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I have to use Gpass or Ultrasurf or Freegate proxies. Url snooper can't sniff when any of this softwares take control of explorer. It works OK when non of these softwares running but when any of thm is active url snooper fails. I tried both IE and firefox. Problem is either WinCap failes detecting network adaptor ( in case of Gpass) or it detects the network adaptor but url snooper can't sniff and show links of the page I am browsing. Any advice how to solve this problem?

I tried url helper too  but no use. If any other software can do the job please comment.

No. I tried httrack and it works ok. After loging, ID and password goes to cookies and I think thats why httrack works ok. It saved a lot of pages and they are all ok. It just doesn't save links pages. It even save descriptions pages OK. This shows httrack enters inside the site and start saving html pages but I think maybe proper choice of parameters and options could make it to save links pages too. I tried for two days but couldn't do it. Some experts in httrack should help here.


I tried two days but couldn't get httrack to save pages I wanted. It saves every other pages but not the pages I want. I know this is too much to ask but If you have time please give this a try and see if you can make this work. I am after URLs in the following format for example from this site:


Only digit part is changing for other links. I want these links to be written in a text file.

Site is "h**p://"
when you enter this site use following ID to enter or you can register with your own ID and password:

ID: steve_rb
pass: ******

Then click on browse, and then Articles & Whitepapers for example, and then click on the first item on page 1, then click on links tab and you will see a few download links on this page and if you put mouse pointer on those links you will see a link in the above format at the bottom of your browser or you can right click on it and use "copy url" to copy it and pase into a text file. I want these links to be extracted inside a text file. If you didn't see any link please go back and choose second item and open links page.


httrack is very complicated and seems download whole pages. The site I am dealing with is very big and probably thousands of pages and it is not possible to download all pages. I just want the software to surf all pages and copy certain links into a text file. I am sure there should be such a software around. I have to find it. If anyone has experience in this please comment.


General Software Discussion / Re: links collector
« on: July 09, 2007, 07:34 AM »
URL Snooper can nicely grab and list all links on the pages you visit. Just click on sniff and go to your browser and start browsing. Even you can tell URL Snooper to filter listed ;links with any text you want. This is a great software but unfortunatly I wanted it to go through all pages and save links without me surfing those pages. Pitty it can't do this


I was trying for a long time to solve thois problem but until now I couldn't find any solution for this problem:

I want to find a way or software to go through all pages of entire website and find all links with *.rul format for example and save these links inside a text file for me. URL Snooper can do this but I have to go through all pages manually one by one and have to open all pages at least once. This is not possible for a site over thousands of pages. Anyidea how to do this?


I'd rather to look at the face of the beautifull girl in the icon of your post rather than vista. Who is she? Why people don't belive whoever created such a beautifull creatures is able to creat much more pretier than the most preterier woman on the earth and who don't want to marry  such creatures?

Let leave everything (vista, computers, money, life, ... ) and think about the very first moment our eyes will grasp such a beautifull angels no one can imagin.

surry guys I couldn't help myself thinking about angels which are prepared and ready for all those who are true belivers.



Xenu is great and could almost extract all links from a site but still not all hidden or redirected urls. Thanks justice for letting me know about this software. It solves my problem to some extend but I still need more power full software specially to show redirected links and follow all links untill to get to the bottom of them.


@ zridling

thanks for the program but It only can extract links on the page I gave it to the program. It does not follow links. I want a program to follow all links and search all pages and extact all links in that pages. Simply all links in the entire site.


@ justice
Do you have any download link for Xenon?


@ mouser
I want to extract links inside entire site not just one page. I also want hiden links (links you can not see directly but you can access via search field inside that site for example) to be extracted too.

@ zridling
Veign's site is down. I can't access it. Is you have Xsite program please send me via email ([email protected]).


General Software Discussion / how to extract links from a site?
« on: April 29, 2007, 02:16 AM »
I am looking for a program to extract hiden links inside a site starting with let say for example "" . Is there any program to do this or anyone has any idea or comment?


forgot to tell that using WMrecorder only logo is captured and says "progress 100%" and "complete" and does not record rest of the program.

I have problem capturing video from here:


Just click on "->"  icon to watch the program. Programs are crap but this is a chalenge for me. Any advice how to save broadcast onto HD. I tried most softwares but no use including (streambox, WMrecorder, ... ).


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