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Living Room / Re: Where did your DC user I.D come from?
« on: June 30, 2009, 09:25 AM »
The story of ToxMox begins over 20 years ago...

Back in 7th grade my best friend got me heavily into the BBS scene.  In one of my math books someone had scrawled the following phrase in pencil:  "Sight unseen. Sound unheard. Who could it be but The Hing Hoo Bird!"

Thinking this was hilarious I decided to use The Hing Hoo Bird as my handle.  My best friend was The Atomic Scientist.

Within a year we both wanted cooler sounding names.  We started combining harmless things with nasty things and our new nicknames were born:  Me: Toxic Marshmallow.  Him:  Regurgitated Fluff.

We started a little digital art group called RAD (Radioactive Artistic Designers) and released 8 RADDEMOs featuring our creations.

At this point we merged with another bigger art group called SDA (Silicon Dream Artists) and became Senior Staff members.  Things were moving fast.  Shortly thereafter we merged into iCE (Insane Creators Enterprise) and became Senior Staff.

Years later when I was in college we used to chill on #ice on EFNET on IRC all the time.  Another senior staff member Friar Tuck got sick of calling me Toxic Marshmallow and came up with the shorter ToxMox and it has stuck ever since.

General Software Discussion / Re: Monkey Dash: Play test my game!
« on: February 28, 2008, 08:43 PM »
I'm in.

General Software Discussion / Re: GPS Software?
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:53 AM »
I've tried several Windows GPS apps and iGuidance is the best I've tried.

I haven't yet tries Streets and Trips 2007 but it looks promising.

Congrats nudone!

Cool.  I think I'll start using UltraVNC SingleClick to get me into the PC so then I can deploy LogMeIn Free.  Then I can get into the machine anytime I want and then I can run SingleClick remotely to enable me to have the file transfers that LMI Free doesn't include. :)

I love the most recent Nudone banner.  Great work  :Thmbsup:

Wow I forgot about Alley Cat.

General Software Discussion / Re: Google Calendar LAUNCHED!
« on: April 21, 2006, 07:50 PM »
I use Airset as well for the same reasons mentioned above as well as having group calendars and contacts and lists etc.
I use it for work as well as family use and have my wife and all my co workers with accounts and access to their appropriate shared calendars, contact lists, and task lists.

This is the first PC game I can recall playing:

I was hooked on PCs after that & all things Sierra.
King's Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory/Hero's Quest, LSL.
Man I really miss those games.  There are so many other non sierra games but it would take me way too long to name all the ones I was fond of. (Mean Streets, EOTB, Battlechess to name a few)

For mouser:

For mouser:

Here is a fluffier less stormy version.  And once a slogan is finalized I'll put that in.

Here is a sunny version for Nudone :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Easy slipstreaming tool ...
« on: March 27, 2006, 07:54 PM »
Here is another useful and similar tool but with more features:

Here is the web banner without the little curl in the upper left

Here are the banners without the binary stuff

and matching forum files

Made the orange a bit more yummy and the blue more closely match the site ;)

The text is centered better here

Here is one with clouds

mouser like this?

A little tweaked:

Here ya go brotherS

Here ya go mouser again:

Here ya go mouser:

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