pop up shows :(

I am attaching the config.ini also although i was not able to make any config


Circle Dock / Re: Circle Dock v0.9.3.0 is released!
« on: October 30, 2009, 07:01 AM »
Hi Mark,

Here's the config.ini attached as txt

If you need the dockitemdata.ini, fileassociations.ini and speciallinkdata.ini, let me know, though i have not added any icon yet.

I uninstalled yesterday. Today i've installed again (after cleanup of pc).

I have changed first the lock at current position and normal level, closed, no problem.
Then i changed the left and right mouse thing and at closing, same warnings as yesterday (or similar, i have not compared today's with yesterday's)

Thanks in advance

btw, I have administrative privileges and all that stuff in order to install anything.

Circle Dock / Re: Circle Dock v0.9.3.0 is released!
« on: October 29, 2009, 02:53 PM »

I've just reinstalled Windows7 (Ultimate, Original, 32bits, Spanish) and i wanted to try your new release coz i'm still using the standalone 092Alpha82.

This is what happens. I've installed, I've simply changed one of settings (lock dock in current position) and then saved but i get this (see 3 images attached).

I must uninstall :(

Circle Dock / Re: CircleDock: Hello and a few questions
« on: October 16, 2009, 06:15 AM »
Hi Mark,

Attached you can see how my settings are (i can't find a way to insert the images here in the text).
The rest is as default.

I've unchecked all toggling but left and right edges. But when i click on the central button to make it hide then it would not appear again if i move mouse left or right edge (i've even tried different pixel edges).
If i want to see the CD again i must find the shortcut in my tray...

The thing is that sometimes i do not want to see the CD on desktop to enjoy my wallpaper :) but, of course, if i need cd again i prefer the moving mouse rather than clicking Mbutton or finding shortcut in tray.

Don't worry too much, its not a big issue, i can survive (i would not watch my wallpaper all days every day), the rest seems to work fine... i haven't tried your version long enough bc i am still kinda confortable with cd alpha 8.2. I'll keep on trying yours.

thanks for your interest

Circle Dock / Re: CircleDock: Hello and a few questions
« on: October 15, 2009, 04:11 PM »
Thank u Rigel,

I've downloaded and installed Markham's version which seems more polished than the alpha 8.2

Still i am having troubles. I do not why, the dock hides and would not appear when i press mbutton, or move mouse left or right.
Besides, when it hides (autohide) it does not appear in the desktop if i minimize other windows... buaaah

I like this dock much more than rocketdock but it seems i am too much all thumb... i'll keep on trying all options and settings but it seems that something does not work fine with my w7 64bit :(

thanks again

Circle Dock / CircleDock: Hello and a few questions
« on: October 15, 2009, 09:53 AM »

I am new at circledock. Sorry if this is not the subforum to place my question, i can't find a "circledock" subforum.

Here's my questions:

1-About toggling: i set it up so that dock hides when i click on centrebutton and it shows when i move mouse left or right. No hotkey, and toggle visibility as "none". It worked fine until i first restarted windows. Now, when i hide the dock, it would not show again. I have tried setting toggle vivisibility to Mbutton and xbutton1 and 2 (which i'm not sure what it means) but no showing up... i have to find the icon in start tray and launch it :(

Edit: by now i am "surviving" by using the Mbutton that i found is the scroll :) I don't like it much bc its kind hard... i would prefer that it shows when i move cursor left or righ.

2-Is there a way i can move icons from inner to outer rings? i can't find a way to arrange icons the way i would like. By now i did it by adding new icons in the order i would like them to be, but you know, later you find you forgot to place an icon and you cannot put it where you would like to.

3-How can i make circledock start with windows (i am using w7 64bits final release)... i think i can work this out by my own... but asking is free :)

Thanks in advance and sorry if these questions have been already posted.

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