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Hi superboyac,

Thank you for the reply.  I installed MyBase again just to understand where you are coming from.  I suppose a lot comes down to subjective "feelings."  I just don't feel as connected to my data with MyBase.  One feature I think should be included in any editor is the ability to view everything in a hierarchy.  By this I mean that if I have 20 files grouped in a folder, I would like to view all of those at once without selecting each one separately.  For me this makes my notes more accessible - I can find them visually.  I was using General Knowledge Base for this reason, but it had limitations.  I could view all of the files in a folder (and their subfolders) but I couldn't preview them all at once.  The program also separated each type of article, i.e. WebPages, notes, attachments.  What I like about Surfulater is that I can view everything at once if I want to...again it just "feels" easier.  I can click on the folder "Code Requirements" and view every article I put in there, along with my comments, attachments, and links to other articles.  My main complaint with most programs is that I feel disconnected from my information.  Its not intuitive to access it.  Perhaps in this area I share your complaint with a tree only interface. 

I do agree that Surfulater needs to work on the ability to add article templates and easily edit notes (the pencil icon is a disturbance, and it kicks you out of edit mode from time to time.)  However, for the moment I am willing to put up with these disturbances because the other features (mainly accessibility to data) make up for it.  I just started using the program and I already have it filled up with information, everything from project requirements, contacts, construction materials, and personal notes.  I don't want to use a program, fill it up with information, and then dump it because something better comes along.  This is another reason I selected Surfulater.  I like the start of the program so much that I am willing to wait for updates.  I find this thread interesting because these types of programs could be extremely powerful, even irreplaceable if done right.  I hope that there will be a lot of development in the area of simple information management - because we all need it and there isn't anything that completely fits the bill - and I think Surfulater is on the way to become one of top programs in this field.

Just a quick note on this.  During the last few weeks I downloaded a ton of programs (including the ones discussed at the beginning of this thread).  I don't see what the interest in MyBase is?  I installed this program and promptly uninstalled it because I didn't see anything I wanted to use. 

In my view (perhaps different from yours because I am an architect/law student).  I want a nice UI and easy access to my information.  The information is what it is all about.  As far as a text only programs there should be not discussion.  There are a ton of text editors that all do the same thing.  What is important is a tool that will allow you to gather information from everywhere (the web included) organize it (usually trees) and link it. Obviously the ability to grab information from the internet is important (because there is so much information out there) but you need to also be able to use simple text or import from other sources, docs, pdfs, etc. 

With this said, I am placing my bet on Surfulater.  I down loaded this program with about 20 others and it is still installed.  My process for evaluating is as follows:
1. Go to and do a general search so you get as many results as possible (then do it again so you do miss it)
2. Go through the hundreds of results, read the descriptions, look at screenshots, visit homepages, and finally download promising programs.
3. Install all the promising programs (I do it while I am searching)
4. Gather all the new shortcuts on the desktop, and open each of the programs
5. If the UI sucks - uninstall the program
6. Take a closer feature look at each of the remaining programs.  Can you import the information you want? Does it work well with other programs? Can you input data easily (i.e. is the structure of the program not so restrictive that it takes to long to input simple date), etc, etc,

I did this, and have already deleted many "promising" programs.  Surfulater is still running and here is  why:

It is a web companion yes, but I can also use it to input practically anything else with the attachment and clipboard utility.  To understand the features you'd have to try it.  A good quick view of the possibly it to look at the help section - it was created in the program and is obviously not just clippings from the web.

Here are a few features I loved:
1. I can create many different "books" (that's what I am calling them).  I have created, Projects, Personal, School, and AEC.  The books are displayed as colored tabs along the top so I can quickly switch between each, and in each book I can have as many articles and folders I want. 
2. It is the best for capturing web articles.  I can download just the part I selected, the selection and the page (which appears as a thumbnail by the imported selection), or the selection and a link to the page.  The title automatically is inserted as well as a link.
3. Here come the best features - accessibility to data - to any note I can add comments, a reference, attachments, or "see also" (which creates a bi directional link to another article. 
4. Visibility - I have never seen this feature but I love it.  Next to each of the items noted above there is a minimize button so I can hide, the article and just view my comments, links, etc.  Also if I click on the "Roofs" folder I can see all the sub articles instantly without having to select each separately.
5. The clip board tool.  I am working on a project with about 100 pages of restrictions, and I am using Surfulater to organize these.  I scanned the document into PDF format.  When I read something I need to reference, I select it and copy it, then I go to Surfulater and create a new article base on this selection, then I put in my comments, i.e. what we are going to do to comply with the requirement

Anyway the possibilities are endless.  I really never write reviews for programs, but I am just extremely impressed with Surfulater.  I haven't found a program quite like it, and if you guys really want the best editor  - information compiler- possible, I would at least try it.  I still don't understand what you liked about MyBase.  I chose "General knowledge Base 2.2" over MyBase, and even that has been replaced by Surfulater...did I miss something?  I don't remember being impressed.

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