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  • Tuesday May 17, 2022, 6:10 pm
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I just found Auspex and think its great and extremely useful. Are there any plans for an update?

I'm also very glad to hear that FARR development will continue! Its an amazing program!

Good point adriatic.

Of course a developer cannot be familiar with every piece of software.  So its very reasonable that not every developer has used OneNote or all the note-taking programs would clearly be influenced by it.  And that is not the case.

Instead of criticizing someone's lack of familiarity with a software application, lets build a list of what we do want and show it to adriatic and see if we can contribute to his very decent program.

How shall we begin?

Hi, I am the author of Notecase (Pro) program.
Nice thread, I got few interesting ideas here (the one to preserve URL of pasted content is new to me).

To give you my 2 cents of advice:
quite a lot of program authors would live to get good high quality feedback and ideas on how to improve his program.

When/if you decide on a program you want to support, it would be good to invest some time to make detailed analysis (as a group) to help the author to see your vision of the progress for the program.
Perhaps it is the best to to this before your contribution because some features you want to push might get rejected :-)

Adriatic is right- we should make a list:
1. the types of features we want and include diagrams or screen shots. 
2.  we should also point out the things we do not want and do NOT like about certain applications/features

We can't ask a developer to do everything and hope it is what we want.  Also, they have their own ideas and have spent years studying various ways of organizing data and they are, after all, in charge of the project  ;D

Adriatic is a very responsive developer and very keen on seeing his project develop.  Let's provide constructive advice and work together.  :D

Hi coolrat.
In my view rightNote = treDBnotes, but much more polished.
Unfortunately, I sent quite a lot of feedback to the dev, which he systematically ignored :), and he doesn't really care for linux at all it seems.

I'm really surprised at how big the opportunity here is. There 's a huge hole in the market for something like oneNote for linux (or portable and not tied to a vendor in the files it produces!).

I haven't tried RightNotes but became interested in it from its website.  I have downloaded it, but havent' installed it yet in WINE.
I wrote to the developer a few days ago and he DID reply.  He said that he had many many requests for a Linux version but thought that Linux users might not be willing to pay for software.  I assured him that many WOULD in fact be willing to pay for good software.

Like you mentioned, I urged the developer that the Linux market was growing daily and right now, there is a huge hole in the Linux market for a good note application.  So I'm waiting for his reply.   Maybe you should contact him with your/our plan?

What about Mindraider, ResearchAssistant or NoteCasePro?  I think these OpenSource initiatives should be given first priority.  I'm happy to help pay for their development if they remain open source.  Think of how many people in developing countries (or people lacking financial resources regardless of where they live) could benefit from note-taking software.  Generally, these programs run well on low-powered older computers.

(hahaha URLWOLF- that was funny!  Ask Microsoft!  HOHOHO.  Even if they made a Linux version, I'd never go back.  Plus isn't OneNote around 400 megs?  My TreeDBnotes is about 7 megs!)

ok, I posted this plea to ubuntuforums too, but nobody answered.
Looks like we are on our own.
Still, a donation of say 30$ (typical license price) x 3 is a litle bit of money for an OSS author. It would a smile in her face, even if small.

Should we agree on a project and go ahead?

This is a very good idea!  If a number of us bought many licenses together, it might be a big boost for a developer.  I'd be happy to buy several licenses!

I'm not sure which software and developer might be the best candidate to approach.
I'd guess priority should be given to supporting something that's open source and multi-platform:
- Research Assistant
- MindRaider
- KeepNotes
- NoteCase Pro (the 'Pro' version is not open source it seems)

The above all seem to be multi-platform.
If they dont' work, then these windows programs might be adapted to work better in WINE.  The developers indicated that they might work on better Linux compatibility if there was enough interest.
- TreeDBnotes
- RightNote

And a great application:
MyBase.    The trick would be to convince the developer to make a Linux version.

I've been using TreeDBNotes 3.xx running in WINE on my Debian Linux system for about 2 years.
I switched almost exclusively to Linux 2 years ago-- the only thing holding me back was OneNote- a great application.

I tested a number of applications and found that TreeDBNotes run well in Linux, Windows and was portable.
I've asked the developer many times to keep WINE compatibility in mind when issuing new versions.  It seems that other people have asked too and now he is testing his application in Linux now to improve its function in WINE (there are the occasional problem with formatting, and fonts and other small issues).  Apparently the developer is also developing a web clipping plugin.

I"ve been very impressed by TreeDBNotes and thought that others who want a good note program for Linux might want to try it out.

I'm also intrigued by NoteCase Pro, but so far, it i a bit too simple and doesn't have the functions I want.

For me, the software must be a robust database with advanced search features, able to preserve all formatting of WORD and especially OpenOffice documents, be able to copy and paste from Firefox with formatting intact, accept double-byte characters for Asian fonts

I will try MindRaider tonight as it does look promising.

How do KeepNotes and Notecase Pro compare?  Does anyone have experience with these 2 programs? 

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