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N.A.N.Y. 2014 / Re: NANY 2014 Release - epCheck
« on: September 26, 2015, 04:01 PM »
Nice nifty and for me (who likes to keep track of my series, but is too lazy to click thru one that came in very handy.
I'm running v1.1.5 build 1 and really dig the Profiles option. For some it will work, because multiple persons will have a different taste, watch different shows and thus need a different profile to keep track of series, for me it works because I'm able to split the list into running series and ended series (and still keep some history).

Small remark tho - not earth shattering or any of the likes - but still something which could be handled more gracefully :
If you have a show with plus 100 episodes a year (e.g. The Daily Show), the moment episode 100 in a season is reached, you start adding a leading zero to the episode display format, but as long as the show is below 100 episodes, you don't. So from S20E99 you jump to S20E0100.
You only do this in the default Series-tab view, but of course also when exporting the show to csv, however you do not in the xml-file you create which holds all data.
In there it just goes from <EpisodeNumber>99</EpisodeNumber> to <EpisodeNumber>100</EpisodeNumber>.
Maybe it's an idea to add an extra episode display format S00E000 so you don't have to have to deal with exceptions like these and have the people set it themselves if they add a show like this ?

I'm in the process of switching to your created XML-files as base for creating the Media-database templates on my Mede8er player, and my own scripts will deal with this issue, so it's no biggie at all ! It's just something I noticed :-)

I'm even really grateful for your well made program (and amazed that AHK actually can do all this.. never considered AHK before for quick-n-handy scripting but now I do!).
I'm not sure if you are bothered that I use the output of your hard work, but when I saw the XML I could hardly resist to use it as input for my scripts : it's consistent and well formed, and barely lacks information I need to construct the images based on a html-template I use on my mede8er.. you even provide the episode picture-filename, thus the path to it as well. Saves me all the lookups and let's me just quick download that picture as well. Now I basically just have to combine it with my local network file structure and boom.. done :)

Developer's Corner / Re: Hack font v.2
« on: September 25, 2015, 03:41 AM »
I used Dina for a long time.. up till my monitor gained a lot of inches (I maintain it was becoz of my eye-sight! but not really.. just greed).. from then on Dina just wasn't workable anymore, since - although it is awesome at smaller sizes - it doesn't scale up nicely.
From that time on (2010) I used Vera Sans Mono (scales better, but isn't monospaced at all of course), and with a stroke of luck I came across Hack too, approx. 2 months ago.
I like it alot more than VSM (http://www.fontsquir...tream-vera-sans-mono), but I'm still hoping Hack turns up with a true monospaced variant some day soon, because that would be awesome.

I could be German.. I like nicely lining columns and rows of characters THAT much XD

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