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One last oddity (promise!):
As you can see from the screenshot below, the (default) location of files saved by the program is not displayed in the Options > File Saving

Right, I finally got this to work.

Problem with the process: Cursor remained behind the browser and would not come to the front. Pressed minimize button on browser, and suddenly AS was now on top, with the browser behind it! (Ie the browser did not minimize, it simply went to back. Odd.) But now the cursor could be used to select the portion of the webpage required. Had to do this twice, as the first time the AS Options screen was covering a portion of the area I wished it to capture, so I had to move it out the way, and try again, as it stayed on top even though the "On Top Behavbr □ Keep on top of other windows" box was unticked.

Conclusion: A very useful program, but still has a few quirks to get used to.
Many thanks.

Oh, I just realised I should have got to the cursor via the Options dialogue! Sorry about that. I'll try again.

Thanks for advice. However, I now find I cannot open Automatic Screenshotter at all! Must be something clashing with it on my machine. Icon is still in the system tray ok, and I can right-click to select various options - but no sign of the UI that was available previously. I was going to try it out with Chrome, in order to test whether the problem previously reported is unique to Firefox. But unfortunately there is no longer a UI, so now I cannot even access the cursor! Hey-ho. Never mind. I'll leave it for now.

For the future, any chance you might consider adding access controls of the sort Screenshot Captor has - ie a drop-down ribbon?
Also, a How_To video, maybe ...


    It's made to run in the background, taking screenshots of either the currently active foreground window, or the entire desktop.
    You can configure how often the screenshots are taken, and how they are named. The naming can include putting them into subdirectories and can be based on the data,time, and application name.

Um, I can't seem to get this to work in Firefox. If there something blindingly obvious that I may be doing wrong? For instance, I wish to take screenshots of a particular area of a particular website, so under Options, U selected > Capture Options > What should be captured? > Specific region > Select region with cursor

But the problem is, the cross-hair cursor only becomes visible when it is not in Firefox. The Automatic Screenshotter Options pane remains the selected focus all the while, so it refuses to see / allow any selection within Firefox (presumably because it's not the focus?) . Am I missing something basic? Apologies in advance if I am!

BTW, I love Screenshot Capture, and was hoping this would be a more automated version of that.

Coding Snacks / Re: contextmenu addon feature (alike LevelZap)
« on: March 07, 2019, 11:11 AM »
Goodevening  :)

I am using LevelZap (contextmenu addon) and it works fine. Sadly it does work on 1 folder at a time,not able to recursively on all subfolders.

etc ...


I was going to request a program which does exactly what is described here - ie move the contents of a folder to the next higher level folder, and then delete the now empty folder they were previous in - but unfortunately LevelZap seems to have been abandoned several years ago, and does not have an exe file any more on the site suggested above (that I can find). All googled links for LevelZap ultimately lead back to that one site. And whilst there is a "download archive" link there, that zip file contains sourceCode and other such mysterious files, which are complete gobbledygook to me! So, my question is, is there any chance of getting a similar sort of program created? Alternatively, how do I get those LevelZap code files to work as a program within Windows 10 (64-bit)?
Thanks.   :-[

Hi Mouser,
Yes, unchecking "Use file launch helper utility" seems to have fixed the problem  :) -- though I can't for the life of me see why it should have... but never mind, the important thing is, it's working again.  :Thmbsup:
Many thanks.

Is my copy of FARR "broken"?
Hope this is the right thread to use to report this problem.  :-[

Recently, I find that if I open FARR and select the program I want to run, it doesn't actually launch the program any more. The hour-glass appears for about a second, and FARR closes, but nothing else happens.

Is this a known issue? Is there something I need to re-set?
I am using Windows XP (sp3). FARR worked perfectly until very recently. I've just undated to v2.200.01 in the hope that would fix the problem, but it hasn't.  :(

I never fully appreciated how much I depend on FARR  :-* until this happened! Help!

Thanks both for those pointers.   :Thmbsup:
I think I'll check out 'Paste Text Like' as it seems to most closely match what I had in mind.
'1-4a rename' seems a bit too involved for this particular task, imho, but thanks for flagging it, as I can definately put it to use getting my way too numerous pics in some sort of order!  ;D

Basically, is there any way of easily displaying how many characters are in a file path?  (I am using Windows XP.)

I keep running up against a frustrating problem when making backups. It seems the length of the path to any file should not be longer than 255 characters (I think). I find Windows will allow a file to be saved to a path even if doing so will cause the number of characters in that path to exceed the limit. (Saving webpages with their original - sometimes very long - file names can throw up this problem a lot.) But the problem only tends to pop up when I try to do anything with that file - eg make a backup - as the backup software then reports it cannot access the file because the path is too long.  :mad:

So, what I am looking for is some way of easily displaying how many characters are in a file path. I thought maybe highlighting the path in the address bar, say, and then right clicking to see a character-count in the context menu, or in a tool tip. Whatever works. I can then make the necessary adjustments to the path length as needed.
Thanx.  :)

Sorry for being absent from this discussion (I've been away), and thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'll try them all to see which one I prefer. Thanks to one and all for your input.  :Thmbsup:

I wonder if anyone can help or advise.  I am looking for a simple way to easily remove recursive similarly-named folders.

So, rather than have something like "C:\this_is_a_folder\this is a folder\data contents" I'm looking for an easier way of ending up with "C:\this is a folder\data contents" without having to do lots of manual moving of files in order to delete the redundant "\this_is_a_folder" folder. 

I come across the problem of too many nesting similarly-named folders a lot when unpacking RAR archives. On occasion, if the archive has been repacked more than once, I have even found some unpacked archives ending up as "C:\this_is_a_folder\this is a folder\this is a folder\data contents", or an even longer chain of similarly named folders.  Most exasperating.  :huh:

Thanks.  :)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CH+S Error Message
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:59 PM »
Hi mouser,
Thanks for the advice. Will give it a go.
I am using Avira AntiVirus Premium.  I've now configured it to "Exclude" "C:\Program Files\Clipboard Help+Spell\Database" from it's monitoring checks.  I'll let you know if that doesn't resolves the problem -- ie see no news as good news.  :)

Clipboard Help+Spell / CH+S Error Message
« on: July 13, 2011, 11:34 AM »
I wonder if you can advise.  I occasionally get "Error DB65: DBISAM Engine Error # 11013 Access denied to table or backup file 'query (10601)' "  If I click the OK (the only option), I then get another box that reads: "Error EX63: Operation aborted"

I am (still!) using Windows XP (sp 3).

The error occurs when I press Ctrl + C to copy highlighted text.  It does not occur often, maybe once every couple of days.

[BTW comment: Until I recently stumbled across other threads on such error messages in this forum, I did not realise these particular error messages related to CH+S.  The reason being, the error notification box that pops up does not identify the program it relates to.  In the blue topic area at the top of the box all is says is "Error.." There is no program name. 

Also, it actually 'pops under' rather than 'pops over' and so other than the error noise from the computer, for quite some time I had no idea what had caused what I tend to call the "dummy-you-pressed-the-wrong-key-again" noise.  I would only discover the error message some time later, after closing all windows. The trouble was that by then I had no idea what it was referring to.

Please don't take that as a criticism -- especially given that you produce such wonderful programs, and for free  :-*.  It's just quite a number of programs these days have similar error message boxes -- ie none of them adequately identify the program they are reporting on imho -- so CH+S is not alone in this.  I wish programmers would be more aware of this issue. I'd better stop going on about this. Sorry!   :-[

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Flag Exit Pops in IE8
« on: April 08, 2011, 07:26 AM »
I was wondering if it's possible to devise some sort of indicator (eg traffic lights or red flag?) to show if a particular webpage will trigger an exit pop-up message (I understand these are also known as Exit Pops) when you come to close that page in Internet Explorer 8.

I feel such a tool would be helpful because some web pages have Exit Pops that are quite badly behaved and refuse to close properly, giving pop-up box after pop-up box in a frantic bid to get you to stay on the page and buy whatever it is they’re selling.  Such behaviour creates problems when exiting IE8 for the day, as the next time you come to open IE8, you discover too late that the "Reopen Last Browsing Session" option has not saved all open pages from the previous session, but only those to the left of the page that had the ‘bad’ exit pop.

Apologies if I haven't explained that too well, but basically I'm looking for some sort of automatic indicator (that will float on top of IE8 perhaps, or sit in it's toolbar?) to show if a webpage in IE8 has an Exit Pop in it’s code or not.  That way, I can close such Exit Pop infested pages individually before closing Internet Explorer 8 itself, and thus prevent such annoying pages from corrupting the "Reopen Last Browsing Session" function.  Hope that makes sense.

BTW, there's no need to suggest I use Firefox and/or Chrome instead, or whatever browser you happen to personally prefer.  This request is about addressing an issue with IE8. Thanx.  :)

Silly me, I've just found the very thing I was asking about! 
It's contained in the right-click menu.  I never realized that before.  I feel such a fool!  :-[

I wonder if it’s possible to develop a simple way of opening a group (folder) of saved Favorite web pages all at the same time on individual tabs (obviously) in Internet Explorer 8?

While I accept IE8 is not most sophisticated surfers browser of choice these days, there are reasons I still prefer it.   However, one of it's (no doubt numerous) failings it that there doesn't seem to be a quick and easy way to re-open multiple saved Favorites.

As you know, Firefox has the ability to open a number of saved bookmarks at the same time -- if they are grouped together (in a folder) -- by simply selecting the "Open all in Tabs" from the Bookmarks menu.  And while Internet Explorer will also willingly let you save all open tabs into a group (folder) -- by selecting “Add current Tabs to Favorites…” – it doesn't seem to have the ability to then re-open them all together in the same way Firefox can.  Any solution?

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